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  1. it actually makes the population problem worse! get your food storage squared away!
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    City Violence/Crime Prevention

    ... i'm a little disappointed that was my first post. hahaa! sorry fellas. those comments just irked me somethin fierce. i really enjoy the forum. i've learned alot in the past 4 months. and my preps are better for it. so thank you all. even to Dangerwolfe. i've taken something valuable from everyone. i look forward to contributing something valuable in the future.
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    City Violence/Crime Prevention

    so you actually went back? to a place where you feel it's necessary to carry a bat? to a hostile environment where multiple and unrelated individuals threatened you? to a lawless and racist community where police officers are biased and don't protect tourists? getting out of Dodge sounds smart.... going back to Dodge sounds stupid. "rude" Hawaiian locals.... comin from the french guy... classic. i've seen localism on the islands since i was a kid. it does exist. and i'm sorry you experienced that. however, if you were treated poorly on a regular basis during your visit, i would say you need to learn local customs and traditions because you were probably offending people everywhere you went. my father was Army and i've had the opportunity to travel around the world. practice and respect of local custom is a basic way of avoiding bad situations. and the Hawaiian people are some of the most loving and generous people left on this planet. our Aloha spirit is the source of our greatest strength but probably our greatest downfall since being pimped out by tourism.