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  1. Ordered some parts for my enduro motorcycle, spare spokes for front & rear wheels plus inner tubes. These parts were a pain to get a hold of, The bike is considered vintage, 24 years old. Glad I got them for just in case scenarios.
  2. P210SIG

    MIA persons at Survivalcache forums.

    Better than sitting around doing nothing. Every dollar counts into your preps & your a head of the snowflake masses, which do nothing but whine & expect things to be given to them for free.
  3. So yesterday a gunman shoots up a bunch of random people in Greek-town in Toronto Canada. Im sure the media, Liberals & snowflakes will be up in arms, with their opinions that we should be banning all firearms again. My opinion in this matter is that it was a terrorisum attack on the Greek Orthodox Christians & it was a radical Islamic terrorist pecker head that did this. Faisal Hussain the gunman killed 2 people & injured 13 others with gun shots. Not to long ago a restaurant in Mississauga was attacked by 2 assaliant, that bombed the place. They are yet to be caught. The restraunt called Bombay restraunt is mainly a Hindu faith. Hindus & Muslim have been at it for many decades killing one another. My view of things is that the world is no longer safe as it once was. Is this the new norm, I’m thinking heck yea. IMHO !
  4. Be aware of your surroundings folks, it’s part of your everyday survival. Ive come to a point that I’ll likely ware a body video camera on me daily. This way my side of the story is recorded, if anything happens.
  5. Yesterday I purchased a apricot tree from a local garden centre to replace the plum tree I cut down. It was great to get 25% off the retail price for the tree. Just hoping to get some fruits next year from this tree, which it usually takes about 2 years for a newly planted tree to produce any sort of fruits. Did harvest almost a half a bushel of peaches & about 3 pounds of raspberry today, plan on making some jam with it., later this week. This years produce from the garden has been a blessing .
  6. My take on it would be, better to have over cooked food .Than under cooked food. Under cooked / baked goods, would be more problematic than eating crispy food. One would get sick if eating uncooked baked goods very quickly, unless one has an iron stomach.
  7. Yesterday I made my own cardboard-tinfoil solar oven & tested it out by baking a cherry cake in it, had a lot Cherry’s this year from my trees. While this was only a test in my part, it did bake after 7 hours. It was great in the middle of summer, trying this way of baking for the first time. Going to try other things like eggs & bacon, buns, loaf of bread to see how long it takes to cook- bake. With out testing these ideas, one wouldn’t know if it’s possible or not.
  8. While I’ve been away from the forums here at Survivalcache for a few months. Been searching for a EMP proof motorcycle. Ive looked at different makes & models from 2 & 4 strokes. All enduros or trail/dirt bikes. Still haven’t purchased a bike yet. Ive looked at Honda’s & Yamaha 230 cc , Husquarna 250 cc, KTM 300 cc & Honda 650 cc. Im not a newbie into riding motorcycles & owned road bikes from the early 1970’s to the mid 80’s Bikes that I’ve owned or riden are ( Yamaha RD 400 Daytona Special 2 stroke, RZ 350 , Kawasaki H2 750 tripple 2 stroke, Suzuki GSXR 750 & Yamaha VMax 1200 cc ). My question is to fellow owners of dirt/ enduro bike riders / owners , what would you consider is the best EMP proof bike out there? I’m all ears, & thanks in advance for all information given.
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    What’s the best EMP proof motorcycle?

    Yes, even the one that your talking about , would run in a post EMP, but I’m wondering how fast could a mini bike actually go?? I’d say 30 MPH at best. Then the Zombie/Snowflake masses one must avoid, & out run. I’d would want something to go a little faster with the noise output from a mini bike. If it’s noisy I’d want something fast, to me anything doing slower than 50 mph would not cut it. My own personal logic, but then I’m just a dummy, what do I know about EMP’s , haven’t experienced one yet in my life . All I know is that it’s going to be a game changer for the masses when it does happen. And I want the cards stacked in my favour, that’s why I prep. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have faith, hope & guidance from my GOD. The GOD of Moses. Amen!
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    What’s the best EMP proof motorcycle?

    Mini bikes are great on gasoline consumption, my view of them is that they lack the height clearance if one is heading into the woods, if their is a path / trail then your fine, not so easy to move around if one is heading into virgin bush forest areas. One of the areas I enjoy heading into Canada is Crown Land, where I’ll see at most is about 1/2 a dozen folks in there, & that’s on a gravel road at best. Most people don’t dare going deep into uncharted areas of Crown Land, that’s where I like going to explore the wilds of the land. No humans to deal with , just me & Mother Nature. From my evaluation of things , a dirt bike / dual sport / enduro motorcycle would be best suited to the terrain. Oh ATV’s will not cut it, deep in the heart of Crown Land / The Queens Land . In my guesstimation, less than 1 % of the Canadian population actually know where Crown Land is. Their are no-posted signs stating that your in Crown Land & I like it that way.
  11. P210SIG

    Electric motorcycle ( ZERO motorcycles )

