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  1. mattlbs

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    Also just a simple "security" sign or door/window stickers (you can actually make these yourself on your home pc and printer will deter a lot of theft. Thugs are generally lazy. It's a lot easier to break into the house with no security than one that advertises it. Anyway, I know I've sort of taken this away from the original premise of the thread, but just thought it was worth adding.
  2. mattlbs

    Bug-In Castle Defense

    Anyone who really really wants to get into most homes will be able to, but there are some things you can do to make your home a bit safer (more so for the typical break in type scenario than for end of the world). You can plant plants around your windows such as barberry which have pretty purple/red leaves to keep the wife happy, yet are literally a PITA covered in thorns that will prevent people from wanting to come in via that route. You can also screw your windows shut, which makes them harder to pop out of the tracks. You can replace your exterior doors with steel and hang them so that they open out and not in as typical doors do. It's a lot harder to kick in a door opening out than one opening in. Oh and those little brass wood screws that come in all door lock, dead bolt kits. Throw those away. Go to the hardware store and get 4 inch screws to replace them with.
  3. I am loving this thread. I am new to the site and every one of you are inspiring me to get more prepared for me and my family. Please keep the ideas coming. You may not think what you have to add is valuable but there are those of us out there that are taking notes.