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  1. Gus

    often forgotten

    Great points. Both the cleaning kits and spare parts are extremely important. I will throw something else in with that; Knowledge and understanding of how to work on the firearms that you have. Those parts won't help if you don't know how to replace and repair what you have.
  2. Gus

    often forgotten

    Hammocks have lots of uses for hanging food etc. Try out the hammock before you depend on it. They allow a lot of cold air under you. I have had some very cold nights with them.
  3. Gus

    The One Gun

    I have shot a lot with a 10/22. Few will argue that they are great guns. I have only handled not shot the take down model. It has a very impressive take down assembly. It appears to be quite rugged. You may also look at the Marlin Papoose. It is very accurate and and light weight. I think they get overlooked sometimes because they don't have some of the after market accesories available that you see with the 10/22. Either way I don't believe you will go wrong.
  4. Gus

    The One Gun

    I can't dispute the ideas I have seen so far. It comes down to personal choice. Like many of the others on this forum, I have no difficulty finding reasons why I need another gun. But if you are only talking one gun, and one gun only, I have to fall back on where I come from, a .22 rifle. I have owned a .22 rifle since I was 7 years old. I have done more hunting, plinking and target shooting with that rifle than any other gun I own. I can carry more ammunition than any other and draw less attention when hunting. I like to be able to take down the rifle to put in a pack and not draw attention. If I was looking for arifle today, I would look at the 10/22 takedown and the Marlin Papoose. Both are light and accuarate.
  5. Gus

    Best EDC knife?

    I think I like all the knives just listed. I have been carrying a Kershaw Vapor for several years. Prior to that I carried another Kershaw. I am impressed with their edge and they are thin enough to carry easily. I like to carry a multi tool in addition to my single blade Kershaw. Never instead of. I like most of the well made multi tools I have carried. I don.t like to get carried away with too many gadgets, just what I need.
  6. I noticed not only the number of revolvers but the number of folks who had two. If I had it to do again, I'd get a .357 that had the 9mm cylinder to go with my .45 Colt with the .45 ACP cylinder. These two guns give me access to 5 different calibers. The flexibility is just too enticing to pass up in a survival weapon.[/i] Just my not so humble opinions.[/i] You are so right Capt. The extra cylinders for interchanging to use different ammunition are a real good idea. We all seem to want to select firearms that fire common rounds to be found readily. If that firearm can fire multiple types of ammunition, you have increased your odds of keeping the firearm loaded. I wish there was a double action available with interchangable cylinders.
  7. Gus

    Gear for your Pet

    I remember making a dog pack for a Queensland Heeler. I used some nylon Campmor puches and a horse halter. She carried her food and collapsible bowls and got used to it. Later in the first season I added a small hatchet and a first aid kit. The trick was the same as horses, balancing the load.
  8. My guns are as follows: .30/06 Sporterized '03 Springfield, Scope and synthetic stock .22 Marlin 795 .223 M-4 .357 Revolver Interesting how many on this forum chose a wheel gun over an auto. I carry autos everyday and they are great guns. Mine are chambered for the .357 Sig. It is an awesome round but I would not want to be trying to find extra ammo for it in an upsidedown world. When I am hunting, or generaly spending time in the brush, I still carry my revolver. Revolvers are simple and dependable. I don't have to worry about bumping a magazine release or finicky ammunition. If you are shooting questionable ammunition, you can depend on the revolver for the next shot and I have had better luck firing reloads out of a revolver. My Springfield is a great gun and I prefer a bolt gun for dependablity. Those are the guns I have and I really don't see much point in changing any. If I were selecting from scratch, I would probably opt for a .308 bolt like the Savage Scout and go with an AR 10 or SOCOM to use the same ammo. I would stay with the Marlin .22 but would opt for the Papoose and continue with my .357 magnum revolver. If I were to add to this I would go with an accurate .22 pistol to carry while hunting with my bolt gun. Small game usually shows up when you are looking for something else.