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  1. I picked and canned 35 quarts and 9 pints of Green Beans. Sighted in a couple of rifles. Stopped by local Krogers and purchased several basic first aid supplies form dollar sale cart.
  2. visionman

    Gearin' Up!

    John has a long mustache was the code message that allied nations sent out to allert the French Resistance that the D-Day invasion was beginning.
  3. Started my yearly garden the other day and wondering about other gardeners favorite crops. I grow the standard crops for the area I live. Greenbeans, tomato, squash, cucumbers, greens, corn, beets, etc......Looking for some new ideas. We cook, can/freeze and dry what we can, and give the rest to family. My favorite is greasy grit greenbeans. Nothing better when served with corn bread made from fresh ground corn meal and a little chow chow relish. Yea and we save the
  4. visionman

    Firearm Question?

    Alot of good things for me to think about. I never served in the military, but my dad served in combat and was a good teacher. I learned to shoot with an m1 garand(sold it to pay college debts) and have some training on an ar15. I never bought one though. The terrain here is mountain foothills and a 150 yard shoot is a long shot. Thats why my calibar selection was .308/30-30, also easy to buy without a long drive. I duck hunt with the 12 guage and bird hunt with the 20s. My wife also shoots the 20s as well as my younger children. The .22s are for tree rats and range time. We carry CZ75 9mm's or SW.38's. Just never really thought about survival until a few months ago. I hope things never get bad, I just would like to be able to protect the family. And needed some thoughts from people who have more experience and thanks to all who have answered.
  5. visionman

    Let's talk tents

    I have used and own a Eurka Timberline tent for many year. Stayed as long as 3 weeks in Canada in one on a backcounty fishing trip once. Used it in the winter in snow and spent 5 rain filled days and nights in it and stayed dry. Mine is now nearing 15 yrs old now and still going strong. I plan using it next weekend even. It is to heavy to solo packback with, but if more than 2 in party you can split the weight. It comes in a 2 and 4 person version. I have the T2 and my wife and 2 youngest children can use it Its not hight tech or even a new style..But it works.
  6. visionman

    Firearm Question?

    We have a 10/22 and a s&w 15/22(my oldests sons), marlin m60 all auto .22. I would agree with the .243(the only reason I held on to it is the sentimental value. The .22 mag isnt worth selling. Beat to death ruger m96..Keep it on my 4 wheeler to shoot varmits around the farm and its dead on I have hit targets well over 100+ yards with it. May look at another 10/22 for my wife, I never thought about that. I started stocking up on .22lrs a few years ago..I forgot in original post we have 2 30/30's as well.. Don't shot much is why I forgot. But take several deer with them.
  7. visionman

    Firearm Question?

    To begin I grew up in Eastern Ky. We moved there after my father was discharged from the Army. I grew up hunting, backpacking, fishing and using basic survival skills. Over the last years I have aquired several hunting firearms that include bolt action rifles in .223, .243, .308, .22, .22mag.. I have shotguns in 20 and 12 guage and handguns in .22, 9mm amd .38. My question is: is a hunting styles fire adaquate for self defense/survival, or should we invest in an ar15 styled weapon? I have taught my wife, and 2 oldest children to shot and they can use most of my firearms. Whats the recommendation?
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    Hail from MO, please don't judge me

    Hello, just joined my self.
  9. I installed rain barrels and worked on getting started on this seasons garden.
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    Hello from Eastern Ky

    Just want say hello from Eastern Ky. I am here to gather info. Hope I am at the right place.