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  1. I have a Remington Nylon 66 that will shoot anything I feed it and a 10/22 tackdriver. Really like the mini mags in the 10/22.
  2. $3.69 at the Shell station, diesel was $3.89.
  3. TexasReid

    New from Texas

    Cool, another Texan! Welcome!
  4. TexasReid

    new girl here

    Howdy Chandra, welcome to the board from a fellow Texan!
  5. TexasReid


    The fans got it brought back for a partial second season so they could get the closure in there, hence the quick wrap up.
  6. TexasReid

    Diesel: Is it really important for a BOV to run on it?

    NP- For true bio-diesel you really don't need a conversion, just to upgrade the fuel lines from rubber to B-D compatible synthetic ones. Most of the conversions I have researched just add a revised or secondary fuel delivery system with a heater in order to run WVO, you can still run diesel in the primary system.
  7. TexasReid

    Protest what ? You're under arrest...

    Horrible yes, I cannot believe this will stand up to scrutiny by the Supreme Court.
  8. TexasReid

    Has anyone seen this?

    CCA is fighting this...http://news.joincca.org/national-oceans-policy/
  9. TexasReid

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    Red Jacket's Suppressed M4 in .458 SOCOM (why shoot twice?) 1911 (see above) 870 Express Magnum (do I really need to type it again...) and... A Stryker sporting the 25mm Bushmaster A boy can dream...
  10. TexasReid

    Sailor knots

    Don't feel bad Navy, I'm Air Force (prior service) and feel your pain...of course, I don't have any cool knots but let me know if you want to learn to safety wire anything... Thanks for the links.
  11. TexasReid

    my BOB

    Catfish, if you like the 5.7x28, you need to check out the AR-57. I'm a little biased since it was a family member who designed it but if you want to pack a LOT of punch into an AR platform and still keep it somewhat compact this may be the way to go. http://www.57center.com/ the ammo is also used in the FN Five SeveN pistol and there are up to 20 rd mags available
  12. TexasReid

    Another Central Texan joining the ranks

    County south of me actually. Were I live, we keep the weird in Austin
  13. TexasReid

    Firearms for a group

    Good points Captain but we all have our favorites. From some of your posts I'm guessing you are Harris County. Kind of surprised about the preference for the 20 over the 12 with all the duck and goose hunting that goes on there.
  14. TexasReid

    Lifethreatening storms this weekend!

    Fingers crossed for Dallas/Ft. Worth area, they got hit hard by the last one.
  15. TexasReid

    Firearms for a group

    S&W and Taurus I think make wheel guns that shoot .45 Colt and ACP with moon clips.