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    survival tips and tricks

    It also works in a pinch to apply to cotton for tinder, like putting vaseline on cotton balls. Helps it act as a wick to burn longer. I am sure you all know this, but since it wasn't mentioned in your post, thought I would add it.
  2. sherlockian100

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    In a metal candy tin, I carry some bark from an Australian paper bark tree (highly flammable stuff), vaseline covered cotton in a water proof canister along w some matches, in an altopids tin some dryer lint, jute twine, a ferrocerium rod and striker, a lighter. Oh and some Charred cloth. All this is in that candy tin. In an emergency bushcrafting situation I don't want to be without fire because I didn't have the right thing for conditions, so I kind of prepared for any conditions...Ive been cold and unable to get a fire going. It sucked.
  3. sherlockian100

    Helping to bring the wife on

    I thought it was very adorable, and a good sign. My wife came home with some gear for the B.O.B. that she has been working on, which means, she took it upon herself to go to a camping supply store, without my prompting it. I used to have to beg her to go with me. I think maybe, she enjoys it more than she is letting on???
  4. sherlockian100

    Year end Inventory..

    Funny this thread just came out. Just last night, I went through all of my food preparations and redirected everything that was about to be expired (to be eaten now and replaced with something fresher).
  5. sherlockian100

    Helping to bring the wife on

    I hear what you're saying and I agree. And I wouldn't want to continue doing it, but I figured for the very first time, I didn't want her to discouraged by a failure. Next time, I might try say using a natural tinder, and if it fails, I can simply remind her she did it last tie and encourage her to keep trying. But as I said, for the first time, I didn't want a failure. Iknow her, she would get discouraged and just tell me to do it. But, your point is valid.
  6. sherlockian100

    Helping to bring the wife on

    Well we went on a two night camping and hiking trip. I stayed away (for this trip) from anything that she may find "yuky" I brought one meal of the freeze dried Mountain House meals, and ate "real food" the rest of the time. She actually liked the scrambled egg mauntain house, I got her into having fun building a fire utilizing a fire steel and the new Mora knife that I bought just for her, which she thought was really cool making fire w her new knife, and I made it easy on her "using a good fire gel (so I could guarantee success) fearing that if she failed her first time, she would get discouraged. I also took off on a hike and had her use our topo map/compass, to lead us back to camp. So, overall, she says she had a really good time and wants to go again next weekend....PROGRESS. Thanks for all the great advice. Now I have to figure out what to do on our next trip, as Capt Bart said, "Baby Steps."
  7. sherlockian100

    Bushcraft USA

    This site BushcraftUSA is also doing free on-line bushcraft classes. Its a pretty cool concept. Take a look at it.
  8. sherlockian100

    Cell Phone Apps for Preppers

    I have an Android app that was free called "Prepper Plan It" It is an inventory app of all the items I have/use. So, if it is time to re-order something, or if I don't have it yet, but want it, the app lets me know. The only down fall is the time it takes to put your initial inventory into the app.
  9. sherlockian100

    What have you done today to better your Prep?

    Usually, I am adding or improving things in my BOB or my closet. I have a closet, ready for bugging in, I have a BOB, so if I can't stay and don't have time to load up my car, I can grab my bag and go, but I realized I don't really have a survival kit for say hiking, fishing, etc. And, there is a site I follow, who used to recommend building this kit, but 6 weeks ago, he started selling it So today I ordered one. I have been following him for some time and this kit seems very complete. It is the one at the very top of the page, and he doesn't charge for shipping, so it is also IMO a very good price. Check it out here I also received today a Mora knife that I ordered for my wife, you can check that out here
  10. sherlockian100

    Helping to bring the wife on

    Actually not a bad idea at all. She is a school teacher....Thanks for the input and time.
  11. sherlockian100

    hand gun questions

    I agree w/2how for your first handgun, I would go with a revolver. You are far less likely to have misfires to to improper handling with a semi auto. If you have experience firing a semi auto, then were back to your original question and I would have to say, as a retired police officer, I am not only a fan of the Glock, but of the 40 S&W round. I have seen a 9mm round not penetrate a leather jacket. had I not seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. Granted it was not a defensive round, but still, Im just saying. No offense intended to fans of the 9mm.
  12. sherlockian100

    Popcan Stove

    If you check out m4040's website, he sells them for like $6.99 . here is a link scroll to the bottom of his page.
  13. sherlockian100

    Helping to bring the wife on

    Regulator. My situation is a little differrent than Stickhorse. My wife agrees that it is important, she agrees that the potential is there, does not think I'm being paranoid, she just seems to want me to worry about it for her. She kind of acts as if as long as I have it handled, all is good. And thats fine except, if it goes south, she will so far out of her comfort zone, she'll be shocked, so I just am looking for ways to get her to get more hands on. Thanks.
  14. sherlockian100

    Helping to bring the wife on

    Thanks, Ill take a look at that.
  15. Ok, let me start by saying, my wife is on board with the idea of prepping. When I first started prepping about 5 years ago, she thought I was "just being silly." She has since come around from that perspective, and has seen the potential seriousness, and has even helped in building her own BOB. I started taking her camping and what not, to get her used to being away from the comforts of life. She enjoys it. I have planned a 3 day camping trip for this weekend and suggested we try to rough it a little more than she is used to (she does rough it a little more and more each time. So, I suggested teaching her how to use some of her prepped items, such as buliding a fire with her ferro rod and gathered tinder, actually purifying some water with tabs, to give her an idea of taste, etc. Not bringing groceries in a cooler, but rather sustaining the 3 days on MRE's and freeze dried, etc. She kind of turns her nose up to it. So, its like she is on board, as long as she is not inconvenienced. Has anyone else experienced this? What are some ideas to overcome it? Perhaps get her to want to try some of these things? Ideas to maybe make it more fun for her at first. I'm just scared that if that time comes where she is forced to do some of these things, even for a short time, she be completely culture shocked. If I can get her more used to it, perhaps not. Any ideas would be great. Sherlockian