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    I've been in L.E. for about 17 years and have trained as a sniper, entry team, U.C., marine operation.
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    N. California
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    Camping, hunting, fishing, and surviving
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  1. Here's an article that was posted on www.survivalhelpcenter.com..... http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com/?p=945
  2. I didn't write the article. It was an article from CNN that was posted by me on my site www.survivalhelpcenter.com. I'm not opposed to shameless self-promotion, but I am opposed to plagiarism. I forward links to this site if it pertains to the subject and if I think it will be useful to others. Sorry if it was misleading. Thanks, Shane
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    There's another site out there that I found. http://www.divinehammock.com They have some of the Hennessy hammocks also, but have a huge selection of all kinds of hammocks at great prices.
  4. TahoeShane


    I currently own five hammocks and they are very useful, not only for sleeping, but for also storing items off the ground. I found a great hammock site that has tons of choices and great prices. The site is http://www.divinehammock.com. Just thought I would pass the info along. Shane
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    new girl here

    Welcome!! There are good people here that are always willing to help!
  6. I ran across this article on www.survivalhelpcenter.com. It's the nations top spots for living off the grid. Very interesting! http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com/?p=638
  7. TahoeShane

    Girls With Skills!

    When I saw the article a few weeks ago I thought it was a great idea and was thinking about creating a dating site for survival minded people. Turns out there was already one. It's called Survivalist Singles! There's already about thousands of people on it. Makes sense to me. There's a great article on it at www.survivalhelpcenter.com. Have a great day!!
  8. TahoeShane

    Girls With Skills!

    Ironically, Another news article on www.survivalhelpcenter.com today in reference to dating sites for survival minded people. Check the article. http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com/?p=559
  9. TahoeShane

    girlfriend is learning!

    Right On!!! She'll have pride in gun ownership and want to get better and better!!! We're in the process of getting my gal her CCW!! Now I'll have back-up wherever we go!!! Keep me posted on her progress. Take Care, Shane
  10. TahoeShane

    girlfriend is learning!

    That's Awesome! That was our first date...se wanted to go shooting. Now we go out all the time to shoot. She's a great student and a good shot. Condrats!!
  11. Is anyone going to the Preparedness Expo? [h=1]Preparedness expo to teach earthquake resilience[/h]April 9, 2012 http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com/?p=517
  12. Most Communities Are Not Prepared For A Disaster /B] As if we didn't know this.....All the MORE reason to be prepared!! http://www.survivalhelpcenter.com/?p=518
  13. I agree with rats and vermin! They are a hazard even today.... www.survivalhelpcenter.com
  14. TahoeShane

    What if it was just a temporary situation?

    Katrina was a great example. People fled and rightly so, when they came back, they had to start over. I'm too freaking old to start from scratch. I have a fair about of currency and precious metals stashed to at least give me some working capitol and some "real" food. I'd hate to come back home and have to eat MRE's, or canned tuna for a year because I was ONLY prepared for a long term situation. I'm just sayin' www.survivalhelpcenter.com
  15. TahoeShane

    *Reno Gun Show*

    Malcolm, I just checked and it's promoted as "The Big Reno Show". I've been to it several times and its a good show. Lots of firearms, quality accessories hunting stuff, western collectible stuff, and lots ammo at great prices! I'm going to pick up a couple thousand rounds of .223 and .40. I checked and the next show they are having is Aug.17-19. If you're in the area during that time, it's worth a stop.