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  1. Hello

    Just wanted to say that i like your web site.Also i use Gerber as well.Great stuff!:)

  2. MarineSgt

    ALICE pack or more civy looking pack?

    I think the look of your pack isn't really the most important part. I have three different one's that I have used for quite a while. I bought this one for my wife and she really loves it I also have a not that exact one but similar. I also have an issued Marine Corps ruck pack. My favorite is a pack I got for free, the Air Force was throwing away their old ruck packs and I scooped one up and took it home. It isn't as big as my MC issued ruck but it has a aluminum frame that is very light. It has the fold over top to keep water from getting in the pack and you can store things you need to get to fast in there. It also has a bottom that zips open to put items in that you can get to faster. I like it the most because it is the most comfortable, leaves the most room between my back and the pack itself. That really helps with sweating. It also has a great waist strap that takes a great deal of the pressure off of my shoulders. I feel that the look of a pack should be one of the last things that helps you decide. It should be comfortable, be the size of what you need to carry. It should have a great waist strap as well. I dont think a camo pack will make you look military trained or equipped. Anyone can go to a army navy store and buy military stuff. I wouldnt pick a pack that stands out in color either. I do like the looks of the pack that he mentioned above as well. Not a stand out color and looks to be a great price for what your buying. There are quite a few things to consider, such as the frame being internal or external.
  3. I was taking a trip back home last year. My wife and infant son flew because the trip to SC was a long drive from MS. I took the trip with my black lab and German shepherd. I stopped outside of Atlanta to let the dogs out at a well lit rest stop, there wasn't a single person at the place so I felt safe. I normally carry a pistol of some sort when I stop at a place like that, but this time I left it in the truck. I let the lab out and then got out Ares my shepherd, some guy walks up to us and ask me if he can have some money. He came out of nowhere, needless to say Ares didn't want to talk to the guy. He keeps bothering me for money and then trys to tackle me. Ares knocks him down on the ground and tears his leg wide open. The guy wasnt screaming, he was just punching my dog. I tried pulling my dog off but when I pulled him it was dragging the guy. The guy starts to reach in my pocket, to grab whatever it was that he had so I kicked him in the face. The guy was out cold, got my dog back in the truck and left. Lesson learned, try to always carry when possible. When you can't bring your dog, he will save you from worrying about unarmed conflict. It was a wild story so I figured I would share it with you guys.
  4. MarineSgt

    Watches that do it all

    Using Barometric pressure and wind direction to make simple forecast. Winds SW-NW and pressure 30.10-30.20= Fair with slight temperature change for one to two days. Winds SW to NW and pressure 30.10-30.20 and rising rapidly= Fair followed by rain within two days. Winds SW to NW and pressure 30.20 and above and stationary= Continued fair, with no decided temperature changes. Winds SW to NW and pressure 30.20 and above and falling slowly= Slowly rising temperatures and fair for two days. Winds S to SE and pressure 30.10 to 30.20 and falling slowly= Rain within twenty-four hours. Winds S to SE and pressure 30.10 to 30.20 and falling rapidly= Wind increasing in force, with rain within twelve to twenty-four hours Winds SE to NE and pressure 30.10 to 30.20 and falling slowly= Rain in twelve to eighteen hours. Winds SE to NE and pressure 30.10 to 30.20 and falling rapidly= Increasing wind and rain within twelve hours. Winds E to NE and pressure 30.10 and above and falling slowly= During summer and times of light winds, rain may not fall for several days; in winter, rain within twenty-four hours. Winds E to NE and pressure 30.10 and above and falling rapidly= During summer, rain is probable within twelve to twenty-four hours; in winter, rain or snow with increasing winds. Winds SE to NE and pressure 30.00 or below and falling slowly= Rain will continued for one to two days. Winds SE to NE and pressure 30.00 or below and falling rapidly=Rain with high wind, followed (usually within thirty-six hours) by clearing (and colder conditions in the winter) Winds S to SW and pressure 30.00 and rising slowly= Clearing within a few hours, followed by several days of fair weather. Winds S to E and pressure 29.80 or below and falling rapidly= Severe storm imminent, followed within twenty-four hours by clearing (and colder conditions in the winter) Winds E to N and pressure 29.80 or below and falling rapidly- Severe northeast gale and heavy precipitation; in the winter, often heavy snow followed by a cold wave. West wind and pressure 29.80 or below and rising rapidly- clearing and colder.
  5. MarineSgt

