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  1. Danm

    gay massacre

    How do you see it as hijacking marriage. Is your marriage, if you are married, somehow lessened? I've just had my 41st anniversary on May 31st and it means no less to me than it did before gays got declared to be real people with rights like other Americans and could get married. The fact is they have always been able to get married. All they wanted was to receive the same rights as other Americans. Understand this clearly, Marriage is a religious rite not and American RIGHT! Believe it or not I am an ordained minister and I will marry any two people that love each other and love God. There isn't a damned thing that you or the Government have ever been able to do to stop this. Allowing them to get married gained the American Government several billion dollars in new Taxes. FACT. It has made insurance cheaper in any group insurance policies. I has cost a few companies a few dollars now that they can't screw some of their employees out of the benefit package that they supposedly offer "ALL" employees but it also means that a lot of kids that didn't have insurance now are covered and off medicare. Lots of people are now not eligible for welfare because they chose to be married instead of on the dole. Does it bother you that Jews marriages count? They aren't Christians you know. What about Blacks messing with your marriage? Any marriage so fragile that someone else's actions that don't personally affect you mess it up then maybe the problem is in your marriage. Why do you even care? The idea that God is against it is silly. It is mentioned twice in the Bible. Ok, how about the 200+ times that it tells you to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy and yet Christians spit on the Sabbath and got to church on Sunday the FIRST day of the week that has NEVER been the Sabbath. like with the Gays I suspect that God still loves you even though you break one of his first ten commandments every week. Open your heart. Don't Judge it isn't your job, Love your enemies like you love yourself. If you think that someone is sinning pray for them and forgive them. Or you can spit on the life and Death of Jesus and hate anyone that isn't just like you. All this crap aside, they were Americans! If you offer injury to any you offer it to us ALL. In the end we will either hang together or we will surely hang separately. I'm a Texan, if we are going to break up into little clans why would I care what happens to anyone that isn't a Texan? Because by God I'm an AMERICAN and that is what an American does!!!
  2. Danm

    gay massacre

    I never cared much for bigots. I used to go stomp a few kluckers when I was feeling a little down. When they kill your kids I suppose you won't give a rats ass about that either. Supporting the actions of a weak tit terrorist makes you no better than him. I am an AMERICAN. If you attack Americans you are my enemy. Whether I like or approve of you, I will defend to the death your right to live and live in peace as long as you are willing to do the same for other Americans. That means I don't CARE if you are Black, White, Red Yellow, Brown or Purple. You can be a Christian, a Jew, A Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu or an Atheist. I don't care who you sleep with or what you like to dress in. If I stand by and let ONE person or group be dragged down then I have betrayed my forefathers who have fought and in some cases died so that I can be free. Bigots, Nazis, Islamic Radicals or Christian Radicals and any others who will support ANY form of final solution for others because they are different deserve nothing more than a wire noose just as the Nazis got after the Nuremberg trials.
  3. Danm

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    I really do like the 7.62X39. It is a good compromise between the 5.56 and the .308/7.62X51. The 5.56 is just too weak and the 308 is just a little more than you need to get the job done. As far as the Glocks I like the 23 in 40S&W with a 357 sig barrel. I've done this and you can use the same mags and everything if you just swap the barrels. I am not all that fond of the 40 S&W. It isn't enough better than the 9mm to make it worthwhile. I do like the 357 Sig but would want the 40 S&W because it is more commonly used. The 10mm is a little better than the 40 S&W, quite a bit better than the 9mm but not quite as good as the 45 ACP especially in a +P load. As long as you have plenty of Ammo on hand most of its flaws are not a big deal. When they first came out with the various 10 mm I was really excited but in the end they settled for weaker rounds than I liked. I wanted an automatic with the stopping power between that of a 357 mag and a 41 mag. The Bren 10 was nearly perfect. I think that I'm just not as recoil sensitive as most. I loved the 41 mag. It was actually designed specifically for police work but it was a little too much for a lot of people and so died on the vine as did the Bren 10 for the same reason. I guess that is the reason that I never went totally in for the auto pistols. I would rather have 6 shots that will each take a man down than 13 to 17 that might let him shoot me before he was down. Each to their own depending on their talents and experiences. There was a point in time where I shot several thousand rounds of 357 a month. That sort of leads to a comfort level that most people don't have with a particular weapon or round. Ya know what I mean?
  4. Danm

