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  1. :confused: Duck is delicious!
  2. Latakia

    Best Places to Survive

    I want to move to SW Colorado and I think that would be an ideal survival location for me. Milder temperature than other Rocky Mountain locations, lots of fresh water, not very accessible, large national forests, arable land, and not that it really matters, but a stunning landscape as well.
  3. Thanks. While ducks seem to be happier with a pond, it is not necessary. Many hobby duck keepers use those plastic kiddie pools which provides much enjoyment for the ducks.
  4. Consider the duck: - Probably the hardiest of all domestic livestock. It is common for all ducklings in a litter to survive to adulthood. - Require little care - Very few illnesses - Produces larger and more substantial eggs than chickens. - Produces eggs for more seasons than chickens. - Some breeds produce more eggs per year than chickens do. - Larger than chickens (more meat) - More calories and fat than chickens, also a substantial source of iron (chickens are not) - Are foragers - Little feed required, form of natural pest control - Can eat a more diverse assortment of food - Can survive colder weather and warmer weather than chickens can. - Down can be used for a variety of heat-retaining uses. - Simpler, less expensive housing facilities required for ducks than for chickens. - Less impact on ground condition than chickens (do not tear up ground)
  5. Hello, I need some help selecting the optimal blades to compliment the fixed-blade knife I currently have. I intend to use these blades in a wilderness survival setting (various North American biomes) and I am new to wilderness survival in general. I currently have the Ontario Blackbird SK-5, which is a straight-edged spear-point knife. I am looking to get a smaller folding knife that has a serrated blade (or partially serrated blade) and maybe some other features that the SK-5 lacks. I also want to get a machete or hatchet, but not both, and I really don't know too much about wilderness survival to know which would be the better overall choice or if there is an in-between solution. What would you suggest? Thanks in advance.