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    just a prepper, preparing for ecomimic,and,obviuslly, zombie apocalypes. exuse my spelling.
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    history, weapon practice, walking 2 miles down to library.
  1. Zombie is my bitch

    Calling the Police

    I agree, but u forgot about the nypd and other big city departments
  2. Zombie is my bitch

    ruger mini 14/30

    Hello? Any one there?
  3. Zombie is my bitch

    axe > machete

    (Attempts to breath new lfe up in here)
  4. Zombie is my bitch

    ruger mini 14/30

    thanks that wws very informative. Oh and awesome signature! I've wanted to say that for a while but it keep slipping from my mind!
  5. Zombie is my bitch

    ruger mini 14/30

    I've loved the idea of having one since I got to hold one at a local cabelas, have thought a lot about it, and have done (a little) research. Any thoughts?
  6. Zombie is my bitch

    axe > machete

    ah much better, i miss having a proper keyboard *is at a computer* now to adress barts point, yes a crappy blade isn't worth shit, however when it comes to $20 hatchets and $20 machetes, it6s bluntly obvius the the axe will be better made, as unlike the machete it's metal head is thick and compact so there is both less surface to crack, and thicker metal stand up to abuse better that thinner metal. oh, and no i did not forget hatchets, because i thouugh it be better to be broad, but aparintly (i know that is spelt wrong bwtfe) my title was misread. AND IF YOU WANT TO CARRY BOTH A MACHETE AND HATCHET/AXE, UR FALLING FOR THE REPTILIAN PART OF UR BRAIN THAT HAS SOME HOW DEVELOPET THE MISCONCEPTION THAT THE MACHETE IS MORE THJAN JUST A SWORD TURN (MINORLY) PRACTICAL. oops the cap lock nwas on srry if it looks like i am yelling.
  7. Zombie is my bitch

    axe > machete

    Look right now I am stuck with a tablet so I will respond when I'm near a computer, because I got a lot to respond to and hate typing to this blasted thing
  8. Zombie is my bitch


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  9. Zombie is my bitch

    axe > machete

    Ok so first off this is a thread about how the axe is superior to the sheet metal that is called a machete. If you already agree with me then feel free to leave some advice/info about this subject, and know that I hope that we can become friends. Second, this is NOT me blindly hating machetes. My dislike and distrust of them was earned by their cheaply being maded and being inpractical for the north american prepper/campers needs. If you think you can convince me other wise, then feel free to try. NO UNNEEDED TROLLING PLEASE! On a final note, I know your here DonDon, because we've had many arguments about this. However I will ask you to please refrain from tryingto stop this. Thank you :-)
  10. Zombie is my bitch

    Ax or machete?

    Wait there is an argument abot this? Well there shouden't be, because EVERYONE should of been born with the I.q. required to see that the ax is the only real chose. Unless you live in a.. oh...no wait there are no jungles in north america (at least none that I've heard of)
  11. Zombie is my bitch

    modern africa- a look at post teotwawki?

    Oh. That's a very good point. :-o
  12. Zombie is my bitch

    What the Firearms Ban did in Australia.

    What are you serious? How have I not heard of this going on? Well at least new zealanders still have gun rights ( I think...)
  13. Zombie is my bitch

    modern africa- a look at post teotwawki?

    The comment above is about the fallout comment
  14. Zombie is my bitch

    modern africa- a look at post teotwawki?

    Yeah I definally know what you mean now that i've played new vegas
  15. Zombie is my bitch

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    nice.....i mean it.....very good seeing how you have all that.