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  1. Uploading issues with computer.
  2. Merry Christmas to all that visit here at Survivalcache. Much blessings for the coming year of 2019.
  3. I call this double trouble or the 2 is 1 and one is none Sig-P210 ... Just managed to find this picture yesterday. Hope this image shows up, double barrel Sig-P210 firearm.  . 
  4. Good times , father & son bonding outdoors. Now that my sons in college, we have less time, enjoying theses activities together. Lifetime memories, job well done there Drew_ Forge
  5. Gives a total new meaning (Aim High) !
  6. As of Wednesday,17th of October,2018 . Pot,Grass,Weed,Marry Jane, etc,etc call it what you want is now legal to own, posess in Canada without being charged of having it in your possession. Canada will soon be a nation of fat lazy stoned zombies. I can see crime going up, when these stoners run out of money ,not working & wanting to get there brain aultering high fix. Another smart move from PM Justin T ( Hell No ). Another pecker head move from Justin T.
  7. 5 dollars a gallon for gas, LOL. Canadians have been paying this price a few years now, if not more. Lets see last time I filled up my gas tank, I paid $1.30 per litre of gas regular. There is 4.5 litres to 1 gallon of gas. Doing the math I’m paying $5.85 per gallon in Canadian funds, fu@king highway robbery, yet most Canadians take it up the A$$ & say nothing. That’s the Canadian sheeple way, no guts no glory, same $hit everyday, and the political leaders keep shoveling it. Taxes that another pile of dung & Canadian tax payers are neck deep in it, like 50% of our income goes to paying taxes. Most Canadians bend over & take it up the A$$ with a smile. My Canada is not the Canada that it once was, the great white north. Now it the great $hit North with all the refugees Justin T , been letting in. Yes I’m venting, I’m tired of all the BS in Canada. Oh Canada, what was, is now a distant memory !
  8. Trust is a big issue these days,weather it’s the police, neighbors,friends,family members, etc.etc. ive been screwed royaly by them all, in one way or another I have trust issues with my wife & kids. I trust nobody, but God! Welcome to the END TIMES.....
  9. Trust is a big issue these days, weather its the police, neighbours, friends,family members etc,etc. I’ve been screwed by them all, even my wife & kids I have trust issues. I use to give a lot of trust & I get royalty screwed in one form or another. I now trust nobody, but God ! Welcome to the END TIMES.....
  10. The police only.serve & protect them selves & not the general public . This has been going on for many many years now. My trust in the police has been lost for over 10 years now. The newly recruited constables don’t know jack shit about by-laws, this is what I see & experienced in my neck of the woods. We are certainly living in the times of revelations. Judgement day is coming, the second coming of Jesus Christ before you know it, will be soon here. Repent of your sins, for we have all sinned. In Gods eyes.
  11. Yesterday I did a practice run on fire starting in a downpore of rain in 3 different methods, the easyist was using char cloth & flint, then using a ferro rod was second, then the hardest was using a bow drill method. Char cloth & ferro rod methods are ideal for me now, so much that I refuse to light I fire with a match or a lighter for quite some time now. ive made a 20 gallon propane tank wood stove a few years back & have cooked meals with it many occasions. It’s fun practice as usual. Have you practiced fire making without a match or lighter lately? How about starting a fire in the rain or on a snow covered ground. Practice until it becomes natural, that’s the ticket.
  12. No . My intentions is to set up a IPSC rifle course when I go to Crown Land. Set these stands up for the day in Queens Land with a few of my buddies, then when we’re done shooting, bring these target stands back home. This year is a no go, fall is almost here. Come spring time next year, it’s going to be a ding, ding, ding affair. I’m quite sure these plates could handle 223’s &. 308’s easily. Shooting a 9mm, 40 s&w, or 45 acp carbine would be fun as well.
  13. Today I was given 3 more used IPSC target popers with stands for FREE at my club. I was happy to get them, now I have 7 in total. Im very happy indeed.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCQYIFFu5ymwFR87DcSHbg
  15. Went to a liquidation store today & managed to get 2 dozen pairs of 100% wool socks, at $96 taxes in it was a super deal. Im going to give one pair of soaks to all my buddies. Their feet should be toasty warm come winter time.