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    Shelter in place?

    My thoughts and prayers go out to those victims/families of the shooting which occurred today. I can not wrap my mind around this concept of "shelter in place" in the event of an active shooter situation. In my experience its harder to hit a moving target!!!! My mind always goes back to those poor kids who were executed in the library during the Colombine shooting. Why must our first responders set up a perimeter, form a command post, etc... Go in that building and get the SOB!!!!!!! I'm sure I'm over simplifying things but it seems like we're teaching people to be victims with this tactic and I just don't understand it. Am I the only person who doesn't understand this?!
  2. Behold a pale horse is a good read. Check out the archives from Bill Coopers old radio program, The Hour of the time. Some very insightful stuff. Those they can't turn, or intimidate, they kill.
  3. I'm sure the majority of us are planning on supplementing regular food stores with game collected hunting. What efforts have you made, or would you suggest to increase the odds of a succesful hunt on your property in the event of a SHTF scenario?
  4. Big Easy 2012

    Earning Trust

    In Hall Co. Ga today two men have been sentenced to five years each in Federal Prison. These men have plead to charges of conspiring to obtain illegal explosives and a supressor. These two are members of an alleged "terror Cell" that hatched there devious plots in the corner booth of the Waffle House in Toccoa Ga. When I was very young I remember my father giving a piece of advice which has stuck with me for a long time. You make people earn your trust, and you never speak everything on your mind! We live in very dangerous and interesting times my friends. Never in the history of this nation has there been more surveillance on it's citizens than now. We are all very frustrated with the course and policies of this country. Exercise caution in how and who you vent those frustrations too. God Bless!!
  5. Big Easy 2012

    Earning Trust

    Two of the alleged members of this "Terror Plot" are taking there case to trial. I'll be very interested to follow this case and see what develops.
  6. Big Easy 2012

    Earning Trust

    Not to play Devil's Advocate, but Toccoa Ga. isnt exactly a hotbed of insurgent activity. This week was the 20th anniversary of the Cluster F&*$ @ Ruby Ridge. We all know what can occur when over zealous Government agents with an agenda target citizens. With the current administrations actions in regards to Fast and Furious, I think it's safe to say this administration has an agenda.
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    Earning Trust

    I dont pretent to know the truth either Rod. I'm not sure if these guy's were plotting an action that they were actually going to follow through with or talking a lot of trash. Only the four guy's sitting in that booth know. I do know that a stupid statement made out of anger/frustration to the wrong person can ruin your life. My only point is to exercise caution.
  8. Big Easy 2012

    Here we go again...

    I pray for the famalies involved. With the tide of forclosures it's amazing this has not happened more. From what I understand a Constable was serving the shooter with an eviction notice. My best advice is be cautious in how you approach, and interact with people. We are all fighting battles of our own and some are coming unglued from the strain. I dont condone or excuse anyone opening fire on a civil servant as long as he's operating legally and in the course of his duties. Eight years in law enforcement taught me that showing some compassion and respect to people can go a long way towards de-escalating a possibly dangerous situation.
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    War with Iran

    Does anyone else ever feel that all these wars and police actions by our country are just training. Some day our Government may use these lessons learned on it's own population. After 10 years fighting insurgents in Afgahnistan and Iraq Our military is getting pretty good at disarming citizens, urban warfare, drone surveilance and numerous other nasty duties. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. I have thought for many years that the approach anti-gun radicals would take would be through ammunition not a weapons ban. I am far from a constitutional scholar. Is Ammo protected under the 2nd amendment? Due to the "Meth Epidemic" In Ga. and Tenn. when you buy certain cold medicine you have to show I.D., it's recorded in a large database that tracks mulitiple and bulk purchases by the same user. I forsee something similar coming down the tube with ammo. A registry that would track ammo purchases. I also forsee a ban on purchasing ammo over the internet. Possibly a limit on individual ownership to less than 500 rounds. What do you yall think?
  11. Big Easy 2012

    Gearin' Up!

    Desert Rat Thanks for the quotes. I feel my post was highly pessamistic, rough week at work mixed with too much talk radio. The most imortant thing I feel is not to isolate ourselves. I understand opsec , but none of us can go it alone! Get involved in your community and reach out to like minded individuals. Organize, Train together, and if we need to make a stand let us stand together.
  12. With looming debt and banking disasters on the horizon, and another round of Q.E. sure to come. I forsee extensive inflation in the near future. Stock up on food now! buy now before were paying $16 dollars per gallon gas.
  13. Big Easy 2012


