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  1. .....well let's not be rash! ...question....with running that many rounds did you try to "foul it" or did you clean as you should? Also so I find this telling on your intent for the pistol, if I'd ran 1500 rds thru my little Keltec PF9 I'd be thinking " yea...I'd buy another..."....but then again I'm still not all that sold on polymer frames and long lives and still have a (healthy) phobia of eating slides....
  2. see, this is the plain truth of the matter.....there ARE people there who think they are protesting for a legitimate thing....they are the Middle Eastern version of our own media drones, they have been mis educated to believe that Palastine actually ever existed and that they have been the victims of some wrong that occurred generations is very important to Hamas and their like as well as the international liberal/socialist/globalist media/cartel/mafia to have these people to hide amoungst and give visual support to their lies, they create this protesters, some of whom believe truly that they are act for good cause, to die for them. Yet another case of their being so brave and courageous as to let other die for their cause. The issue is that some of these dead are kids that will never get a chance to learn the truth......
  3. ....well this might cement my charges in The Hague, but, oh well. Today in Israel is a trend I'd like to see continue....please do not think I do not feel for the families of any ACTUAL peaceful protestors that died, BUT for the Hamas terrorists imbedded in the crowd ( which Israel says is why they used precision shooters) good riddance! The trends I'd like to see continue are American making good on promises made along time ago and broken until now. America standing openly with her allies, despite the opinions of the world. Israel standing up and holding their Sovereignty (this one I fully expect to continue...)
  5. I like a company that is willing to stand this modern landscape, at all.... These companies, while actually not risking anything other than becoming targets for the libtards (which would only up their sales), are taking a stand to "punish(?)" Dicks and hopefully others (Walmart?...please!) for turning their backs on their customers and the very ground on which they have profited for so long. While I wish this was more something I could expect and less something to be applauded, I will take this as hopefully a movement to be more upright and less PC though out the industry.
  6. ...I have liked my PF9, it has yet to blow up in my hand at least...and I have ran +P ammo thru it as they say is doable, it is picky about a "firm hand" ( if you don't brace your hand firmly it will stove pipe "target ammo" ) otherwise is great...if a little ugly....I don't exact fault a company for getting a bad part....but judge them harshly on how they respond to any issues.
  7. × Attention Customers IMPORTANT SUB-2000 SAFETY RECALL NOTICE We have recently identified an issue with the heat treatment of certain steel tubes received from a third-party supplier from which the barrels for a limited number of Kel-Tec SUB-2000 rifles were manufactured. This could potentially cause the barrel to rupture when a cartridge is fired and could result in serious personal injury. The safety of our customers is our primary concern, so Kel-Tec has voluntarily initiated this recall because of the possibility of a barrel rupturing. This recall only affects a portion of SUB-2000s that were manufactured in 2017. To check if your firearm would need to be sent in for barrel replacement, please follow this link: SUB-2000 Recall All costs associated with the recall of your firearm shall be covered by Kel-Tec.
  8. the end, whether it is the loss of a job or health issues or freak blizzard or EMP or any of the is personal.
  9. the barrel is longer by a bit....but the slide and frame aren't? So you can just install the "evil" original barrel?
  10. ....mind you....after running running one of those drills (usually on a few empty two liter bottles on the ground) I usually let out a low slow oooouuuuccch....and you are for sure stunned a bit yourself.
  11. ...for my home defense shotgun actually me racking is a decision to go (more)lethal. I load #8 trap, #6 trap, #4 3", 00, slug, slug, slug all thru bore choke 18" at the distances in my house the decrease penetration of the 6 and 8 shot thru walls is worth the decrease wound depth (but still full shot weight) while I get my bearings amoung the five sleeping kids and uninvited guests. I have drilled far well enough that I am very confident in my ability to cycle very quickly and accurately a whole tube in a few seconds if the need arise. I use the "one...and...two...and...three...and...four...." Cadence in my head so seven rounds in what should be 3 and 1/2 seconds but ends up being just north of any standard a reasonable amoung of stopping power for anything from cautious theft, to angry meth head.
  12. I said...anyone still moving probably has bad intentions. I have fortunately never had an opportunity to have someone run, but it is my experience that a racking shotgun causes everyone in ear shot to stop and pay attention. Never dealing with it in a "pressure" situation of course, and as a non-LEO them running would be in theory my preferred action for them over actually having to center mass them, if them running isn't an option they will not have time to think on the sound of the slide as a split second after that action goes to battery I will be slapping the trigger. Obviously one would never count on someone doing the intelligent or sane thing in a life or death situation.
  13. 00 buck is actually not that effective as individual projectiles, somewhere around a .32acp, but it's the numbers that count....basicly an 8 (drunk) man firing squad, you might be might not...but on the subject of stopping power, I don't believe I'll ever seen someone that don't stop in their track at the sound of a 12 ga being racked...s-s-s-chunk.....s-s-s-chunk and anybody still moving probably has bad intentions.
  14. The thing I like to ask the people who are so enthralled with this tech....So this technology is so very useful, powerful, and can basically run your life for you, it was designed and developed is maintained, expanded and improved constantly....but...the "service" is free and only requires a purchase of under $50 or is simply part of the free phone your cellphone provider handed you. Who paid for this and continues to? How does something like this become a billion dollar industry by charging nothing?
  15. Oh we go.... A JCMS length rant and ramble () I am a man of belief, a man at peace with my relationship with my creator. As a child I was "officially" Southern Baptist, but attended church at a large number churches both with friends and individually looking for truth. In the end I found God where I believe he is and has always been, in the world around me. I have lived my life by my (paternal) grandfathers words " I know God and God knows me and no man has anything to say about it", like he I have very rarely seen God inside a church ( in fact I have seen the face of Satan there more) and seen him more times than I can count everywhere else. It is important as well to understand my relationship with the bible. It is the word of God passed down thru the far from perfect vessel of man, a kids story in the true scope of God's the wisest of great grandfathers speaking to a baby barely self aware. I believe it is gross vanity for Man to think that he could perceive the smallest amount of Gods wisdom. To God's scale, even to the wisest of (early) man, the Bible is " see spot run". It is for this reason I do not find it hard to reconcile the Bible and science. If you simply look at the story of creation in the Bible as such and see the "days" as simplifying of the truth it is a very closely related time line.....if you were explaining something as complex as creation to a three year old would YOU use words like billion or sub-atomic plasma? Adding to the idea that it is near impossible for a perfect being to explain anything to an infinitely simple and flawed people such as us, that the word of God has been tainted by millennia of man's touch, translated back though every tongue of hand. Then used by government after government, sect after sect, the ambitious and zealous. We are left to find the basic meaning and lessons in what we have inherited to see our own truth...perhaps this is God's plan, that we use it less as a manual and more like an outline. Now that you have some idea of where I come from, I have to say that man has balanced on the edge of God's tolerance from the start. Sodom, Gamora, Babylon, the Pharioh, Rome, the Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Renaissance, Inquisitions, reformation, witch hunts, Age of Enlightenment, rise of Communism, Mimes.....the list is exhaustive and is basicly the entirety of human history. Now we all see these differently in the light of our personal beliefs and sensibilities, but I will say that one thing I see is knowledge....every time man jumps forward in his knowledge he steps forward towards the edge. As mans knowledge has increased so to has the risk he puts himself in to the point where we stand to actually destroy all life on the planet and even the existence of the planet itself. Free will is both the greatest gift that God has given us and the greatest curse because with it we have risen from the primal ooze and are ever ready to return ourselves to it. While change is evitable, it seems to me that while the face of the issues change at the heart it is the same story since Eve stole the apple and Caan slew Abel.