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  1. Consider the duck:


    - Probably the hardiest of all domestic livestock. It is common for all ducklings in a litter to survive to adulthood.

    - Require little care

    - Very few illnesses

    - Produces larger and more substantial eggs than chickens.

    - Produces eggs for more seasons than chickens.

    - Some breeds produce more eggs per year than chickens do.

    - Larger than chickens (more meat)

    - More calories and fat than chickens, also a substantial source of iron (chickens are not)

    - Are foragers - Little feed required, form of natural pest control

    - Can eat a more diverse assortment of food

    - Can survive colder weather and warmer weather than chickens can.

    - Down can be used for a variety of heat-retaining uses.

    - Simpler, less expensive housing facilities required for ducks than for chickens.

    - Less impact on ground condition than chickens (do not tear up ground)

  2. Hello,


    I need some help selecting the optimal blades to compliment the fixed-blade knife I currently have. I intend to use these blades in a wilderness survival setting (various North American biomes) and I am new to wilderness survival in general.


    I currently have the Ontario Blackbird SK-5, which is a straight-edged spear-point knife. I am looking to get a smaller folding knife that has a serrated blade (or partially serrated blade) and maybe some other features that the SK-5 lacks. I also want to get a machete or hatchet, but not both, and I really don't know too much about wilderness survival to know which would be the better overall choice or if there is an in-between solution.


    What would you suggest?


    Thanks in advance.