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  1. Theirs a storm brewing for America. Heed the warnings my brothers & sisters. Those that have an ear, let them hear. Those that do not listen , will face their faith, likely Death ! Audio message in this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzPlvx8Lk7w
  2. He’s mentally unstable & needs his head to be examined by a physician. Believes he’s an army of one, Mr know it all & do it all. Heyboi could not be trusted, him & Onetime could be brothers , likely the same person. His personality is out of touch with reality. Thinks he can snipe anybody & everybody, until he gets counter sniped by someone that can do it further away, than what he can’t see.
  3. Please make wise decisions/choices . Whatever you do it will effect your life.
  4. Oh your a black belt, I’m really scared now. LMAO. Your sick, very sick , dirty old man. Certainly need therapy, go see a doctor. Likely send you to a loony bin & throw away the key.
  5. Jealous LMAO, have plenty of women customers pay me for my carpentry services all the time. Don’t really know what your saying. Your marriage is a sham. Oh if your 66 years old & she’s 31 , kinda robing the cradle. And when you were 31, she wasn’t even born then! Me thinking , you have a child molester syndrome. Better yet, you could be Muslim. 30 year old men marry 6 year old girls, they are child brides. Are you in bed with a women that could be your daughters age. You being 66 years old & she’s 31 years old. Same theory as to what your doing.
  6. Wally, you might be right on this one. LOL. I was thinking the same thing, when he started posting. His trates are like Onetime. blah, blah, blah. No real common sense. Needs to go back to his spider hole.
  7. If your wife is paying you 100k , then you don’t have a real marriage,( rolling my eyes). Fake marriage, imported from the Filipines. LOL. Posting all of this in a public forum, im sure ICE or what ever federal government agencies in the USA will certainly be keeping an eye on you. Someone going to jail. If that’s your intention. IMHO !
  8. Hook, Line, Sinker. First they (Hook ) you with love, that you think you have. Second they look for how far is your ( Line ) of credit, how much money you have. Third you are a (Sinker) when you find out most the things that you own are gone some how. Yes it’s a sinking feeling, when you thought you had it all, but you are sunk with problems in a living nightmare. True love is like finding a needle in a haystack, most women love you for your money only these days. No matter what race you marry, I’m guessing that’s human nature. Very few women, live by Gods commandments. For richer or poorer, in sickness or in health. If you do find one that obeys Gods teachings, you’ve got a diamond, & not a gold digger.
  9. Sorry to hear that Wally, they love you long time, until the money is gone. So is the love, you thought they had for you. They are there for the love of money honey, which they will never tell you in your face. As always action speaks louder than words. Lots of shootings in the Filipines, it’s like the Wild West there, but it’s in Asia.
  10. Most Filipino’s that I know enjoy shooting, as a sport or a pastime. 1911’s in 45 acp is the flavour that most of them like. I’d keep a close eye on her, weather she’s a girl friend or spouse, trust is a very big issue with Filipino people, just from my personal experience. Yes they do apear to be very warm & kind hearted, but given the chance , and if they think they can get away with it, they will stab you in the back or rob you blind. Most of the people that I know, that married a Filipino, are either divorced now or living a frigen nightmare. IMHO !
  11. “ VEGETARIAN “ is an old Indian word for “ BAD HUNTER “.
  12. Wally, if you truly need a life long partner in your life, pray to God through his son Jesus Christ & ask for guidance for a possible suitor. Answers could present it’s self sooner or later, even years. When you least expect it, that person could present her self right in front of your eyes. When things are right, you get that tingling feeling in your body, at least I do. One thing, make sure that you have the Holy Spirit guiding you, & not the evil one. Test, the spirit with questions & for answers. You will know, which one is with you, hopefully it’s the spirit of Light & not darkness. I do not know everything, but can only give guidance from experience. May God & his son Jesus Christ be with you always. Amen!
  13. Better single, than having a lifetime of problems with a partner giving you grief.
  14. Staying healthy or being sick, you are what you eat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE2yZMahJKY&feature=share
  15. Too much of anything is not good. Carbs, trans-fats, protein, sugar. Exercise should be part of your daily routine as well. I eat what I grow in my garden, fruits & vegetables. Knowing what’s in your garden soil should be monitored carefully as well. Being a couch potato or a keyboard ninja, is not going to get you very far. Eating at fast food restaurants daily, is a nail in one’s coffin.
  16. What’s the cost of food in your area? In my area prices have been skyrocketing as of late. Bread before $1.89 a loaf, now $2,69 whole wheat. Milk 2% before $3.49 for 4 litre bag, now $4.89 Eggs before $1.89 a dozen, now $3.29 Tomatos before $0.89 cents a pound, now $1.99 a pound. Avercardos before 6 for $2.50 now $0.99 cents each. White rice before $10.99 for 8 kilograms bag, now $18.99 a bag. With the cold weather patterns as of late, I can see prices going only higher & higher. Farmers are losing cattle & crops worldwide. Hungry starvation hordes will be knocking at one’s front door, is what I for see, shortly.
  17. The Collapse will not be a walk in the park. Prep while you still can, what are you waiting for..... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgtuaUadGgOA-91geQ8Qog
  18. I like the movie ( Blade ) staring Wesley Snipes.
  19. Learning & training how to use edge weapons, is the ticket, Knife, sword etc. Do it now while you have the time. I’m getting some more AR500 & AR650 steel for FREE from my buddy this weekend, will be making possibly one or two more Wakazashi short swords. I train 4 hours a day, 7 days of the week. Usually 2 hours in the morning & 2 hours at night. The only down side of edge weapons is that they do lose their edge retention, which can be easily remedied by resharpening them, not like firearms you need ammo, no ammo then your SOL, or learn how to reload ammo. Keep in mind you would need to stockpile components as well & they could run out as well. Edge weapons are easyier to maintain , get the fighting edge on your opponents that are attacking you.
  20. If they don’t look alike, then I must be blind. Maybe Canadians should send Justin to Cuba, that’s where he belongs, & not in Canada. Justin Trudeau has ruined Canada, with the Liberal party. Canada is now a population of Snowflake Shit heads, which Justin Trudeau welcomed in, these refugees.
  21. Do you have peace in your life? Is the holy spirit in you? Watch the video footage.
  22. Today I started my seedlings for my garden, the usual stuff, tomato’s, carrots, corn, radish, coliflower, peas etc,etc. Still have snow on the ground where I I’m, hoping old man winter takes a holiday for spring, summer & is welcome back until late fall this year.
  23. P210SIG

    AI technology is a threat to mankind

    Oops double post.
  24. P210SIG

    AI technology is a threat to mankind

    Your cellphone,tablet, smart watch, (LED/LCD TV’s) etc, etc are all listening devices, weather you realize it or not. Big brother is listening to every word you are saying & recording it. They know more about you, than you might think, that can & will be used against you. They can trap you too, to make it look so evil in you’re verble expression that you could possibly go to jail. As long as these devices are turned on, you are being monitered, listen to, recorded. This is not a fact or fiction, it’s the truth. As the saying goes, loose lips, sink ships. As for my self, I’m willing to die , go to jail , for what’s right & just, so help me God. For my God is my rock & my saviour. Amen !