    I’ve looked at a used ZERO MX model at a motorcycle repair shop, that the owner purchased new in 2010, he’s willing to let it go for around $2500 Canadian. I have it on hold for me, until the end of the month. He says that it takes 3 hours for the battery to charge from almost empty to full charge. I did ride it , it’s not as fast as the newer 2018 models. This used one will hit 55mph / 85kph ,still quite fast for a electric dirt bike. I’ve poped wheelies with it, the torque is there if needed. It was a fun ride even though it’s used. The only maintenance is oiling the chain & sprockets & your good to go.
  12. Yesterday I managed to get a hold of some electronic engine parts for one of my cars Main engine CPU . Fuse box etc etc. My neighbour who’s a car machenic said that’s all I needed in a EMP event, to get the vehicle up & running. I’ve stored the parts in a EMP cage as well, just in case. Did get the parts for FREE, which is a blessing that’s for sure.
  13. Purchased a Bio lite stove with a kettle pot & Katadyne water filter system from a couple that went camping & hated it. Both stove & water filter system were brand new never used. All for $65 through an add at Letgo. They are a site like Kijiji in the buy & sell ads. Their are deals out there, one needs to keep an eye on the listings of the things you need or want. A video footage of the Bio light stove that can charge a cell phone, tablet or laptop through USB attachment from the stove. https://thexvid.com/video/F5vfPsZ8akc/biolite-kettlepot-review-and-test-preparedmind101.html As the saying goes, seek & ye shall find. Much blessings to all here at Survivalcache.
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    What’s the best EMP proof motorcycle?

    Purchased a 1994 Yamaha XT 225 cc 4 stroke ,enduro / dual sport bike about a month ago. It was a rare find, considering it had only 408 kms on the odometer, the original owner rode it for one summer, then stored it for 24 years. The bike looks brand new for its age. I also managed to get a hold of some spare parts for the bike from another purchase. Extra CDI , starter motor & battery. All stored in a EMP cage. Not battery.. All for under $2,000 Canadian funds. I hope this bike will serve me well when a EMP arrives.
  15. I’ve cleaned it 4 times now. About every 500 rds it got a strip down cleaning. If I’m shooting crossive ammo in a firearm, the firearm gets cleaned after every outing.
  16. I’ve now shot 1,500 rds through the Glock 19 & she’s a keeper. My test were done at 30 feet, groupings were under 3 inches. Point of aim was bullseye, shots placed 1 1/2 inches above bullseye at 12 O clock. My reloads CanPro projectiles 9mm 124 grain JHP , 4.3 grains of tight group powder. Averaging 1050 FPS through the chrony.
  17. Today at Walmart, I got 6 led flashlights with batteries in them, rated for 600 lumins for $1 each. It was a one day blow out sale, regular price $24.95 each. A deal indeed, even batteries for the flashlight would cost me more than a $1 .
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    Firearm Customer Service Poll.

    This is poll on customer service, from your experience with firearm manufacturers. Nothing scientific, just a random poll. How long did it take for the firearm company to repair/fix your problem with one of their products? What do you think is a fair & reasonable amount of time for a company to fix an issue on one of their firearms that you own? 1-5 days...... 1-3 weeks..... 1 month..... 6 months or more..... Over a year......
  19. P210SIG

    Sig M17 /XM17 military pistol and modular system

    Today I had a chance to shoot the SIG P320 again, it was a total different firearm from the previous one I got to test fire. The upgrade done to the firearm is nice, I would now consider buying one .
  20. P210SIG

    Firearm Customer Service Poll.

    Repair work done on a Walther P22. 3 working days turnaround time. Great service.
  21. P210SIG

    Firearm Customer Service Poll.

    Failtec repair centre in Canada. Product Sub 2000 Gen 1. Took 11 months to get my firearm back, firearm not repaired. Wanted to sell me a Gen 2 , that costs more than what I could get at a retail store. Go figure!... Ended up selling the Sub 2000 to a gun smith for parts.
  22. P210SIG

    Keltec recall!!!

    Fail Tec recall, good lord. Wont be holding my breath on this one, exspecially in Canada. What customer service???, there is none. Keltec, I mean Failtec, fails to deliver in customer service , BIG TIME! Avoid them like the plague.
  23. Say it isn’t so! It’s a changing world out there, are you prepared!
  24. Finally got a Glock 19 Canadian edition/ Canadian version today. Only 3,000 guns were made for the Canadian market & from what I was told they were all sold out. The original Glock 19’s are prohibitive in Canada, to the civilian market. Do to the fact the barrel is too short for it to be legal in Canada. Yes BS Canadian by-laws indeed. So Glock USA introduced a Canadian edition Glock 19, which is 106 mm in barrel length & not 102 mm which is the standard barrel length for G19’s . Will know if it’s a keeper in the next few weeks or sold off to somebody else. Me thinking these will be a collectors item, if only 3,000 units were made for the Canadian market, I could be wrong though. Oh it does have a Canadian Maple Leaf ingraved on the right side of the slide to make it a Canadian model, & the added 4 mm of barrel length to make it Canadian legal by 1 mm. Any firearm that is 105 mm or less in barrel length is considered prohibited, in Canada. Yes a head scratcher indeed.
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    A dusting of snow in my area today ? April,6th, 2018 ..... Spring is on hold, Old man winter is not done yet.....