    I have a large group that I train/Prep with. Six famalies spread out over two neighboring counties. Our retreat is located in a rural area with access to numerous back roads. We all plan on relocating to one central location in the event of an emergency. I feel that having designated members of the group act in an escort capacity would be safest. Ideally we collect the members of our group furthest away first and make one mass movement to the retreat collecting other families as we get closer. How do you plan on getting your group to your retreat? Do you plan on traveling in a large group or is it every man for them self? Do you feel a convoy scenario is safest? I can see some merrit in traveling alone. You would draw less attention and could probably travel faster. Thank you for your input.
  14. I'm sorry if this is a re-post I love the show Mountain Men on History Channell! You guy's watching? I was glad that it showed people in different regions I especially liked the Blue Ridge Mt. setting! I never get tired of seeing and reading about people doing it for real. Makes me work that much harder on my plans and goals.
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    Pretty new to the site I've been prepping for about the past two years. I began prepping after a staff meeting, about two years ago. At the time I was working for my local sheriffs office in rural north Ga.. The concern at the time was about how a pandemic outbreak may affect our services. Command staff estimated our force would be cut in half by a serious outbreak. Those officers remaining would be used to secure the jail, and prevent looting. No emergency calls would be responed too. Be prepared to be your own first responder. I respect all the knowledge and experience on this site. I hope I can pass along some knowledge of my own. Thanks, God Bless!
  16. Big Easy 2012

    Denver Shooting

    To begin with I pray for the victims, and loved ones of those involved. This is the second shooting to occur recently. I think another one happened in Alabama earlier in the week, it appears to be gang related though. It's always interesting to read the reports from the media when one of these incidents occurs. Here are a couple of lines that jumped out at me. The gunman never had to reload. Shots just kept going, kept going, kept going," one witness told ABC News. (fodder for an assault weapon/high cap magazine ban.) Hundreds of police and FBI agents are involved in the investigation. A senior official who is monitoring the situation in Washington said that early guidance based on the early snapshot of this man's background indicated that this act does not appear to be linked to radical terrorism or anything related to Islamic terrorism. (I dont recall any account of Federal authorities responding to the shooting in Alabama, could be wrong. How do you rule out anything this early into an investigation?) We play the "what if game" at my house and when running errands. We discussed a scenario similar to this while enjoying a movie in a theatre a few weeks ago. I always carry, I would engage and stop the threat using the least amount of force necessary. If for some reason I couldnt engage or stop the threat. I'd fall on my loved ones, shielding them the best I could, keep down and make for the closest exit.
  17. Big Easy 2012

    Let's do the numbers.

    I am so angry with the Republican party, I honestly dont think it really matters which is in control any more. Will we run over the cliff with Obama or will we crawl over with Romney. I dont think their is a political option any longer. The best advice I can suggest is why we are all here to begin with. Prepare! Reduce debt, own your own home, water/food stores, keep your loved ones close, and pray.
  18. Big Easy 2012

    Gearin' Up!

    As much as it pains me to admit this, if our government decides to disarm it's population it will happen. I once had romantic notions that Law enforcement and soldiers would never turn their weapons on U.S. citizens. These notions have been shattered by eight years as a law enforcement officer. If a citizen is perceived as a threat to any government entity it will be defeated and a narritive will be created to justify this. If the threat has to be labeled a terrorist, or cult member to make destroying it palatable to the public and the officers engaging it will happen. I also used to think that their would be so much resistance from citizens that the powers that be would never dare attempt it. Those that think they would resist should read about Waco and Ruby Ridge. It doesnt matter how hunkered down and bunkered in you think you are if the Government starts throwing it's weight around you wont win. I also think the growing dependence on Goverment bennifits is not an accident. A population dependent on the goverment is much less likley to resist. I wouldnt be surprised to see a turn in your guns for foodstamps/welfare program on the horizon. I've dedicated a lot of prayer to this topic. I hope we never see the day, but I beleive it is coming.
  19. Big Easy 2012

    Survival Movies

    Any one ever seen Lonley are the Brave? Great movie about how "civilized society" rails against those wanting a simpler way of life.
  20. Big Easy 2012

    Survival Fiction or Learning is Fun!

    Of all the manuals and othe books I've read since I began my journey no book has made as much of an impression as The Road. We cant do it alone! Even if we could what would be the point? I suggest every prepper read this book.
  21. Big Easy 2012

    Laser Attack

    My first summer with the Sheriffs Office the keychain lasers were real big with teenagers. This was about the time the Crimson Trace grips and other weapon mounted lasers were really catching on. Bad feeling pulling up to a domestic in an apartment complex and seeing that little red dot bouncing on your chest. After the second or third little darling had a deputy draw down on him it stopped being so funny. I kinda thought that little had died out.
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    Great suggestions! Thank you!!
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    "It's just like Y2k, nothing is going to happen." "I dont want people to think I'm crazy." "If something bad happens, I'll just come to your house."
  24. Big Easy 2012

    Obama Care

    I guess canceling my insurance to save a few hundred bucks a month is no longer an option. Back to the drawing board.
  25. Big Easy 2012

    is there something in the wind?

    Probably the same reason I keep seeing FEMA commercials telling Americans to prepare.