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  1. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Thinking about old school bus for bug out

    True Matt,but people have to keep in mind that a diesel does not work to well in the extreme cold. You have to keep them plugged in up here when it's -20 to -40 out.And if you have no power to do so them your with out a vehicle. One of the reason I am in the process of buying another RV like my diesel,but runs on gas. My diesel will work for our traveling,but the gas one is going to be set up for our BOV. Now I know not everyone lives in the cold or are going to move to where it gets this cold,but if there a possibility.Then gas will work fine.A 34' RV running on gas runs the same as a dully pickup.The one I am looking at gets 11-10 MPG. My father back in the day made a RV out of a bus.It wasn't bad. The thing was ugly as all get out. It was a purple Just a thought.
  2. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Man VS. Wild: Bear Is Gone

    There are go getters and watchers. Thats what makes the world go round.
  3. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Semi-Urban Forest Traps, Getting Fish and Small Animals

    Rat traps kill more then just rats.I have taken rabbits with just one.Have you ever seen the size of a rat trap? And I'm sure rabbits,squirrels,or other four legged critters see a rat trap and go "O I'm safe thats just a rat trap"...."I'm no rat":)
  4. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Man VS. Wild: Bear Is Gone

    Yes ,but there is a diffrence in (SU) Support Units and being a Navy Seal.I just have to say this.Some people do not just give Constructive criticism or a Debate.They like to stir the pot.I was a Guest for quite some time before joining here.And if you look back at a lot of the post there is always something sooner or later that is like a Gnat.Alway buzzing in your ear. Like I said.Not making a joke or giving Constructive criticism or a Debate.Just there to stir things up.Just look for yourself. Yes everybody has SU,but a support unit in the SAS even the reserves do not have to qualify for the SAS traning.They just have to support and already be in the Military with there roll,IE cook,driver,so on.Medics sure do have to train and qualify in the SAS reserves.When I was in Kuwait there were plenty of boys from the 21 Regiment Special Air Service, 21 SAS® that were replacing or working with the 22 SAS Regiment.And they were not cooking or handing out supplys.I worked closely with these men.Even kept in contacted with many of them over the years.They are no joke.Now the person that likes to stir things up may be your buddy.Well instead of telling others in a open forum to be civil try telling him to stop being a Gnat and there wont being any issue.I'm sure you guys are smart enough to know when someone is Joking,Giving Constructive criticism,Debating or just plan trying to stir something up. As the others have said......Just trying to keep it real.
  5. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Something everyone should have in their bob

    Well I guess that all depends on the size:) Small,Medium,Large,X Large,And OMG! Thats a lot of water.
  6. Ssgt_DimeBag

    hi all !

    Well I don't know if it really matters if you were a Zionist or a Black hat Jew or not,but Welcome! I have a Tin Foil Hat .
  7. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Home made wind generator

    Your right generator is what we were using when we were still using the point system in cars an trucks.Alternator are what we use know and have there own regulator in them.
  8. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Buying New Vest

    I have one of these just for shooting. I have to say for the price it is built very well and very confy to wear.Its shoulders are padded so your not tearing up yourself when you shoot as much as I do its a Godsent.Mine is in tan though.
  9. Ssgt_DimeBag

    My BOV

    I have multiple BOV's .Here in Montana you kinda have to be prepaired for just about anything.These are just a few.
  10. Ssgt_DimeBag

    Bug Out Motorcycle???

    Dual sport is what you would be looking at.They used to be called Enduro. One of these would be cool.