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  1. Too much of anything is not good. Carbs, trans-fats, protein, sugar. Exercise should be part of your daily routine as well. I eat what I grow in my garden, fruits & vegetables. Knowing what’s in your garden soil should be monitored carefully as well. Being a couch potato or a keyboard ninja, is not going to get you very far. Eating at fast food restaurants daily, is a nail in one’s coffin.
  2. What’s the cost of food in your area? In my area prices have been skyrocketing as of late. Bread before $1.89 a loaf, now $2,69 whole wheat. Milk 2% before $3.49 for 4 litre bag, now $4.89 Eggs before $1.89 a dozen, now $3.29 Tomatos before $0.89 cents a pound, now $1.99 a pound. Avercardos before 6 for $2.50 now $0.99 cents each. White rice before $10.99 for 8 kilograms bag, now $18.99 a bag. With the cold weather patterns as of late, I can see prices going only higher & higher. Farmers are losing cattle & crops worldwide. Hungry starvation hordes will be knocking at one’s front door, is what I for see, shortly.
  3. The Collapse will not be a walk in the park. Prep while you still can, what are you waiting for..... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgtuaUadGgOA-91geQ8Qog
  4. I like the movie ( Blade ) staring Wesley Snipes.
  5. Learning & training how to use edge weapons, is the ticket, Knife, sword etc. Do it now while you have the time. I’m getting some more AR500 & AR650 steel for FREE from my buddy this weekend, will be making possibly one or two more Wakazashi short swords. I train 4 hours a day, 7 days of the week. Usually 2 hours in the morning & 2 hours at night. The only down side of edge weapons is that they do lose their edge retention, which can be easily remedied by resharpening them, not like firearms you need ammo, no ammo then your SOL, or learn how to reload ammo. Keep in mind you would need to stockpile components as well & they could run out as well. Edge weapons are easyier to maintain , get the fighting edge on your opponents that are attacking you.
  6. If they don’t look alike, then I must be blind. Maybe Canadians should send Justin to Cuba, that’s where he belongs, & not in Canada. Justin Trudeau has ruined Canada, with the Liberal party. Canada is now a population of Snowflake Shit heads, which Justin Trudeau welcomed in, these refugees.
  7. Do you have peace in your life? Is the holy spirit in you? Watch the video footage.
  8. Today I started my seedlings for my garden, the usual stuff, tomato’s, carrots, corn, radish, coliflower, peas etc,etc. Still have snow on the ground where I I’m, hoping old man winter takes a holiday for spring, summer & is welcome back until late fall this year.
  9. P210SIG

    AI technology is a threat to mankind

    Oops double post.
  10. P210SIG

    AI technology is a threat to mankind

    Your cellphone,tablet, smart watch, (LED/LCD TV’s) etc, etc are all listening devices, weather you realize it or not. Big brother is listening to every word you are saying & recording it. They know more about you, than you might think, that can & will be used against you. They can trap you too, to make it look so evil in you’re verble expression that you could possibly go to jail. As long as these devices are turned on, you are being monitered, listen to, recorded. This is not a fact or fiction, it’s the truth. As the saying goes, loose lips, sink ships. As for my self, I’m willing to die , go to jail , for what’s right & just, so help me God. For my God is my rock & my saviour. Amen !
  11. P210SIG

    God is in control.

    Amen, to that my brother.
  12. P210SIG


    In my neck of the woods I see people in the ages from 18 to 30 driving the latest vehicles BMW, Porche, Lexes , all makes of SUV , Trucks etc. Most have $500-800 monthly payments for 6-8 years. Living with parents or renting. What ever they are doing to make a living, is barely covering their expences. They are living the rich life style, for the now/moment & have no thought about the future. As for my self, my latest car I purchased is 15 years old, paid in full for less than $1,000 to have it road worthy. I’ve been driving it for 2 years now , without any problems. It’s a point A to B car for me & I’m happy not having to make monthly payments & no stress.
  13. P210SIG

