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  1. THis is just another form of gun registration. if someone purchases 'public liability insurance' they obviously own a gun.
  2. NavyVet_77

    Oh boy, has it ever arrived................

    no social skills, no critical thinking skills, 99% grey matter, the generation of Entitlement
  3. NavyVet_77

    Pay off debt or buy silver?

    IMO, pay your debts now, with your fake paper monopoly money.
  4. NavyVet_77

    Pay off debt or buy silver?

    unfortunately, personal debt cannot be avoided. Even when a currency collapses, this doesnt mean personal debt disappears. Lets say you have a total debt of $30k as example. Then the Dollar collpases. OK your debt was in Dollars, the dollar is no more so rationally you think your debt disappears too. But one thing that isnt being taken into account is that 'they', the banks, the IRS etc. ALWAYS get thier money. 'They' will simply convert your Dollar debt into the new currency with compounded interest. Or... thats the way i see it.
  5. NavyVet_77

    Are you a terrorist? Take the test to find out!

    Geeez!!! need to change my alarm clock to 4am
  6. NavyVet_77

    Basic minimum kit for a planned day hike

    i just recently repurposed a cpl camelpacks just for this, day hikes. As far as what to include, i cover all my bases for the day (Fire, Water, Food, Med, Shelter, Defense) and a few things if for some reason i lose my brain and get lost over night. besides... if i were to start a camp fire in the middle of any of the parks around here, it should prompt quick response from a Ranger. These parks arent that big.
  7. NavyVet_77

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America

    id like to see stats on Crime vs. gun ownership % vs. CPL holder %
  8. awsomeness... that NRA guy's a political genius smarta** Lets all convert to islam and give you (the fed) a reason to call us (gun owners) insurgents. GOt my laugh for the day....
  9. NavyVet_77

    I guess our tanks can fire "nuclear bombs"

    wow... bloomberg's such an idiot..!!!! most tank rounds are depleted uranium. its a big leap from depleted uranium to plutonium to portable tank nukes..... duma**
  10. NavyVet_77

    Here is a real american

    My whole thing about religion is this: i believe what i believe, you believe what you believe. We may not agree with each other beliefs. you mind your business and ill mind mine. live and let live.
  11. NavyVet_77

    Here is a real american

    yup... forwarded that one
  12. Sounds like you have a decent 'EDC' type supplies assembled... ontop of your required boating gear. have you given any thought to lights and signaling? You likely have your CG radio... but one never knows.
  13. NavyVet_77

    Cheap Sem-Automatic Sniper Rifle?

    A new Ruger .308 Bolt action Scout should fit the bill. but... ammo is pricey
  14. NavyVet_77

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    Personally i have no regrets on my weps. .45, 9mm, 10/22, .308
  15. NavyVet_77

    Double barrel 1911 Arsenal, Really!

    Geezus... now thats just stupid and excessive. and with our gas money too. Seriously... the dude didnt have anything else better to spend it on? like his kids? or his 10 wives?