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  1. NovicePrepper

    When the rush is on

    Protecting my land would be hard. How much would it cost to buy hundreds of bear traps and landmines?
  2. So I am purchasing 8.9 acres for 24K. It has a stream running through it and the nearest town is far away, so it is secluded. There is one guy that lives about 5 minutes away and has large corn fields so lots of deer are in the area. Fish, deer, and corn! Great BOL. I am going to build a small cabin and hopefully get some solar panels to power it. Any suggestions on making my BOL secure/secluded/safe?
  3. NovicePrepper

    I need an SKS!!!!

    Back in the 90's you could buy one for $100. Damn how times have changed.
  4. NovicePrepper

    The Beauty of Our Land

    Heh, I know what you are talking about. Ever see the mountainside left of River Road? Not the most pleasant sight, but I like it.
  5. NovicePrepper

    If you live near one of this things,pay attention.

    I live close enough to Three Mile Island to be in danger. I think I saw some nuclear reactors only about an hour away from here last year. It was up in the mountains and it was closer to me than Three Mile Island is.
  6. NovicePrepper

    Trading Post??

    Ammo will always be worth alot in a SHTF situation.
  7. Is it a good buy? For the money I might buy 3 or 4.
  8. NovicePrepper

    Trading Post??

    How would you go about refilling a lighter with a common combustible liquid other than gasoline? Yeah, that story about the Bosnian war survivor was interesting, and he said that he knew how to fill up lighters with some kind of liquid that wasn't gas yet burned, and how he used that skill to feed his family for a while. He also said how his neighbor could make his own form of gas that lit lamps and the neighbor never went hungry.
  9. NovicePrepper

    Shopping for possible BOV + ALter. Fuel

    M1009, a military variant of the K5 Blazer. Most have under 100 thousand miles and are for sale for less than 6 thousand. Very tough and come already painted in camo. They use diesel. It's a survivalists dream vehicle.
  10. NovicePrepper

    Something interesting. Information.

    Imagine living in South West Nebraska...damn.
  11. NovicePrepper

    Something interesting. Information.

    My county will be swallowed by fallout from Philly, Scranton, Newark, and NYC.
  12. NovicePrepper

    Fishing Gear for the Prepper

    Although I am no expert when it comes to fishing, my grandfather taught me to fish, so I know the basics. I should fish more, I live on the Delaware river, I think that would be a great source of food if SHTF and the water stays safe (Hopefully SHTF doesn't involve waterborne pathogens.)
  13. NovicePrepper

    Urban Survival --real world experience.

    Great info. About the hospital slaughterhouse thing, does this mean the gangs just went into the hospitals shooting everything? I bet this would happen in a SHTF situation.
  14. NovicePrepper

    Trading Post??

    I could repair vehicles and do other odd jobs. I honestly think that this barter town wouldn't be like the movies, I have a feeling that raiders would gang up and destroy the town and take everything. It could happen!
  15. NovicePrepper

    Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask or see.

    Yeah, now that I think about it, that picture wasn't as disturbing as I would have expected, I mean, I have never seen some ones head blown off...