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  1. Visvalor

    what cha watchin?

    Be forewarned Dexter can be very very gory, not "Saw" or "Hostel" type of gory, but gory. However even with the gore it's well worth watching in my opinion.
  2. Visvalor

    Advice from my grandmother

    Long post, by the time I got to the bottom I forgot it even said that. My apologies Though the point still stands.
  3. Visvalor

    Advice from my grandmother

    Such choice of words can take away focus from your grandmothers words of wisdom and turn a good post into an attack on homosexuality and non traditional families. I disagree with your assertion and find the traditional family unimpressive. I have seen many strong non traditional families and many more (through statistics alone) weak traditional families. Two mothers and two fathers would have the same capability as a mother and a father in raising and caring for a child. The argument that can be made against that, is by arguing a gender inequality which can be viewed as equally bigoted. Might I end by making the point that most "non traditional" families are made up thrown away children and outcast adults. None of whom, I promise you, are less capable than anyone you'll find in a "traditional" family.
  4. Visvalor

    New from New England

    Welcome to the forums.
  5. Visvalor

    Hey from central Oklahoma

    Welcome to the forum, I look forward to discussing things with you.
  6. Visvalor

    What is the best 9mm rifle?

    P210SIG these are all close quarters. 9mm for under 100 yards, .308 for over (imho) But to be honest I can't even hit a piece of paper at 10 yards with a 9mm pistol as is. My hands are shaky and my eyes are crap. I've long come to terms with the fact I'm the designated distraction in a skirmish.
  7. Visvalor

    What is the best 9mm rifle?

    I've looked through a bazillion carbines and I have no idea what to get. My father-in-law wants a 9mm rifle for the BOL and I am coming into some spending money in June. In your opinions, what is the best 9mm rifle out there and why? The combat plan is for everyone to have a 9mm of some kind at all times. I personally want to carry a 9mm and a rifle. Problem is I can't use a pistol because my right hand shakes more than Michael J Fox's when he's watching the naughty channels. (And I'm right handed)
  8. Visvalor

    what cha watchin?

    I prefer Hulu over everything else. I have both Hulu+ and Netflix. Series tend to give you a better bang for your buck over movies. Movies are too short winded.
  9. Visvalor

    The Visvalor Escape Theory.

    DonDon just make sure it's a SHTF scenario before you go shooting people, and not just a fart-hits-your-mustache. Exit, in my experience the first 6 hours no one believes anything is wrong, and everything is still under control. The next 24 hours you see people going a little crazy and GOOD. After 3 days, it'll be hell. I'll be gone in the first 2 hours to my first evac point. From there I wait until I know it's either safe to come back or go straight to BOL.
  10. Visvalor

    what cha watchin?

    I haven't even made it past the first episode of the colony. I go about 4 minutes and want to shoot every one of them. Especially the "security" expert who takes the game and his acting WAY too seriously. Also 101matt *high five* Firefly!
  11. Visvalor

    Hi From la Belle France

    Hey Wolfe, pleased to meet you. You should probably dig around the older posts here and there to get an idea of what to expect. This is a good forum with good people, which is sometimes hard to find on the internet.
  12. Visvalor

    what cha watchin?

    DVD actually. As far as Netflix goes, if you haven't seen Limitless, it's a good watch.
  13. Visvalor

    what cha watchin?

    Just watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with the girlfriend yesterday.
  14. Visvalor

    What I'm Worried About

    I'm more worried they'll Kent Campus a Fema Camp.
  15. Visvalor

    The Visvalor Escape Theory.

    Haha Rosemead you should fit right in with everyone else no one will see you coming.