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    I'm a wife and mother. I am new to the whole prepping scenarios although I have been playing with the idea for awhile now and just didn't realize it.
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    I'm a Southern Belle
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    Reading, researching, writing, pets, gardening, couponing, cookouts
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  1. THIS is SUPER important for me to think about! I have asthma and use a nebulizer machine. Going to be talking to the hubby about making some solar panels and such our next project!
  2. sassieroses

    Gardening and not using Heirlooms

    Ooohh! I like that!
  3. sassieroses

    Hello from KY

    Thanks for the welcome guys! And Capt. Rob Woohoo! Too cool to meet another Kentuckian so fast! Don, i've been to land between the lakes, beautiful place!
  4. sassieroses

    Storage sizes

    Fabulous! Thanks for the info everyone. And snake, I will definitely be looking into those other posts. Blessings!
  5. sassieroses

    Storage sizes

    Hiya guys and gals! I have been reading over the posts and something occurred to me that I have not seen addressed and I am curious as to your thoughts. So here goes: This year I started a garden because my goal is to can and set back as much food as possible for my family of three. I am of course storing store bought as well until I reach my goal. Eventually, I want my garden to produce enough veggies and stuff to have a year's worth of food stocked up. I have decided based on the amount of food that we eat per meal that I will be canning using smaller jars. I will do it because I am a stickler about wasting food. NOW....the big question: For all the items like 10# of rice or beans or whatever, when these are stored and the SHTF, let's say you open one of those 10# pkgs. How long will they last once opened? How do you store the other 9 pounds until you use it? I don't know if I missed this answer somewhere, but I didn't see it specifically addressed and my OCD is demanding I find the answer
  6. sassieroses

    What type of SHTF event do you really want to experience

    I hope nothing EVER happens! I would much prefer to be that crazy lady that channeled chicken little ; ) But I think my biggest "fear" would be a pandemic of some sort and behind that, econonomic fall out, etc. What I have found from my reading and researching however, is that if I prep "properly" I hope to not have to worry about any of it. Of course that is my newbie opinion to all of this, but I think I'm on to something.
  7. sassieroses

    Gardening and not using Heirlooms

    Okay that makes me feel better. My goal is self sustainablity (well as close as I can get where I live anyway), I just wasn't informed at the beginning of this little venture. Now I'm going to start researching how to start my seed bank.
  8. I got rid of my swimming pool this year and have some pretty lofty goals as I turn my backyard into my idea of gardening heaven. And my hubby's idea of oh God ANOTHER hobby! LOL Anyway, I am doing a combination of square foot gardening and container gardening but I did not purchase heirloom seeds and plants. Was this a major screwup on my part? What do you guys think?
  9. sassieroses

    Hello from KY

    Just wanted to stop in and say "Hello everybody!" I'm new to this whole prepping thing and I am looking forward to learning lots of new things.