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    fire killers

    fire extingushers , not just CO2 are nasty at close range. The chemicals can get under your eye lids and into your lungs. The confusion of the 'cloud' may allow you to thump the bad guy (gal) in the head with the canister. I keep many spaced through out my 'house', I heat with wood, and light with lanterns, just a safety factor for me, not a primary defence for intruders, that what the 12 is for...
  2. tripper

    Basic Car Stuff

    Will my kevlar brain bucket work??? Cooking on the manifold, done it many times while I was driving truck, make sure to open the can, very loud and messy if you don't. Syphoning gas, shove the hose into the tank, blow and hopefully you will hear bubbling. Take a rag and plug the fill pipe around the hose, blow hard (creates pressure), no need to suck gas...
  3. tripper

    Accommodations for likely drop-ins?

    My family and 'friends' know they are NOT welcome unless they have a skill to bring to the table. I have talked to them alot about 'prepping' and survivalist mind set. Could I turn them away? Probably. Would I? Perhaps. They all have huge TVs and toys galore but little in preps. Gotta go to the store ever day or two. They have said the much dreaded "We'll come to your place" and I tell them, NO. Harsh, yes, were they forewarned? yeppers, many times. The problem is how to run them off, or do I move with no forwarding addy? Probably will have too. If I sound mean or unfeeling maybe I will have to be, but kids are always welcome, not their fault that mommy and daddy are stupid. This is a concern of mine and has been for years.......
  4. tripper

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    Street sweeper 12 gauge w/ 30 rnd mags, common ammo, #4 would work, bigger pattern than buck shot. Machette, Got it in Brasil, very comfie in the hand for me. .22 ruger w/silencer uh, have but don't...... Molotov cocktails, easy to make and very effective for 'groups'. If you can't shoot them, burn them and when else fails, hack them. What was the comidy movie set in England with the zombies that the gal used the cricket bat on the Zs?
  5. tripper

    Your Opinon: Top 20 Must have in BOB

    Gee snake, you carry all that in your BOB? and catfish you make your girl carry two rifles? tic friends tic
  6. tripper


    to this site but not prepping. Only since the late 70's or so, always lived 'remote' or off the beaten track so to speak. What caught my eye was the BoM (bug out motorcycle). Have a Ural in town and have ridden the two wheel drive one. Great bikes. But I digress....Live in the Rockies at 8000 ft, off grid, hand pump for water and an outhouse. (fun at 20 below). Oh, well enough for now.
  7. tripper

    Any Muzzleloaders out there?

    CVA 50 cal. Synthetic stock, soon to change. Love it shoot mini balls in it, also have a 50 cal. pistol, use round balls and patches. Going to start the rondy thing again, buckskins, mocs, the whole 9 yards. When I first started hunting I used a 45 cal. the rifle was just as tall as I was and a pain in the arm to carry in the hills. I was 14 then and small 85 or so lbs. Once you get into it I think you will love it. Go to one of the black powder shoots and ask to try it out. BP people are very friendly and happy to show off their 'toys'.
  8. tripper


    I carried a sling and stones well into my 20s. Played with all the time and was fairly accurate. Helped with my woodscraft, always looking for more stones. I made one about a year a go, gonna go find it, lotta fun.
  9. Good read, Ain't seen the movie, DesertRat is correct, How would YOU live your life in the situation described? With honor or ? side note, in one place the third person narative is dropped, Where? The prize is one wooden bullet.
  10. tripper

    question on matches

    Getting hard to find, try ACE or a hardware store, bought 10 packs last time I found them.
  11. tripper

    Girlfriends BOB

    Think basics, water, fire, shelter. How far do you need to bug out? Where are you going? Caches on the way? Good footware, comfie clothes, (blend in type). In the city or country? Have had lady friends that needed less than I did out in the woods and I don't need much. Really need more info. OH, HI everyone. Uh, stripped down MRE's, less water than DH or FD foods.