    gay massacre

    This was a massacre of AMERICANS. Don't feel safe like these asshats ONLY have a problem with gay folks. No matter what openion you have of gays understand that 50 AMERICAN Mothers and 50 AMERICAN Fathers lost their children. A similar number of parents have had their kids shot and are scared to death today trying to find out how their kids are while praying that they are not one of the dead. Get used to this sort of thing. I'm afraid that this sort of thing is going to be more common in the future. The government will try to disarm the public while refusing to mention Islamic terrorists. Obummer will want us to let more of his Islamic buddies come here. The government will refuse to even LOOK at Islamic people because... well that would be racial profiling you know. THEIR rights are all that count. This guy was good. If he was getting a 50% kill rate he is not even close to any sort of average. If he killed a fully geared up swat cop then he was shooting head shots. That isn't the sort of thing you get from security guard training!
  5. I "skulled" a pontoon boat to shore one day. It wasn't far but it took FOREVER and when I got there I was used UP!! After that I set him up with a CHEAP trolling motor for back up!! Now with cell phones with GPS calling for help is a lot easier. Since most of my fishing is in Lake Livingston, Lake Conroe and the Trinity River I nearly always have good reception.
  6. Danm

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    I personally have never heard of this company. I will tell you from personal past experiences that when companies go out of business you can suddenly have an almost useless $900.00 paper weight. LOL I actually knew a guy that bought a Gyrojet pistol. Ammo vanished almost over night but in I the end his second mistake was selling it for a loss. One like he had, almost new in the box is worth a fortune now. I think if I was going to buy one of these I would go for the 45ACP version or the 9mm. This is about the best I can do for you since I've never seen one of these in person. It really does make me think of the High-point carbine with a lot of cute aftermarket add ons. As Snake commented a blow-back action has its pluses and minuses. They function well but at a cost in accuracy and the spring weight on the bolt.
  7. Good find!! Oars are hard to find these days. With troling motors and such people just don't "row" boats anymore. Paddles yes but oars just aren't easy to find used.
  8. I'm kind of with you Snake on the 357 thing. I have an older Winchester trapper in 357 and love it. That said though for east Texas a 30-30 is hard to beat. No bears of mountain lions and very few shots longer than 150 yards makes the bigger rounds sort of unneeded. I wish someone would come up with a semiautomatic 357 carbine sort of like the M1 carbine. For a while Ruger made a semiautomatic in 44mag and I had hopes then but it didn't go.
  9. This makes me think of that web site called "People of Walmart". No matter how low you expectations and opinions are of people it will make you realize that it is not low enough! In my opinion a personally armed society that considered rudeness to be worth of justifiable homicide would have a lot of real advantaged in both politeness and evolutionary sense.
  10. Danm

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    If you are carrying a 10mm glock this would be a natural companion weapon. I just wish that we could get past this current trend of selling firearms that don't have sights on them. I like scopes too but if it gets dinged you just are hosed as far as any accuracy beyond a relatively short range. Pistol calibers actually make great assault weapons. The 10mm for example has almost twice the relative knockdown factor of a 5.56 nato round. If I have attackers inside 50 yards I WANT all the KO power that I can get. I'm not at war I'm trying to survive. I want to kill my attacker not assault them and create casualties. Even in WW2 the venerable old Thompson in 45ACP was well known for its ability to stop in urban and jungle warfare. The simpler M-3 "Grease gun" in the 45APC was also well received. bullet diameter in inches X bullet weight in grains X velocity in feet per second divided by 7000. (The 7000 represents how many grains there are in a pound. This makes the number a factor of foot/pounds of energy.)
  11. Danm

    Distress Signal?

    It never hurts to have any odd and repetitious behavior checked out. If it was a kid just playing around they lose interest REALLY fast. This could actually be someone in distress that only knows in the most rudimentary way how to signal their distress. Even if it is the police will most likely just do a basic drive by and check but it doesn't hurt to get it on their radar. That way if other strange things happen there they will be more likely to look at it seriously. I'm with you, give them a call.
  12. Danm

    I live in a land of idiots

    Things like burning the flag and waving the damn Mexican flag while attacking Americans who are legally going about there rightful business just trips all my breakers. THEN to listen to the talking heads saying that this is Trumps fault was just more than I could take. We've GOT to give up being stupid and protect our freedom or we are going to lose it. I'm not real big on just turning things over to God. I'm a big believer in the idea that God helps those t hat help themselves. Sometimes when you go limp and stupid and leave it up to God you end up like the Jews. They might indeed be the chosen people but I wouldn't say that it has been a big easy party for them. In Israel they have finally learned that it is better to thank God for help than just depend of God to do all the work. The thing about prayer is that people forget that sometimes the answer is no and you need to have plan B ready to roll in. Looking back through my life I will tell you for a fact that some of God's best calls were no when I so wanted to get a yes. LOL, Long views ahead are a lot like hindsight I guess. Indeed "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."
  13. Danm

