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    Urban Food

    Be careful raiding water from water heaters, especially older ones. Generally speaking most apartment maintenance personelle do not flush the tanks out every so often and a nasty build up of calcium sediment and slime in the bottom of them and when you open up the tap all you get is rusty, slimy, sediment filled water that will need more than just purification. when scavenging from apartment buildings, see if there is a way to block off all but one of the entrances, this will make it easier to defend from "competetion" I ahve worked in the apartment business for years and have thought out all possibilities and probabilities. In my nexperience I have never seen a prepper in an apartment. Hoarder yes, prepper no. But that doesnt mean they arent out there!
  2. Bruno

    Greetings from the PNW!

    Hi all, I'm Bruno from Portland Oregon, been involed in the survival community, albeit quietly, for many years. Getting the fam ready for TEOTWAWKI is a huge job that cant be taken lightly, now back to prepping!!
  3. Bruno

    Hiking Food Discussion Thread

    I have tried several MRE brands including the military ones and the ones I have found are the best for the cost are from very tasty hot or cold and don't back you up either! I usually carry those as well as emergency ration bars, beef jerky, nuts, and granola bars that I prefer to make myself.
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    To Nomad or not to Nomad

    Well I for one will be part of the nomad scene, as I do not have the funds for a BOL of my own, but I do have a well stocked travel trailer and a truck, I will be heading out some where remote and setting up camp for a while and moving as needed. There will be plenty of scavengable abandoned houses, buildings and vehicles at some point, hunting and fishing will still be around. The pioneers started from bvasically nothing and in the event of some type of collapse or calamity, we will also start from nothing. I believe that in the aftermath of a major event, violence and looting will spill out of the cities and into the suburbs and groups of bandits will eventually begin basically going house to house taking what the want by force. My family and I will not be among those victims.
  5. Bruno

    Help for a novice.

    I agree that the swiss army knives trully are some of the best around, I also carry medium sized folder for larger jobs as well as a sheath knife in my bag. You can definetly find some good EDC preps at the local dollar store, I was able to procure several "dental hygiene kits" for the family gear, small ziploc pouch with a toothbrush, small toothpaste and a small floss box, not bad for a buck! I also picked up some baby wipes for quick bath on the go if necessary and some of those "flushable wipes" for those times when a little extra is nice. Besides the basics that everyone else has mentioned I thought a little extra hygiene could make all the difference in your overall morale in a stressful situation. I also picked up a few packs of coast guard survival ration bars and their prepackaged water pouches to throw in the bag as well. I have a collapsible platypus 32oz water bottle, takes up a tiny bit of space and light as a feather among the many other thing in my pack. If you can afford it, mini tools can be helpful too, small light but durable. Go to your local military surplus store if you have one and look around, you will be surprised at waht you c ould use or need thats cheap!
  6. Bruno

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Pockets: Iphone 4 altoids tin: with Mini swiss army knife, 2 bandaids, 1 neosporin single, 1 hydro cortisone single, 3 advil and 3 benadryl in a small baggie, chapstik, small bic lighter, P-51 can opener, 1 single edge razor blade, 1 cut down pen and 1 small pencil, 2 sigle sheets of small paper, mossberg mini light with 100,000 hour battery in right pocket: smith a wesson SWAT folder On the belt: leatherman wave and a small cheap led flashlight lucky coin inside my wallet on keys: whistle, small flat multisize scewdriver, flashdrive, waterproof pill bottle with misc person meds the truck has everything else including my GHB/GOOD bag
  7. I use a snowboarding/skiing backpack. It has a few external pockets as well as a good sized main compartment. It also has some external straps, and MOLLE type webbing to hook stuff onto it if need be. It's waterproof,black and not overly huge so you pack what you will NEED, not eveything and the kitchen sink. It;s also about HOW you pack your gear as well as WHAT you pack