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  1. ....I'll add the Heritage rough rider single six in .22 lr/ WMR or any number of rifles from savage or Marlin in the samecalibers...under $200 very accurate and will feed you where the others will defend and take big game (which someone should not pursue unless they have the resources and skills to process and preserve the game properly). hijack alert....the table (ballistics by the inch) you posted earlier has helped me with an arguement I have been having for years with my Rough Rider....if the velocity increase in the 6" barrel of the WMR ammo is worth the cost, noise, flash and fouling seems I was right!
  2. My EDC is a 9mm +p, 6 rds of Corbon Powerball behind a Bellot FMJ 124gr "police load" I have a few of left, they are 1150fps in a 124 gr. this I feel gives me if not good enough stopping least sufficient dissuade power..... I also sometimes carry a small .22 lr 6 shot revolver, at close enough range you get to add the powder charge (burn and pressure) to the bullet damage and when "snub" firing a revolver is the only way to go as the contact with someone's body can cause auto loaders to fail...especial if the grab for them.
  3. Welcome! Space becomes an issue no matter how much you start out with.....
  4. ....I believe stopping power is not so elusive, it is inside the barrel of the weapon you feel the most comfortable firing. The one with the weigh, feel, recoil, angle of the handle and sight alignment that just puts holes in things everytime you pull the trigger. Stopping power comes from familiarity with and confidence in the steel (....ok... Or polymer...) in your hand.....with in reason of course. Love your .380 all you want but I'd rather be shot in the chest with a .380 then anywhere with a .500 S&W.
  5. Welcome! I see the best way to start is look at YOUR life and think hard and honest about it....what are the most likely issues or events to threaten you week or month then figure the most timely and cost effective way to mitigate, reduce or outright avoid the damage they will cause to your situation....IE are you putting off a new set of tires a little too long, or still living the fast food life style and your cupboards are bare except a can of chicken soup and flat of ramen noodles. Once you have honestly decided that you are 24 hours secure from calamity move to 48 hrs, 72 hrs, a week. For sure I believe the first step to preparedness is a honest self-assessment of your situation.
  6. Yes, it really is "A Brave New World".....
  7. I have watched most if not all his videos and I've never heard the sound of his voice, after some of the others out there this alone is priceless...
  8. Hello! If extreme wilderness survival skills are your thing than this is a guy to watch some videos from, his environment is tropical/sub tropical somewhere I'm not sure but many of the skills are universal. enjoy and look though our older posts, there are many things to find. One thing that you will find for sure looking through them is that there is as they say " a million ways to skin a cat" ....that everyone has their ways and while they might not be the ones that you are looking of the most important survival skills is adaptability, if you can't do it your way you had best have another way or you are in big trouble. interested to ask ya. You say that you love to go out and craft in the woods? Do you use the things you craft on a long term basis? ...and I have to ask, as it is a pretty time consuming skill to master and even for ones who master it, a very time consuming skill to practice, have you ever speared and landed a fish with a split log fishing spear?
  9. Not that you could get one, they are not easy to find at all, but the M1030M1 Marine scout bike would be an interesting choice. Not sure if the are hardened in any way or not....otherwise an older bike, gravity feed fuel system, kick start only, 4 cycle or premix, Dynamo over alternator basicly no electronics even lights. You might even think about the old "mini bike" with the Brigs and Stratton engines that were rather common when I was a kid.
  10. Someone a few years ago while discussing current events and terrorism in a group asked " where's Superman when you need him?" I butted in to answer " ....looking for a phone booth...." it took them a few minutes to figure it out...
  11. TP searching, finding, sending, retrieving, archiving are not functions of AI. Using a voice recognition "personal assistant" to do them is...when you type in "phone" and it starts to give you suggestions that change as you continue to type, that is AI (and these are increasingly user specific). The issue is when the AI in the personal assistant with an open mic catches "keywords" like gun, Christ, flat tax,freedom...then gets good enough to do "key phrases" like " I don't care if they pass that law I'm not turning in my gun, they don't even know about the S&W..." then archives them under your personal record that while not " ...containing individual personal info ..." On your identity has all the info stored in pieces unconnected so as to not be an actual "identity" but a few keystrokes from it. When you are being Phished, Catfished, targeted, or engaged by these (and you are....those clumsy emails and ads) they can argue that it is an attempt to better serve you as a consumer. The real issue is the use of the data and info gleaned, gathered, or stolen by these AI programs and those who have it.... The FBI has already attempted to subpoena audio from open mics on Google products, now I know as a LEO you can see the advantage of access to these to stop criminals, rescue stolen children, catch drug dealers and rapists....but as the saying goes "we can't throw out the baby with the bath water" or "start down that slippery slope" and if we " wait to burn that bridge when we get to it" we will be on the wrong side with no way back...and " up {#^+ creek without a paddle"....
  12. It goes deeper than that....many of these devices use "biometrics" as security locks. Apple has gone from thumb print to facial recognition (open front facing camera) for screen locks on the IPhone. Add in the IoT devices that everyone is adding to their homes and cars with open mics and monitoring of everything from the temp of your home, power usages, your schedule for every family member in and out of the they have a ovulation monitors for women that links to an app on their phones to track their fertility....GPS enabled pedometers tied to smartphones. There is a growingly small area of the average sheeple's life that isn't tracked and recorded. Increaseingly they are using the willing to find and track those of us who do not use these apps on their phones give Google and the web mobs permission to see all devices around them by wifi and Bluetooth AND to collect info from the useage of these devices as well as access to contacts ( is this device in the sell outs contacts and under what name and what traffic between the two) and location for these "other" devices.
  13. 000110011010010110100100 <run>....ah I mean ...that could never happen!
  14. ....oh JCMS, always a man of so few words... I think that this is the one that will bite the left in their 2 way arses. We know that the system failed in so any ways at every step, the Navy didn't report the crimes, the shooter lied on ALL the 4473 forms he filled out to get the firearms. LEO was unable to effect anything on the situation, instead it was armed citizens that stopped the maniac......somehow the state of Texas knew more than the NCIS when they refused the CCW. TED Cruz was on Fox News last him or not he is one of our best defenders on this... He talked about the bill he co-sponsored that would force the enforcement of existing laws. Claims that in 2015 I believe it was that they know that over 48,000 felons and such lied on 4473 forms but only 44 were charged. This one is on the left and their constant interference with existing laws in attempts to get new ones.
  15. Look around, avoid the morons like Newsweek and Alex Jones ( who profit from destroying conservative truth and are tools of the left) and you will see that there is some...maybe even even enough...concern to turn this into something real.Combining this with the whole EMP drill scare and everyone who is trying hard to turn this into something and add in any success from the left and it could start a fire that has been smoldering for decades.