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  1. cranky1

    What happens when you run out of coffee?.

    No coffee, git my gun maw, going shopping! Haha, what a horrible thought! Cheers jim
  2. cranky1

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    I'm in Whitehorse Yukon, and the last 4 days it has been +2-+5c. That is +34-+36 for you American guys. Can't remember temps like this in 40 years. Before that it was -35c for 3days. Must be that climate change thing. Not complaining, easy on the fuel bill. Cheers jim
  3. cranky1

    Yukon ALaska

    40 years in the Yukon for me!
  4. cranky1

    Cotton balls + vaseline

    i put my cotton balls in a sandwich bag and a gob of vasiline and work it in that way. quick and clean. i just leave them in the bag. cheers.
  5. cranky1

    My Kelly Kettle just arrived!

    these things work great. got mine at a second hand store for 10 bucks. used it to wash up every morning on last hunting trip.not exactly easy to pack, but ok if truck camping.
  6. i cleaned up and repaired two more old coleman lamps to add to my growing collection. can't have too much light. cheers all.