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  1. Way to go brother, even though theirs no snow in your area. Your doing your part in exercising & training with the gear that you have. Better than being a couch potato in my books.
  2. So it’s snowing for the most part of Canada & America this weekend. My challenge to you is take your BOB or GHB for a hike in the snow for an hour or two. Make sure your dressed to confront the elements out there or your going to be a popsicle, fair warning ! Any takers ???
  3. It’s a winter wonderland in Canada.
  4. What no takers in this challenge? I’ve been out for a hike 5 times now with my 80lbs pack this weekend. It’s been frosty & cold , but good old exercise is something your body needs to train & overcome.
  5. P210SIG

    spam bots

    Their like sleeper cells, but trying to sell their shit products here, that they can’t sell at their own site. A one finger salute to them all.
  6. P210SIG

    IPSC. power factor ( minor or major )

    125 minum is required for minor division, up to 164 power factor. Past that it becomes major division. 165 minum is required for major division for power factor. Bullet weight times FPS divided by 1000 9mm... 124grain X 1157 fps = 143,468 divided by 1,000 = 143.4 Minor. 40 s&w 180grain X 1013 fps = 182,340 divided by 1,000 = 182.3 Major. 38spl 158grain X 863 fps = 136,354 divided by 1,000 = 136.3 Minor. 357 mag 125grain X 1333 fps = 166,625 divided by 1,000 = 166.6 Major. 45 acp 230grain X 858 fps = 197,340 divided by 1,000 = 197.3 Major. IPSC means ( International Practical Shooting Confederation ) for those that do not know.
  7. Not your average Cougar ( cough, cough ) Some firearms training, & she a army of one.
  8. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig & more .( 4 Hours Collection ) https://youtu.be/Trnbv4d-JBs
  9. Protesters in the 2020’s onwards , are these the normal daily challenges to expect worldwide? Work,Money,Food,Shelter,Aid,Security,Communism & the control of mankind. A small glimpse as to what’s happening now.
  10. Human Nature in general. A fatal desire for most people.
  11. P210SIG

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Many blessings to all, through Jesus Christ Amen.
  12. If this robot technology gets to the wrong hands , we can all kiss our asses Good bye!
  13. Got a box, 20 pcs of N95 masks for $4 today at a liquidation store. Score.
  14. P210SIG

    What Would You Do?

    The Zombie hordes are a fantasy, when the economy tanks , the reality will be the starving hordes roaming the streets. Being far far away from the city’s is the ticket, my 2 cents & yes I’m beating a dead horse as to what been said many times in this forum.
  15. P210SIG

    What Would You Do?

    As Drew said lay low , binoculars, night vision & thermal gear at the ready if you got them. If you don’t you just might need it, just saying.
  16. Got a deal from Sail outdoor store yesterday. I was browsing through the camping section & the Mountain House freezes dried chicken teriyaki with rice caught my eye. Purchased 21 pkgs , the store manager offered a 20% discount off the price. Ended up paying just under $9 for each taxes included. Best before date Feb, 2049 , that’s 29 years from now. Oh each package is good for 2 servings. Blessings indeed. Looked at EBay prices God they are sky high.
  17. P210SIG

    Blowgun fishing

    Now that’s something I’ve not done before, cool.
  18. P210SIG

    God is in control.

    Antifa gets hit by a truck. Hope the guy in the truck is OK. When you mock my God, & his son Jesus Christ , you get what’s coming to you. Amen! https://youtu.be/LoTFS3g7PNI
  19. Jordan Peterson doesn’t have half a brain, but a full one, & then some. I like the way Jordan Peterson thinks. My personal opinion of Jordan Peterson report card would be ( A+ ).
  20. Here’s a video/audio that states Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s son.
  21. I live in southern Ontario, Canada. Yesterday we had freezing rain & snow, which brought down hydro lines in some areas here. Tree branches were torn off & on the streets in some places. There was about a 1/2 inch of ice that I needed to remove, which took me 3 hour to clear my driveway & car. Surely the worst winter weather I've come to experience in my life time so far. So how Is the weather in your neck of the woods.
  22. P210SIG

    crop losses 2019 around the world

    I can imagine food prices going up this Fall or Winter. Corn is used for live stock feed, & us humans consume a lot of corn based products, as well as corn based biofuel. I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the mid-west of America, which is flooded by water. Where corn & other crops are normally grown there. Farmers are quite worried about this years growing season. Time to stock up on extra food if you can, if you haven’t already. Stack it high, stack it deep. Store the foods that you normally eat. What ever the amount of food you’ve stored, try to double it if possible. Better extra safe, than sorry.
  23. To all Canadians members here at Survivalcache, Happy Canada Day. Love the country of Canada ,our home & native land, but not the political BS that we recieve from Justin Trudeau/Trudum Liberal party! Don’t forget to vote, come October. Don’t forget the 41 Billion dollars that was mis managed/ mis spent on the cover up on SNC by Justin Trudeau, I mean Justin Trudum. Time to remove the political circus caused by the Liberal party. Again, HAPPY CANADA DAY !
  24. May these words inspire you daily. LIVE > fully CREATE > happiness IMAGINE > peace SEEK > truth LAUGH > often INSPIRE > change LOVE > always P210SIG
  25. This is happening in Venezuela, where the economy is just hanging on. The rest of the world is on a tipping point as to what’s to come. Hope everyone here is ready & May God guide you & protect you. Amen!