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  1. I’ve cleaned it 4 times now. About every 500 rds it got a strip down cleaning. If I’m shooting crossive ammo in a firearm, the firearm gets cleaned after every outing.
  2. I’ve now shot 1,500 rds through the Glock 19 & she’s a keeper. My test were done at 30 feet, groupings were under 3 inches. Point of aim was bullseye, shots placed 1 1/2 inches above bullseye at 12 O clock. My reloads CanPro projectiles 9mm 124 grain JHP , 4.3 grains of tight group powder. Averaging 1050 FPS through the chrony.
  3. Today at Walmart, I got 6 led flashlights with batteries in them, rated for 600 lumins for $1 each. It was a one day blow out sale, regular price $24.95 each. A deal indeed, even batteries for the flashlight would cost me more than a $1 .
  4. This is poll on customer service, from your experience with firearm manufacturers. Nothing scientific, just a random poll. How long did it take for the firearm company to repair/fix your problem with one of their products? What do you think is a fair & reasonable amount of time for a company to fix an issue on one of their firearms that you own? 1-5 days...... 1-3 weeks..... 1 month..... 6 months or more..... Over a year......
  5. Today I had a chance to shoot the SIG P320 again, it was a total different firearm from the previous one I got to test fire. The upgrade done to the firearm is nice, I would now consider buying one .
  6. Repair work done on a Walther P22. 3 working days turnaround time. Great service.
  7. Failtec repair centre in Canada. Product Sub 2000 Gen 1. Took 11 months to get my firearm back, firearm not repaired. Wanted to sell me a Gen 2 , that costs more than what I could get at a retail store. Go figure!... Ended up selling the Sub 2000 to a gun smith for parts.
  8. Fail Tec recall, good lord. Wont be holding my breath on this one, exspecially in Canada. What customer service???, there is none. Keltec, I mean Failtec, fails to deliver in customer service , BIG TIME! Avoid them like the plague.
  9. Say it isn’t so! It’s a changing world out there, are you prepared!
  10. Finally got a Glock 19 Canadian edition/ Canadian version today. Only 3,000 guns were made for the Canadian market & from what I was told they were all sold out. The original Glock 19’s are prohibitive in Canada, to the civilian market. Do to the fact the barrel is too short for it to be legal in Canada. Yes BS Canadian by-laws indeed. So Glock USA introduced a Canadian edition Glock 19, which is 106 mm in barrel length & not 102 mm which is the standard barrel length for G19’s . Will know if it’s a keeper in the next few weeks or sold off to somebody else. Me thinking these will be a collectors item, if only 3,000 units were made for the Canadian market, I could be wrong though. Oh it does have a Canadian Maple Leaf ingraved on the right side of the slide to make it a Canadian model, & the added 4 mm of barrel length to make it Canadian legal by 1 mm. Any firearm that is 105 mm or less in barrel length is considered prohibited, in Canada. Yes a head scratcher indeed.
  11. A dusting of snow in my area today ? April,6th, 2018 ..... Spring is on hold, Old man winter is not done yet.....
  12. You are what you eat, choose wisely, if you want to live a long healthy life. Had 2 guys I know die for health issues from bad eating habits this year alone.
  13. Another video worth watching all of it. This is happening world wide!
  14. Anything can be an assault weapon. LMAO. Hammer, screwdriver,wrench,pen,pencil,brick,car,baseball bat etc etc. My hands & feet can be a assault weapon if used to harm or kill a person. Its intent in how it’s used to assault a person or persons. Hey theirs verbal assault as well. = bad language . Are your feelings hurt? Where does it end. LOL. In today’s world common sense, is not common anymore! My 2 penny’s for all it’s worth.
  15. May your travel be safe, & much blessings TPSnodgrass. I too like the 7.62x39 pill, & a big CZ fan indeed.
  16. In my area where I live, the local news paper put almost a full page ad this past Thursday, stating that the local police will be using drones in the air, survaliance is my thoughts, eavesdropping & whatever one could possibly think of. Big brother spying watching & listening to your every move.. Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone. ive posted this video about 2 Christmas ago, I’d take a ride in one of these, drones, joy ride.
  17. This video footage is worth watching right to the end. May the God of mosses bless this woman for the rest of her life. Amen!
  18. You can always come and get a piece of peace from me. You may or may not like what I dish out! Welcome to my world.
  19. Justin Trudeau what a piece of shit, I know at least 100 people, if not more , that would love to slap him silly. When it comes to the word shit head, the image of Justin Trudeau comes to mind.
  20. You can thank Obama for this mess. Same shit is happening in Brampton & Springdale Ontario Canada!
  21. What a piece of Shit the Kel Tec Sub 2000 is, another one 2 Gen in 9mm. Member at my club invited a guest that had one he was using yesterday, the chamber cracked after 3 ten round mags through the barrel. Fail Tec Sub 2000, another one bites the dust. Total Garbage indeed!
  22. Here is my guesstimating, thinking the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, etc are paying for this.They have billion$ of dollar$, a few millions of dollar$ is just a drop in the bucket for them. Not to mention these Alexa devices are eves dropping/ listening in your conversation all the time at your dwelling. Imagin talking to family member/s, friend/s, business partner/s about some idea, then you find out it was stolen from you, right under you noses. Inventions are stolen from people all the time, it’s the registered patten that counts the most, even then you better register the patten in almost every country, if you want to protect your ideas. Even iPhones & ipads are listening devices , someone is listening if not recording every word your saying. Freedom, what freedom, their is non, we are tied to an invincible rope if you think your not your highly mistaken. IMHO !
  23. Watch & listen to this whole video footage. I would never own one of these Alexa in my home, even if it was given to me for free. The liberals would love this device in their home. I would chuck it in the garbage bin, that’s where it belongs.