    Time to meet your new neighbors

    The woman in this video , blowing that fart noise, should be on her knees. Thats why she couldn’t talk, she got her mouth full blowing. Plenty of guys wouldn’t mind her blowing their middle leg. She not my type, in so many ways.
  14. P210SIG

    Time to meet your new neighbors

    And the dumbest PM of Canada is Justin Trudeau, I mean Fidel Castro’s son. He was a drama teacher, which he hardly taught at the school. Now one thing for sure he’s showing a lot of drama being in public office. It’s time to show him the door out of the Parliament building, come voting time this October.
  15. With the help from my loving son, today we both worked on making a home made log/wood splitter. Spent a good 10 hours on this project, I was measuring & cutting all the iron with a angle grinder, my son doing all the welding. It was a great day bonding as well , doing what a family should be doing, spending time together doing things.
  16. P210SIG

    An example to the rest of us.

    If you do not fight for your rights, you get walk on, stomped on , like a bug.
  17. P210SIG

    DUCKS? And greetings (again) All...

    It’s been awhile since we last heard from you, MommyLiberty501 . Good to to know that your still around, & welcome back.
  18. Just remember folks, government workers are humans like you & me. We all bleed the same. Everyone is going to die sooner or later. I will fight for what’s right, I’m willing to die for what’s right, & will never bend over or ever give in to the evil masters of this world. Trust has to be earned & I trust no one but my God. My God has always provided what I’ve needed in my daily walk in life. Do you have a personal relationship with God from above? If not then you have some work to do, to build that personal relationship. If you trust in your government system you are surely doomed. Choose what ever route/road you want to take, the final outcome in your decision will be your own doing & you have no one to blame but the person,that is you standing in front of the mirror.
  19. If civil war does not happen in America by 2020 ,I’d be very surprised. In France, it looks like this year, things are ready to rumble & tumble. The yellow vest movement is going on for 14 weeks now , over there. The same movement in Canada is picking up steam as well. PPC—( People’s Party of Canada ). Lots of video footage in You-Tube. TheYellow Vest movement, I call it the logical thinking movement, & citizens have had enough with their Government officials doing nothing, besides filling their pockets on the tax payers dime. Enough talk, it’s time to take action. Actions speaks louder than words. Ass kicking action time, enough.talk, take action for the sake of your country, or you will always be a slave, getting the short end of the stick.
  20. Quite a few western countries have legalized pot & people have lost their brain cells & their logical thinking has gone up in smoke. They have been dum downed by smoking their weed, pot, Merry Jane, etc. Most of the snowflakes enjoy this activity, being pot heads.
  21. AI is already here , is how I feel. When I copy & paste information, it never works over here at Survivalcache for some reason. They are trying to silence me from giving real information that’s out there. Knowledge is power & they are trying to dum down the masses. Most of the population is doomed without knowing what’s out there. As I’ve said before & I’ll say it again the general public snowflakes are living in fantasy La la land. My 2 cents for all it’s worth.
  22. Help needed from members here at Survivalcache, please support Faith Goldy by pressing the like button in her You-Tube Channel. If you have the same beliefs in her contents of her videos. You do not have to donate funds, all I ask is to view her videos & press like. Thanks in advance & much blessings to you. Amen.
  23. Faith J Goldy her video was posted 1 day ago, titled ( The Danger of JBP ). Faith seems to be going the way of a politician named John Tory, he was great until he became mayor of Toronto, now he’s a mooslim lover & a piece of shit. Your right Snake, politicians are slimy & slippery. They’re wolfs in sheep’s clothing, most are not to be trusted.
  24. With the latest video Faith commented about Jordan Peterson, I cannot back her up 100% anymore. She seems to sway the way most politicians do that I find inconsistent in values & beliefs. I’m stopping my donations to her, until I feel we’re on the same page.
  25. The by-laws tend to favour the dum, stupid & evil wicked people these days. The alarm bells are ringing & the general public don’t seem to care, living in a make believe fantasy La La land. I’m so sick of this crap that’s going on world wide, but the snowflakes think it’s perfectly fine. Judgement day is coming, hopefully soon enough for the evil doers.