    I live in a land of idiots

    The thing that eats me. There is being a nice person and there is being a freaking FOOL, SUCKER, IDIOT... There is being a good and compassionate person and there is being freaking INSANE. What would you call a person that saw a deadly poisonous snake laying on the ground freezing to death that picked it up and put it inside his shirt to save it from freezing? American???????
  14. I'm sorry but I guess that I live in a land populated by idiots. Somebody please explain to me how it is good for the country and right for people to burn the American flag while waving a Mexican flag and attacking Americans leaving a Trump rally. THAN they blame it on TRUMP???? I wish that they would bring that shit to Texas. If you go up the side of my head with something I'll put a legal and much deserved bullet in your chest!! Maybe SEVERAL. I'm sad for the people of California but this is what they deserve with their sanctuary cities and only criminals allowed to have and carry guns. The illegal invadors out there are killing them left and right and they seem to feel that it is a special right that goes with their “special” status. Kind of like the right of Black people in Baltimore to kill each other. So many of those North Midwestern cities have become insanly violent hell holes since the Black lives matter thing seems to mean that they can kills as part of their right to express themselves ethnicity. I have family and friends in several of these major cities and it is getting rough!! Indianapolis, St. Lewis, LA and Chicago to be specific. America, if it is going to survive, is going to have to actually enfores the laws on the books. We don't neem more or new laws. We need to make the laws we have work for and on EVERYBODY. We don't need more gun laws. It is already illegal for convicted fellons to possess guns. It is already against the law to use guns to harm, threaten or intimidate people with guns except in defense. We damn sure don't need more laws protecting the rights of GROUPS of Americans. It is already a law that we are all supposed to be treated the same and by GOD we need to do that. Cops that treat minorities wrong should be punished and then fired. People that disobey, attack, run from or even verbslly assault police should be taken into cutady, punished and imprisoned. Illegal Mexicans caught in America should be fingerprinted, retinal scanned and facial recon=gnition skans taken then deported after their jail time if they have committed a crime other than being here. The second time fine, they like it here, put them to work in prison camps for twenty years. They are NOT American citizens and are NOT covered by the constitutional rights OF American citizens so no trial just straight off to the prisons. I don't give a pinch of dry dog poop about your freedoms of speech when you burn the American Flag. Too many good men and now women have died for what it stands for to allow that sort of crap. I have on more than one occasion stopped and told people that had raggidy flags that were only flying by one worn out corner to either take it down or fly it right or I would do it for them. That is the one time that burning a flag is the right thing to do but you do it with RESPECT for the people before that died for it. America has got to find its...I guess balls is as good as anything. We need to stop being the nice guy all the time and regain some self-respect. That means that ALL lives matter and ALL people follow the same rules. Affirmative action is just simply reverse discrimination and discrimination is wrong and constitutionally forbidden. Illegal Aliens are criminals and should be treated as such and people that aid and abet criminals are criminals TOO. No more “sanguinary” cities. ALL cities are sanctuaries for AMERICANS only everyone else is just a visitor. Visitors either follow the rules or get thrown out. Let's all say it together...ISLAMIC TERRORISTS, RADICAL ISLAMICS!!!!!! There if you said it with me you have more backbone than our commander and chief. They are killing Americans and Christians in general. We ARE at war with them. THAT is a fact. Now that said, it does not mean that we are at war with Muslims or the Islamic faith. Say it again, RADICAL Islamic terrorists. Note the first word...RADICAL! Now what does that mean? Well it should mean that if you are on the lookout for terrorists you need to give Muslim people a little harder look than say a redheaded redneck from Texas. THAT is comon sense...something that our leadership is TOTASLLY without. The way it works now is the 80 year old black lady and the 50 year old fat white guy from Mobile will get pulled out for the Full Monty while all the obvious Muslims walk through untouched because well to look at them twice is racial profiling and wrong. If the police did it this way there wouldn't be any black people in our prisons. If you were robbed by a tall skinny black person they would only be allowed to question white and brown people, probably overweight short ones, in connection with that crime. Back to my start, I live in a land of IDIOTS!!!