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    Beginning Prepper, don't think the world is going to end but do think the SHTF soon-ish.
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    People's Repuplic of Kalifornia
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    Shooting, entertaining, and learning skills.
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  1. Ben228

    The right to own Assult Rifles

    Just to mess with a anti 2A type show them a mossberg 500 and an AR-15 and then asks them which can fire more bullets with one pull of the trigger. They will always get it wrong, and hence their confusion. (#2 buck round [.22 caliber shot]equals one 30 round AR mag). My stock Mossy could hold 5+1 which would be the equivent of 180 "assault weapon" rounds. Then they get to explain how it isn't the same. Big fun!
  2. Ben228

    Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P

    Recently took a shooting course. There were two people with M&Ps and a berreta, an XD and the rest were glocks (14 students). The two M&Ps had several mis-feeds, ejection fails and mags not feeding problems. It was an indoor range so we all were running the exact same brand and type ammo (frangible, 125 gr., .40 cal). Seriously, those two had continuous issues of gun fails, except for one bad primer in another gun. I'll not be betting my life on a M&P. JMHO.
  3. Ben228

    Firearm problem for felon

    Common sense gun laws AND no state income tax and part-time law makers! Next you'll tell me that the streets are paved with gold, Capt. Bart!
  4. Ben228

    A Rifle or Shotgun for $200?

    With a price point of $200 I'd go with a shotgun, preferably a pump. Mossberg has a economy line of guns called Maverick 88 that are compatible with the 500 line in regards to mods. I don't know other than it is made by Mossberg.
  5. 20g for home defense is fine, especially for the smaller framed, and youth. The fear of recoil is less, the ammo weight is a factor in a GOOD situation, and the variety of loads is there as well. I think as long as you stick with a reputable manufacturer you can't go wrong.
  6. Ben228

    Primary firearm: Assault Rifle or shotgun?

    In the original question was what should I get, with limited $s. With $ availability the driving factor the shotgun "wins". Cheaper start up, versatility of use, accessibility of ammo, vareity of loads are all pros. Weight of load, shortness of range and inability of smaller frame people to handle recoil are the major cons. If the goal combat the answer is M4 but if it is survival I'd go with a shotgun.
  7. Ben228

    The One Gun

    Only one gun? Go with a 12 gauge pump from a reputable manufacturer. For all the stated reasons. I have owned mine for over 30 years. The thing is an extention of my freaking arm, practically. 7 +1 #2 shot will handle just about anyone/thing whithin 100 feet of me in a defensive situation and slugs will stop the rest.
  8. Ben228

    About a 12 gauge ...

    Recently switched to M4 style stock on my Mossberg 500. Even though it made the gun lighter the recoil felt less. My defense rounds in my lath and plaster walled apartment are #2 because the walls can soak up more of the energy at short range and I get added power for longer shots. As stated above, take the same route you would take to get to Carnige Hall; practice, practice, practice!
  9. Ben228

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    Snake: good points all. I don't like the 9 mm at all. If you want my reasons go talk to Gabby Gifford. As for the Mossberg, had mine for over 30 years and its an extention of my arm. Have factory tube extention under the 20" factory barrel. The only reason I went Glock was KelTec doesn't make a sub 2000 that takes XD mags. Carry/love my XD .40. As for the M1 in 30-06, like the gun, it was good enough to put paid to Hitler and Tojo good enough for me. NATO rounds were in short supply but I could always get a couple boxes of 30-06. As for the Tarus, I like the concept and here in the PRK (People's Republic of Kalifornia) it is banned, so it is a "forbidden fruit" kind of thing.
  10. Ben228

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    Here goes: M-1 in 30-06 Mossberg 12 pump extended tube (7+1) 20" barrel ARI collapsible stock w/pistol grip Glock in .40 S&W minimum 4", night sights. KelTec sub 2000 in .40 Ruger 10/22 w/ 4x scope, lots of mags for it. Taurus judge w/ 4" barrel (can shot .410 and .45!) That is the start over wish list.
  11. Ben228

    long gun to keep in the vehicle for trips

    I think I'd go with a solid 12 pump with a pistol grip six position stock. Backed with a dependable pistol you'd be well provided for. Mostly defensive, but that is the message you want to be broadcasting. But I live in an urban area that is over a hundred miles deep. Sight lines rarely extend over 300 yards and unless it is under 50 I'll try for evasion over engagement. Hog or coyote out to 100 yards would have to do.
  12. Ben228

    The Caliber Debate

    I am partial to the Pelvic Girdle shot. Most body armor stops at the belt line and there are a massive amount of major blood vessels going through that area. My duty.40 will wreck the area and give me a high probability of a quick bleed out. I also get the added bonus of still placing my shots center mass, albeit low center mass. That helps as the jump in adrinaline saps fine motor skills I'm still try to hit the big bits! The wrecked pelvis stops the charge and assangunation will end the threat. If they can't chase then I have the option of a "safer" retreat.
  13. Ben228

    Right handed,left eyed?

    I am "cross eyed dominant" right handed pistol left handed long gun shooter. It is how it works for me. Works really cool to go from long gun to pistol in a combat drill (brother is jealous of the smoth transition this gives me). Also help in the other direction. As long as he is putting lead on target and being safe let him work it out for himself, technique wise.
  14. Ben228

    The right to own Assult Rifles

    Actually if you didn't hit me with those 30 rounds you just shot,you HAVE just turned your rifle into a club! Shot placement counts! It counted yesterday and will count tomorrow too! But having 30+ rounds between reloads is not to be sneezed at. I hate what the political nut jobs in my state do every day!(Crappyfornia). I also have the misfortune to live I San Francisco, where the chief of police only issues CCWs to politicos security teams not private citizens.
  15. Ben228

    Railroad service truck as a BOV

    Depending on the level of SHTF event this might be a good plan. The railroad right of way is a possible egress route out of a lot of urban areas. The freeways will be choked and and you can forget surface streets. A complete knowledge of the area railroads might be the difference between life and death. Fleeing from the S.F. Bay area towards Reno there is a parallel set of tracks to I-80 that take straight into town. Just saying.