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  1. bronco350

    Cotton balls + vaseline

    I've done it both ways as well and unless you have latex gloves melting the Vaseline is much cleaner. One other tip, you really don't need to use an entire cotton ball to build a fire. I have built fires using about one quarter of the ball. Of course if conditions suck then you might need the whole thing.
  2. bronco350


    I'm a Chef and I can tell you that we leave Tabasco, Heinz 57, A1, Cholula, Worcestershire sauce, and other similar sauces out after opening. Have you ever seen how they make Tabasco? Once the Tabasco peppers are picked and mashed they are placed in whiskey type barrels for fermentation, I think up to six months. Then salt and distilled vinegar are added. It's a pretty simple process for such a good product.
  3. bronco350

    Popcan Stove

    Here's one tip, drill the holes before you cut the can. The can becomes to weak once cut and may crease or bend. One other thing I left out is that you have to cut slits vertically in the top piece, about eight even slits will do, just don't go past curve. This allows you to slip the top into the bottom. The best place to find ideas on the stoves would be you tube. Just type in popcan stove or alcohol stove. Have fun.
  4. bronco350

    often forgotten

    Here's one that I've never seen. What about a long piece of surgical tubing for a Hawaiian sling? I lived near the ocean at one point during my life and my of my friends used these slings for spear fishing. All it takes is a tip, a long sturdy straight stick or pole and something that stretches. Could be used in clear streams or lakes as well.
  5. bronco350

    Popcan Stove

    The answer is yes biblenguns. I used one can cut into three pieces, the top with flat drink area removed and 16 holes drilled around the side, the bottom, and an inner baffle wall cut from the middle section of can. The three pieces fit together and you have a stove that can burn either HEET which costs about 2.40 per 12fl oz here in Denver or denatured alcohol which costs about 8.00 for a gallon I believe. I have uploaded two pictures. One is of the stove put together and the other shows it in three pieces. From left to right, bottom, inner baffle, and top. Keep in mind that this was my first attempt so the its a bit rough and I had to drink a few beers for back up and spare parts cans.
  6. bronco350

    Popcan Stove

    Has anyone ever used a popcan stove in the field? I just built my first stove and was curious how it stood up. The stove is built from a single beer can and fueled with HEET fuel antifreeze. Using a bit less than one quarter cup of HEET the stove boiled one and half cups of water in just over 8 minutes and the total burn time was 18 minutes 10 seconds. The test was preformed at just over 5400 ft elevation and the temperature was 25 degrees F with little wind. The stove weighs less than 1/4 oz and one bottle of HEET weighs in at about 14 oz. Weighing less than one pound the stove and fuel are going in my BOB.
  7. bronco350

    My BOV's BOB

    Our BOV would depend on the situation. If the event required a trip into the mountains for a few days to a week then my 2000 TRD 4X4 Tacoma would be ideal. It's equipped with clothes, blankets, tools and a few other basic road emergency supplies plus my BOB. If the event required a complete evacuation with no return, my wife's car gets far better fuel mileage than my truck does. Of course I have been considering purchasing a fuel tank for my trucks bed. If that happened then my truck would be ideal.