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    What you'll always have.

    A small film contaner with powder bleach or black pepper poof! ninja too the eyes ,right shin to the coin purse, punch! punch! run run run run .
  2. boardsdonthitback

    Caught Unarmed

    well, chances are nothing was going to happen but,if you really thought something was going to happen and there was a rock i.e. something you could throw, throw it at a neighbors window and when they are pissed off and come out to check, say the guy coming at you did it, you seen the whole thing call the cops.
  3. boardsdonthitback

    Self Defense Training

    i have always told anyone who i have taught to,go out ,jump in get the feel of things learn what you can and cannot do well,develope your skills and remember in a parking garage at 3 in the morning it.s for real! and there are no ethics then.
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    As a martial artist of 36 yrs and practioner of the weapon arts included,i really like this knife for self defence. have any of you tried one of these for yourself.
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    hello to all.

    it's a great place to test your outdoor skills, and ofcourse our gun laws kick butt here.
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    hello to all.

    i am 45 and live in utah, ( pause) really! on purpose.