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  1. It’s odd indeed. Snakes like a walking enclyopedia with a wealth of knowledge from my observations on him. His quotes on this forum can be long winded at times, but nothing’s wrong with that. He has good intentions to help others indeed. Hope he’s doing OK wherever he maybe.
  2. I’ll be fine, as the saying goes no pain, no gain. Used these stones for a outer border for the garden, that will help my seedlings for next years crops from wind damage. The garden does look more eye pleasing now, with these retaining wall stones.
  3. Yesterday I managed to get about 500 retaining wall stones for free through a Letgo classified ad. It was hard work getting them to my back yard & taken a physical toll on me. On the plus side of things, I’ve saved thousands of dollars not having to buy them. Blessings indeed & greatfull of the outcome provided.
  4. Wanted carpenters helper, must live in the Toronto GTA area Canada. Must be able to use power tools, mitre saws, saws-all, nail gun, etc. You will be required to have a carpenters apron/tool belt with framing hammer,hard hat, safety glasses & safety shoes/boots. Able to lift 50 lbs if need be. Able to read blue prints would be a bonus, but not required. Pay to be discussed on your experience & abilities. PM me if you have the willingness & the drive to work. You will be required to have a vehicle to show up at the job site at 8 am. Slackers need not apply.
  5. Went to a liquidation store today, purchased a few bath towels & cotton T shirts. Bath towels normal retail $23 each, got them for $4 each. T shirts retail $15 each, got them for 4 T shirts for $10 There we’re deals on dog food for $7 for a 50 lb bag. Didn’t get any,my dogs pantry has enough food for the next 2 Plus years. It was a howling deal non the less.
  6. Thanks Drew, your work done here at the forum is much appreciated.
  7. Good to know that your alive & keeping your self occupied with chours Drew. Hope the new job pans out for you. Much blessings to you my friend & stay safe.
  8. That’s a thought, my son who’s studying to be a welder-inspector plans on making a EMP cage for the bike in a couple of weeks. I had way to much fun riding the Zero today & my son really wants it, just might give it to him as a present. And would get a 2018 Zero FX or DS model, but the practical side of things, I can’t see my self spending $16,000-$20,000 Canadian funds. One could have a lot of ammo, stored food etc,etc for that kind of coin. I could get a few acres of land in northern Ontario with that kind of money. Decisions decisions, one needs to be wise with their money & not spend it foolishly.
  9. Purchased the Zero MX motorcycle yesterday, got 2 brand new tires installed in the deal. Everything for $2,000 , which is a no brainer of a deal & couldn’t pass up. I’m very happy. Now I need to build a EMP cage for this bike, which will be another project. The things to do never ends.
  10. In the past week I’ve been getting a notification, stating web site not safe. Everytime I log in at Survivalcache forums. Anyone else getting this message when they log in? On Saturday & Sunday I got no service when trying to log in. Did anyone get the same thing happen to them?
  11. Anyone follow the blood moons ? In my area I’ve seen it 3 times this weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday night. Its very strange three nights in a row, I was expecting to see it only on Saturday night on the 28 th of July. Are we heading towards the 7 year tribulations. Hope all is worthy here in the eyes of the lord to be raptured.
  12. Today I extended my outside garden 7 ft X 30 ft = 210 sq ft. Removed all the grass & weeds and tilled the soil. A good days work of 9 hours. Will transplant some of my tomatoes this weekend in the new garden area.
  13. MIA what happen to TPSnograss? Hope he’s doing fine from his road trip.
  14. Their are Luke warm christians out there, please don’t be one of them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbWedqtw0cFIM2JjazIQPA
  15. Ordered some parts for my enduro motorcycle, spare spokes for front & rear wheels plus inner tubes. These parts were a pain to get a hold of, The bike is considered vintage, 24 years old. Glad I got them for just in case scenarios.