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    San Diego native, 4 years USMC 0331, currently in federal civil service, married w/ 1 boy & 1 girl!
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  1. badguy01

    rain water collection

    Just a question...have any of you heard of it being ILLEGAL to catch rain?? I recently read an article on which said some states claim the water that falls in their state is state property and must be taxed. Anyone heard of this crap??
  2. badguy01

    BOB opinion: 'Nam era ALICE pack?

    I acquired a medium A.L.I.C.E. pack with frame & kidney pad for my B.O.B. (list of contents in the "post your B.O.B." thread) and it's awesome! Plenty of room to work with and it's super comfortable. This was the same one I used in the corps before they switched to MOLLE gear. I've priced them out around $45 to $55 on ebay (used).[ATTACH=CONFIG]1854[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1855[/ATTACH]
  3. badguy01

    Marines and LEO prepare for Zombie invasion

    I agree with oregonchick...why would the military spend money on training our Marines for scenarios involving zombies unless it was a real concern? I served in the Corps not that long ago and I never conducted ANY training that didn't serve a real world purpose. And, the last time I checked, the government was looking for ways to cut spending by reducing the size of our military and cutting their pay. Yet, it has the spare cash to throw away for "training" for zombie scenarios...something isn't adding up. If this wasn't a concern of the military, why hasn't a military spokesperson come out publicly and made it clear that zombies aren't a real world concern for the military and the reason for this "training?" Any thoughts??
  4. badguy01

    post your bob & contents. (:

    That was meant for catfish's B.O.B.!!!
  5. badguy01

    post your bob & contents. (:

    Very nice! A few questions: #1: Does your total weight include water? #2: Other than your pistol belt & B.O.B., are you carrying any gear on your body?
  6. badguy01

    post your bob & contents. (:

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1704[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1705[/ATTACH] In an attempt to shed ounces where I can, I tried to fit everything that was in my alice pack (previous page) into a smaller pack. To my surprise, the Camelbak Linchpin made a perfect replacement. I was able to fit everything from my alice pack into the camelbak (with a full 100 oz. bladder) and still had room! The best part...the total weight was only 20 lbs. on the dot!! I still have some wet weather gear to stuff in there but it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. badguy01

    post your bob & contents. (:

    The medium size Alice pack works perfectly for a few reasons. It has the perfect amount of space to carry what I think I'll need for at least 72 hours. The straps are very comfortable and the kidney pad adds additional support. It also sits high enough on my back so I don't feel like I'm carrying someone (good weight displacement). As far as ammo is concerned, I'll be carrying 6 M4 mags and 5 pistol mags. As far as water goes, I'm still trying to work that out. I know the recommended amount per person per day is 1 gallon, but my bug out location is less than a day's travel time away so I was thinking a camelbak and one canteen per person...any suggestions??
  8. badguy01

    post your bob & contents. (:

    Got the firearms locked down! Big believer in the 3 gun rule...Standard 16" M4 with basic mods. Glock as my secondayr. The wife has a Mossberg 500 as well. Just aquired 100 ft. of coyote brown 550 cord in addition to my king cobra weave paracord bracelet. I must've forgot the tape cuz there's a roll of it sitting right next to my storage container!! I also just recently added a sheemagh to the inventory and will keep the bandanas as back-up's. "Two is one; one is none!" Thanks for the suggestions!!
  9. badguy01

    Rifles and Side arms

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1674[/ATTACH] I've always been a fan of the AR-15 and 12 ga. shotgun since the military! The 5.56 platform is like a can customize it ANY WAY you want! Obviously the mission dictates the load out so whatever you're preparing for will dictate what you carry. I built my 15 a few years ago with the intention of using it for working on marksmanship. Ever since my wife and I began prepping, I changed up several things on it (barrel length, optics, type of butt stock) to accommodate my bug-in mission (with a second platform for long range in the works). I also own a Mossberg 12 ga. shotgun and a Glock 27 for when I need to get up close and personal with intruders!
  10. Went to a local swap meet this past weekend and picked up some really good hiking boots for $10, a 10x10 tarp for $5, 50 feet of rope for $4, an new LED head lamp for $5, and a Rubbermaid large storage container for my home supplies ($400 value but my dad hooked me up for free!!). I also found out by accident that there is a small network of preppers at my work! We all pretty much kept it to ourselves until a few of us were listening to a late night radio show (coast to coast) and began commenting on a prepping segment that was on. From there we started sharing info and it's been really informative. I also started getting back into logging on these forums to better educate myself.
  11. badguy01

    post your bob & contents. (:

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1672[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1673[/ATTACH] New prepper just trying to see what's out there. Here's what I have so far: water purification tablets, magnesium fire starter, waterproof matches, e-tool w/ cover, flash drive (pictures, important documents), coffee filters, boonie cover, bandanas, large 10x10 tarp, heavy duty poncho, basic ponchos, canteens w/ covers, back-up D batteries, duct tape, tanto blade knife w/ serrated edge, machete w/ sheath, sewing kit, 100 ft. 550 cord, collapsible water bottle, signal mirror, whistle, CRKT spork, 50 zip ties, durable gloves, maps of surrounding areas, hand can opener, pack of baby wipes, garbage bags, playing cards, lighters, Gerber multitool, rubber bands, cold weather balaclava, beanie, vaseline-soaked cotton balls, military compass, hygiene kit, latex gloves, head lamp, mini mag lite, cold weather clothes, bug net, chem lights, and a medkit. Still a work in progress! I have revised my B.O.B. several times and am still trying to shed ounces and stay under 50 lbs. However, there are a few items I would still like to add so it's always changing! I invite any and all questions, comments, constructive criticisms, ideas, etc.! (Sorry if the pics didn't come out!)
  12. badguy01

    The Walking Dead ~ Zombie Talk in General

    What's up everyone! New to the forum and went straight to this conversation! Walking dead is pretty sweet but I won't spoil season two for those who haven't seen it! It is better than the 1st though.