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  1. Spoon

    The Colony

    That show was terrible. In a real TEOTWAWKI situation they'd all be dead. Lets face it the world is already filled with a-holes who want your stuff, imagine what happens when they really need it? No protection, sleeping on watch, letting people forage by themselves with no overwatch... It made me too angry to keep watching. To much focus on trying to restore things they were familiar with.. power for one and not really surviving. /rant mode over.
  2. I have been using this as my hiking/camera bag, but now converting to my BoB. I have a lot of Condor products which as a company I would recommend to anyone! http://www.condoroutdoor.com/125_3_day_assault_pack.aspx
  3. Spoon

    Hello from the tundra!

    Ok well maybe not the tundra, but here in Kanuckistan anyway! Hello! Joined this site after getting a little paranoid about world/environmental events and looking for a lot of information on getting prepared for any event. Site has a lot of great information and seemingly a lot of great and helpful folks! Glad to be aboard. Spoon.
  4. Spoon

    Diabetic friend packable foods

    Thanks for the advice and welcomes! I have lost a lot of weight but I'm down to the last 20-25 pounds that should put me in my optimal range. I just had my most recent blood test so I'll see where I'm at, hopefully I can get off the pills! If anyone has any other options please share I'm sure we'll all alike to hear it!
  5. Hello, I just found this wonderful forum today and it seems full of knowledgeable, friendly people so I thought I might ask this question. Lately, the idea that SWHTF soon kinda spurred me into taking my personal survival a lot more seriously. As such, like many of you I want to put together a decent BOB and EDC. The issue I am having is will food and space. Obviously you want something that packs the most caloric punch for the least amount of space. The problem lies in that I am type 2 diabetic (maintained by diet, exercise and pills currently.). Anyone else in the same boat that can offer me some suggestions. I have read yay's and nays on MRE's, Cliff Bars etc. I search the forum but found little. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks, John