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    I'm 45 white male be leave in survival and being prepared I love our country love my wife and been into survival and prepping most my life
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    Broken Arrow Oklahoma
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  1. I can see your point but if I have to bug out from my home its probley because we have used most or all preps. Unless it to dangerous to stay early on then I have already picked up my preps and moved to my seconed location. Witch is fully stocked with food,water, guns, ammo, so if I have to go on foot I will carry what weapon's I can with our BOB's to location #2 witch should not take but a few hr's to get there. And we are working on a 3rd location even deeper in the woods.
  2. Me on foot 1 AR SBR 5.56 with Supressor 2 S&W M&P 9MM 3 S&W M&P Sheld 9mm 4 S&W 642 38 SPC WITH ammo for all and BOB Gear WIFE 1 Glock 19 9mm 2 Walther P22 3 GSG 5 22lr If in Truck DPMS 308, Bushmaster ACR, Mossy 935 and 590, Kimber 1911 45 acp, Ruger 1022, all ammo and Mags and any other weapons I can pack with all other Gear. food, water.
  3. Rambo66

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    That's what I'm thinking keep them far away I only would have a katana type blade just in case one get to close other than that long guns all the way.
  4. fill up the auto's also get as many gas can's my truck can hold. get more bottle water, fill up my bath tub water blatter's, more food stock, staybill gas treatment, Then get as many GUMMIE BEARS as i can.
  5. Rambo66

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Two set;s of car and house key's. Cell phone charger to plug in computer.1 surefire flashlight Small swiss army knife,1 Bench made auto, 1 mircotech out the frunt blade finger nail clippers,small med bottle with one of everything i take, wallet. eye glasses case. What i have with me- Watch,S&W M&P 357 sig 3 mag's. Another stream ligth light, S&W 642 ANKLE holster pepper spray, and a KEL-TEC PF 9 3 mag's.
  6. Rambo66

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    Kel Tec KGS or A Sarabu Rem 870 super shorty AR in 300 Blackout with a surpressor SBR in 5.56 with supressor And a katana blade
  7. Hello all my name is Kevin most of my friends have called me Rambo for many years. I really like guns,ammo,knives,all survival stuff. I also put together AR 15 builds and have many in my cache for our survival.

  8. Rambo66

    Rambo66 new to this sight

    Hello all I've just found you guys and galls. I have been in to survival for most of my life. And I hope to learn more and hopefully pass on some good ideals that I may have to share.
  9. Well let's see My 10 in AR SBR in 5.56 it's surpressor I keep 3 SF 60 rnd mags at the ready and I have a CMMG 22 conversion for it. Moss 590 A-1 12 ga Glock 34 9 mm Glock 19 9 mm S&W 642 38 spc. Ankle holster