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    Finally Seeing Some Sanity

    was talking to clerks at walmart and academy and the run on guns is pretty much over, good supply on the black guns they display, both say the run on ammo should pan out in nov or dec
  2. wheres the edit button they constantly patrol the area
  3. i get ask if i was safe at home when they check my vitals and my answer is there are 4 cop living in my neigborhood so yes im safe
  4. ken51


    heard yesterday on the news that Austin is considering banning gunshows and giving up the large chunk of cash that they bring in in revenue
  5. ken51

    The Road

    saw this movie on FX channel last night, decent movie takes palce about 10 yrs after a apoclitic event, nearly all life is gone shows a father and son traveling trying to avoid cannalbals and find food. Thought it was a interesting show
  6. i have to agree with Rick when it comes to possibility of using deadly force there are a lot of varibles hat have to be considered and you only have split second to act, and as Danm stated carrying is a big responsibily. When i went thru the training as a armed security guard on post one of the instructors in the use of deadly force would always finish his class with a word of advice, its better to be judge by 12 of your peers than to be carried by 6 of your friends, wheater or not i could pull the trigger i hope i never have to find out.
  7. ken51

    Rain cover to "camo" a tactical pack

    it may be just me but it seems to me that if shtf having a pack of any color would make you a target as you have a pack, you must be better prepared than me, have something that will help me survive. with the pack you are no longer grey
  8. ken51

    Field Test

    tried that back when i was in the army worked great till the condensation built up and the bag got wet, sleeping bags breath ponchos dont
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    with al these new people wantin to move to texas maybe we should charge a imagrant fee
  10. ken51


    well today my wife shocked me, she has been a citizen since 79 and has always declined to vote. Today she told me she wanted to vote this year, for romney. She said she saw something on news where he was polite to obama and obama wasnt, I had to laft at that one. shes not interested into politics.
  11. ken51

    Last Resort on ABC

    i never have been placed in posistion of obeying or disobeying an illegal order. I do know that there are protacols that are in place for a launch order. From what i saw in the show those proticols left a question and the capt to me appears right to verify those orders. I do not know what the policy is now but when i was serving the US had a no 1st use policy of nuclear weapons, dosnt mean we wait untill they hit before we launch ours.
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    not scared that the will show the wife pics of you at hippy hollow are you
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    here is one i liked
  14. ken51

    "Revolution" CBS Series On Life After An EMP

    ive notice that charlie has a problem following instructions, and that malitia dude seems to enjoy his work.
  15. ken51

    "Revolution" CBS Series On Life After An EMP

    i agree theres a whole lot of hollywood in the show, however i did enjoy the show so it will last maybe two seasons.
  16. saw this program on the out door channel ( recorded it wed just watched it today) has mostly weopons review and some survival info this epasode showed how to set a broken bone and put a cast on it fairly decent informative show. nothing like soomsday preppers.
  17. getting hit by a 22 'may' take the fight out of a intruder but if it doesnt you can keep your weapon pointed at him, very little recoil, and fire again if needed, how ever as i was once told by a friend even grandma can recover from the recoil of a 45 faster than the intruder can get back up, assuming that he is able.
  18. ken51

    UAV’s and US Airspace

    too bad they dont use them to help the border patrol, bet they could be very usefull in catching drug smugglers and illegal entries
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    Hi from Kempner Texas

    howdy neighbor and welcome, cove here
  20. ken51

    He just loss my vote

    i agree with you Arkansasfan going for the lesser of two evil. Have decided that untill i see someone actually doing some good for the country i will not vote for the incumbent. Maybe they will see ( and i seriously doubt it) they will get the message to do some good.
  21. ken51

    The Road

    i would have also it had plenty food
  22. ken51

    "Revolution" CBS Series On Life After An EMP

    watch the show liked it. now for the bad news, being that i liked the show and its on a major network it might last 2 seasons.
  23. ken51

    survival knowledge books on the same

    was that the one in Killeen, i was at that one left with 10/22 and a Mossberg 500
  24. ken51

    Hello from Central Texas

    welcome to the boards copperas cove here
  25. ken51

    Looking for a good hard wood to use

    may want to make sure you dont inhale the dust from blacklocust, its toxic. it also makes a good longbow