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    I’m not sure why fire starting and fire starting kits doesn’t have its own section completely. I have been on simple camping trips where starting a fire became a time consuming event. Over time I have put together a few kits. Which one I bring with me really depends on what I’m doing and how long I’m going to be out for. I have a Marine Corps issued woodland camo shaving kit bag that I have filled with fire starting kits. I like to carry it with everything in it if I have the room. I normally like to cycle through everything to make sure that it’s all working and isn’t spent. I also think it’s pretty important to practice starting fires different ways to keep up on them. -Camel Snus can full of charcloth -Jute string -BIC lighter 5x -Magnifying glass -Camel Snus can with dryer lint and steel wool with taped 9v -Cotton balls mixed with Vaseline -Matches- -Bear Grylls knife with a ferrocerium rod -Skinning knife that I wear around my neck that has magnesium fire starter on the sheath -Magnesium fire starter -2 flint and strikers -Welding tool flint and striker- works very well when your hands are cold. - A few feet of 550 cord to make a bow drill with And maybe a few other things that I’m leaving out. Without fire, survival can be pretty rough.
  6. MarineSgt

    Watches that do it all

    Well done! I'm impressed!
  7. MarineSgt

    Watches that do it all

    Not many people are familiar with mils. I also took some training a few years ago for forward observations. Not too many people out of the military call for fire. lol I'm going to find the manual today and look to see if you can change the heading.
  8. MarineSgt

    Hey guys

    Thanks for such a warm welcome guys!
  9. MarineSgt

    Watches that do it all

    I'm pretty sure you cant change the heading to display mils, but I will take a look. Just out of curiosity why would you want to display mils? You have a mortar or something? I also had a G-shock, it worked great for five years. I really put it to the test, diving, running, hiking, even took it to Afghanistan. The only thing it couldn't handle was a German Shepherd chewing on the band! lol Yes it is solar powered, the battery last forever in it as well. Ive never had to actually put it in a window or try to charge the battery. Normal use will charge it right up. I looked at the Suunto Core but I didn't like how the face read. It seemed to be more of a "looks" watch that the Casio. They both pretty much do the same thing but again I have had a Casio and trust their products.
  10. MarineSgt

    A good look at Bushmasters ACR

    I've also seen a bunch of negative reviews about this rifle. I'm not real sure why. I've seen videos posted where people have nothing but trouble with it. I have had this weapon for almost two years and I have never had a misfire or a problem of any kind. Speaking from experience I would rather have this rifle over the standard M4 any day in combat. Any rifle that operates in any way similar to the well loved AK is a great rifle. I wouldn't really say that it flopped with special ops. Seals, Marines, as well as the Army are testing this rifle in combat now to see if it is going to be a replacement for the M4. The HK416 and SCAR are also on the testing table.
  11. MarineSgt

    Hey guys

    Hey my name is Cody and I'm new to this site. I've been working on a site myself for fun for the past week and started looking around to see what else was out there, found you guys. I've been in the Marine Corps for the past five years, serving all over the world. I grew up in South Carolina so hunting and fishing and the outdoors has always been a big part in my life. Since I have joined the Corps I have realized how bad the world actually is and how bad things could get real quickly for us here back at home. I decided to take my survival skill to a whole new level. I've been practicing the skills I know and always trying to learn more on self reliance. I also started being more active in going to the range, apposed to before every hunting season. Being in the Corps taught me a great deal, and as I mentioned I'm always trying to learn more.
  12. Being a Meteorologist in the Marine Corps I learned a lot about how weather affects operations. Weather is a thing that most people don't really consider when it comes to survival. Of course we wear warm clothes when its cold and less when its hot. We also bring rain gear in case it rains. In many survival situations people are surprised when it starts to rain when they are working at camp. I never really see anyone ever talk much about watches that read barometric pressure. You don't have to be a meteorologist to read a bar graph. There are a million watches out there on the market that will read the pressure and put it in a graph for you to see. Makes simple forecast just that, SIMPLE. Two of the most popular brands out there are Casio (my favorite) as well as Suunto. The Casio PAG 240 that I own will read the pressure, temperature, altimeter, and also has a built in compass. The watch also includes Sun rise and sun set data, who doesn't want to know how much longer they have until they need to be back at camp. Personally I believe this to be one of the best multi tools for any survival situation or even simple overnight camping. Heres a link to a review I did on the watch.
  13. MarineSgt

    A good look at Bushmasters ACR

    I'm not going to lie it does as with any piston driven system lose some nimbleness compared to a bare bones AR. With anything in life you have to give to take, though the rifle weights a little more; it more than compensates in other areas. It has way less kick than the standard AR, but when I shot the SCAR it had even less kick. I am a big fan of the piston system. Being in Afghanistan, a little dust store would kill my rifle a few times a day. I ran over a thousand rounds through the ACR at once and didn't have any issues. The low rifle maintenance also makes the rifle my favorite.
  14. MarineSgt

    A good look at Bushmasters ACR There's a link to the ACR review for you guys to check out. This is by far one of the coolest rifles I have ever seen or used.