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  1. Comradary on Internet forums fountain soda cold beer flushing toilets hot showers....without time limits... karaoke bars Carry out pizza the kids going to school 8 hrs a day Sports Illustrated swim suit edition cold chocolate milk Rallys fries
  2. Well I am upset! I was promised that the BIG one would split California away from the main land! So we can turn it into a giant penal colony and not have to deal with the liberal slime it breeds.....
  3. ...often though we see these odds differently on a personal level...two of the three friends of my dad that I was named after were killed by seat belts....two of my children are autistic and up on the vaccinations (it's the law in that you can NOT sent them to school without them)....assaults are up because of the growing number of things that constitute assault, from mis-speaking gender, to things that would never be reported 50 yrs ago like punching a guy for calling your wife a vulgar name, or a third grader getting in a fight on the playground. Yes math plays a HUGE part in all of this...hell there is a "science" of it ( correct likes it but it doesn't look right....) used by insurance companies, city planners and the like, both for our good and to further agendas not in our best interests....both with real data and "cooked books". The only truths we can see or believe are the ones that we can reconcile with our own experiences, like the goverment doesn't have the right to force a medical procedure on us or our children nor do they have to right to decide my safety or risky behaviors.....something is poisoning our kids (body and mind) autism is growing exponentially, you can't send a PB&J in a kids lunch....can't say that the shots are to blame...can't say their not....but for sure vaccination has gone WAY beyond the classic killers and into big Phama profits sometime ago
  4. ..I will add a good solid two wheeled cart. Makes MANY things easier from hauling water to mucking stalls (some of that soap between these jobs would be a good idea) when you don't have/can't afford to use gas for the truck....if you see an old tool and you don't have one you might want to it...and another like it.
  5. They do have Alice and Molle II, both surplus and replicas
  6. ....." You the, the bomb!" A friendly conversation in the West....but a deadly arguement in the Middle East....
  7. This would be awesome for frog, gar, carp....those damn neighbor kids breaking into your yard skinny dipping in your pool....etc
  8. For years (after an attempted carjacking) I carried a piece of scrap wire about 20" long in my truck....25pr copperclad burial....just kept forgetting to throw it away.......
  9. ....aside from the fact that most guys wouldn't think beyond a few condoms that were all still connected
  10. Just figured that out when I looked up "iron grip"....this combo of condoms...that much Viagra, the warming KY, the handy wipe,and the oral dam leads meh to think that this kit is a woman's kit....if it only had a spare pair of panties I'm be sure.....
  11. Only three condoms! ....short night...also needs a couple of consent forms with one of those short golf pencils.... .....and breath mints. also KY comes in single use packs....
  12. Get ready for your victory gardens everyone.....
  13. ...remember to use small words....
  14. saw a a post claiming this story....and well here it is....gets you thinking.....
  15. ......ok, disappear for years...come my mouth....yep that's me! we (pats, cons, Americans, tradionialists....whatever...) have to see these snowflakes as what they are....possible allies in the greatest fight we have at this point, Islam....IF we can get them to see the truth of their treatment of their favorite groups LGBTQWEFTEY ( whatever it up to now), women, furries, unicorns etc....we can get them to help us. I don't care WHY they support bombing Muslims as long as they support bombing be clear simple human rights concerns for the LGBTQBLAHBLAHBLAH and women ARE a concern for us as Christian, constitionally conservative, humans... If you look you will find that there are a number of organizations, news outlets, and the like getting ground with the story of the treatment of gays and women...and as a side note they often throw in Christians and other "religious minorities" in these Muslim countries. We have to be honest, no matter how much we dislike or disagree with the BS that these people spew at times, we, as men and women that stand by the Constitution, HAVE to stand down and aside when they ARE expressing themselves in accordance with the 1st.....we have to stop allowing the REAL goal of this, the division of the population into so many splinters (LGBTQBLAHBLAHBLAH, neocons, evangelicals, fiscal cons, social cons, femnazis, furries, goths, Emos, ricers, rednecks, metros, ....,etc....and I haven't even touched race, religion or class) that we can no long stand together to be even a speed bump to goverment and the globalists. lets be honest...if sanity is going to be injected back into these conversations it's going to have to start with us. Don't let the .0000001% of the population that they show 98% of the time (they even have to move the same people around to keep up the illusion. We've seen it so many times) be cast as the "powerful force" they are trying to make them into....peacefully (when we can), patiently (this one is HARD for me!) FACTUALLY (SUPER important...NO fake news) engage those you can stomach and find common ground.....then you can scrub yourself with a horse brush, lye soap and scolding water when you get home to get the greasy feeling off.....but we HAVE TO TRY...we CANNOT go this fighting all the other "sliver groups", the deep state, and globalists at the same time...we MUST find allies where we can.....