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    Getting Started

    Maybe your buddy will tumble your brass for you. If he did 500 rounds it would probably take awhile to load and shoot all of it. I would take the plunge and buy the accessories. You still need the scale, caliper, and assoc. stuff to check loads on a progressive press too. If you buy brass alot of times it comes tumbled and cleaned.
  2. Packaged Chaos

    .380 ACP recipes

    Anyone have a good recipe for .380 ACP 95 grain FMJ loads? I have Solo 1000 powder now and use 4.3 grains for my 9mm 125 grain loads. I would like to use the same powder since I am just making these for my dad right now and the closest reloading shop is 1.5hrs away. These will be shot out of a Kahr, LCP , and Bodyguard if that helps.
  3. Packaged Chaos

    9mm Bulk Range Fodder Recipes

    Precision Bullet 9mm 125 gr., 4.3 grains of Solo 1000 yields me 1000 fps out of my Glock 19. Just meets the IDPA power factor. I also chrono'd Winchester White Box and get an avg of over 1100 fps, but the high vs low was really large.
  4. Packaged Chaos

    Cell Phone Apps for Preppers

    Scanner Radio and Knots Guide on Android
  5. Packaged Chaos

    3 Things I don't Have, What to get first?

    Try to stay out of debt, that will help in the long run. What about a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle? All can be had pretty cheap. That might get you back and forth this spring, summer, and fall, then you can save up to buy a cheap car to get through winter. Learn to be hands on - change oil, rotate tires, plugs and wires (even if its not your own - the family car) and work on skills. A chilton's manual or likewise will help to diagnose problems. Are you in an urban or rural setting? I would guess pretty urban being in an apartment. Is there any public transportation available? What are your interests as far as jobs or studies?
  6. Packaged Chaos

    New Madrid Zone, where do you go?

    Just wondering what everyone who lives in the New Madrid Fault zone plans to do if their area is affected by a future quake. Ideally I would head west towards less populated areas but that entails crossing the Mighty Mississippi since I am in West TN. I thought that most crossings would likely be damaged or highly congested. That might push me towards going east. Any crossings that might not show up on Google Maps that anyone knows of?
  7. Packaged Chaos

    Fishing Gear for the Prepper

    There was a post or article on Survival Blog that mentioned the Yo-Yo Fishing Reels and one other. I can't remember the name but once tripped the wires in v-Shape sprung apart reeling in the fish on a leader. If anyone can remember the name please let me know.
  8. I was contemplating what all I need to have in my truck to get home from work should I break down or there be a natural disaster. Tornadoes, high wind storms, and flooding being the most recent disasters to hit the area. I got to thinking I live 27 miles from work. On foot with the hills and everything I would be doing good to make that in 10 hours of constant walking without stopping. Seems pretty far fetched to plan to walk home. I was thinking what I needed was a bike that didn't take up the whole bed of my truck, then I could cut the time down to probably 2-3 hours if I had to go the full distance. Anyone have a similar situation or have experience with a foldable bike? I am open to ideas.