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  1. About 30 years ago. I was just out of the military and didn't have any money and no job. Life got a little harsh. I made a promise no more eating out of trash cans. I will start learning how to survive. Prepping was just a second nature type thing to go along with survival.
  2. oh crap, Snake. i am in trouble then. LOL
  3. Criminals like unarmed victims Dictators like unarmed subjects.
  4. it is one thing to say I am going to pull the trigger on an armed person but it is something entirely different when you do that. What if the gun you are carrying is a small .380 w/ 2 inch barrel? It's a fight stopper but trying to take someone out with that gun at say 30 feet isn't a good choice. I have a colt mustang .380 that is not much good past about 10 feet and that is pushing it. Would I try to shoot an armed person in a crowded area with that weapon? NO........ The chance of hitting someone innocent is to great. Now if i was carrying an HK USP .45 then it might be a different story. But once the trigger is pulled there is no stopping the events that follow. A lot of kids in school shootings spend hours on video games shooting every one to level up. They don't know the final outcome of pulling the trigger. the hard criminals are a different bunch . So each situation is going to require some thought. After you have squeezed the trigger then you will have to deal with the police, lawyers, and press. After all of that goes away you still have to deal with your own mind. The oh crap i just took another one's life. something to think about.
  5. glacierbear

    Helping to bring the wife on

    My wife loves camping. The first few times it was car camping. Then it was a canoe , stay out over night with minimal stuff. Then She started working at REI (for those who don't know an outdoor store). She was required to take some of the freeze dried stuff for her job. The rest as they say is history. She loves it now and realizes we can go pretty far/long without a lot of stuff. The fire thing, well that was even easier. I took her and my mother in law camping 3 years ago. We were in some wet rainy weather and my M I L wanted a fire. it was getting late but was still light out (I live in Alaska). I gathered all of the necessary stuff for a fire and got out my flint and steel and struck a spark to the char cloth and put it into the birch bark tinder bundle. it wasn't long until we had a nice warm fire to sit by. I didn't know what i created. Soon I had my wife asking me questions about what i did. She had never seen such a thing and neither had MIL. On the next trip she wanted to know more. i got her playing with the ferite rod and magnesium so she could see how it works. The next time we went on a 5 day canoe trip with MIL I had the fire going the first night. The next morning it was dreary and a little damp. I decided to lay in for a bit while Her and MIL chatted. Pretty soon I hear the cracklin of the fire. I got up to see what was happening and my proud wife had gotten her first fire by means other than matches and lighters. She lit the fire using the ferite rod and birch bark and some cotton wood down. Boy did I praise her for that. She did a great job with it. For the remainder of the trip she wanted to light the fire. MIL was very inquisitive about it and has taken to watching the British version of some of the survival shows because she wants to learn more. MIL is 70 years old and had an absolute ball on a 5 day canoe camping trip were we saw one other couple in 5 days of paddling.
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    Helping to bring the wife on

    Capt Bart, I hear what you are saying. i have worked with several younger generation people and have had to tell them repeatedly to tell me again in English this time. LOL. They seem to have a language all there own. But i guess my parents said that about me as well. Melissa, Thanks for explaining it the way you did.
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    Fire starters

    a five minute highway flare is the best thing going for a quick fast , hot fire. If you mean what to carry? Bic lighters, Steel wool, Birch bark. Hot fire in seconds. A piece of Steel wool The size of a walnut will catch a spark and hold it for quite a while. Birch bark will burn even when wet. Bic lighters are really good as long as you keep them dry. Get out and practice different techniques. Try all of the locally available woods, grasses, weeds and stuff in different weather conditions. Practice, practice , practice. Any one can light a fire in the back yard under ideal conditions. Go out into the woods when it is wet, snowing, and blowing and then see what is the best. None of this does you any good if you can't make a fire in less than ideal conditions which is pretty much most of the time.
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    List your top 5 guns you'd want for SHTF and why you picked them

    My first gun would be the Mossberg 500 pump. Bullett proof, easy to operate, easy to fix and get parts and ammo for Second is my savage 22magnum bolt action. Easy to fix light weight ammo so carrying several hundred rounds isn't bad and pretty accurate. It will also take larger game such as deer if your have your shot well placed. 3rd would be my 20 gauge 870 pump for the wife 4th would be my HK USP .45 And 5th if possible and able to carry it HK 93 in 308 caliber with 12 20 round mags
  9. glacierbear

    Best EDC knife?

    kershaw assisted opening w/ lock back. Small, fast opener, and sharp, with auto lock. One hand flick, it's open ready to rock and roll. Whether it's to cut straps, boxes or.... My second EDC knife would be the Kabar small version of the USMC knife. It is smaller than the full sized version and is a very stout knife for doing almost any thing and it is not to large as to draw attention to me. And it is also wickedly sharp. My Kershaw is only 2 1/2 inches and my Kabar is 6 inch blade. Both are great for what I do and were I live.
  10. glacierbear

    Gear for your Pet

    you just haven't run your dog enough. He /she is probably trying to throw the pack off. pack it upe evenly on both sides, attach it to the dog and walk dog with leash at first then adjust as necessary. I found that it works best when first training the dog to get them tired from a long run first. Put it on the dog every time you go for a walk with him/her. keep the weight constant and put the consumable stuff in your pack so that your load will get lighter