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  1. A high powered air rifle in .177 or .22 , I would add to the list.
  2. A sail boat from a buddy that he's scrapping.
  3. Got about 500lbs of lead for free today. I think I'm set/good for the next few years, when it comes to casting lead bullets.
  4. Welcome aboard Miket.
  5. I would get some physical silver, how much should one get. Depends how deep are your pockets. Average in a SHTF 20 ounces per person, should be fine. Cash per person short term, couple hundred in small bills, 1,5 & 10's . What I think would be most valuable is water filteration system, food, seeds Medications & something you can use for self defence.
  6. Oops, Ha Ha . I had to watch it a few times. A bloopers classic made in this video. I was expecting a cannon to shoot a Ram 1500 Truck. LMAO .
  7. Thanks for the information Snake, I'll keep a copy for possible future use.
  8. Yes, I always use a Lee sizer for all my cast bullets.
  9. Welcome aboard astroguy321
  10. Welcome aboard sunfighter.
  11. Spent most of the day casting & sizing 9mm bullets today. I now have a little over 700 pieces of 9mm bullets ready for reloading.
  12. If things are going the way they are, soon enough we can call North America, the slum of North America. Because the slum is in the swamp. Time to drain the SWAMP !
  13. I've been thinking about casting some 9mm lead bullets as well this weekend. Purchased a new Lee 124grain molds that need a work out. Have about 15lbs of lead sitting next to my Lee Pro 4-20 melter that need my attention. Ive only casted 38, 44, & 45 pistol bullets & 7/8 ounce 12 guage slugs in the past. As for rifle bullets, I'll stick with FMJ projectiles & nothing else.
  14. Don't you love the Canadian Firearms laws. Justin T is a BiG FAILURE as a PM of Canada in my books. Faith Goldy, she a 10 in more ways than one.