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    I am a wife,mother,and a part time survivalist.
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  1. DR Hubby says your post hit the nail on the head with the vid. This is one of the reason we go to the range and field to hone our skills all the time! You have to stay in shape people not just shoot a gun well. Get off the sofa and turn off the TV.
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    How's your ammo supply?

    We keep at least 500 rounds per gun.
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    The right to own Assult Rifles

    I Agree with you 100 %
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    Girls With Skills!

    I for one think its a good idea Shane
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    Greetings from the PNW!

    Hello and Welcome
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    hello to all.

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    Rambo66 new to this sight

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    Hail from MO, please don't judge me

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    Lets thrive

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    Hello people!

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    My Future Survivalist

    Awww.Congrats! I miss it when there little like that.
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    Man VS. Wild: Bear Is Gone

    Awww why Thank you Kev.No I'm fine till he starts with the insults and then tries to cover them up with his long winded circle talk.He goes from never showing anything as to an awnser to then bringing up diffrent issues and then says I'm making things murky?LMAO Yea i know IE9 does not do well on this site. I have to ask why he doesn't have a pic of himself up?O yea the great excuse that were all undercover from big brother as if they can't just do a IP search.LMAO Enjoy the show:D