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    Born and raised on a large family farm. Decided farming wasnt for me, joined the army at 19, 3 year enlistment as Infantry. Moved around alot after the army, did some private security, and lots of odd jobs before settling back in Minnesota around the age of 30. Married and settled down (some lol) now.

    Currently working in a ginormous freezer as a forklift driver, loading and unloading trucks with frozen veggies.
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    South East Minnesota
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    Riding motorcycle, playing any kind of sport, reading, video games, frisbee golf, working out
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    Forklift driver
  1. I picked up its big brother since I really liked the design and quality for the price, but wasnt as happy with how small it was. Here is a link to the larger size: The rambler sling pack is basically the same as the rover when it comes to pocket layout and organization. The differences are, the water bottle pouch, the concealed carry pouch (zippered access), and the shoulder strap is fixed to go over your left shoulder. Which should only really affect left handed people who plan on possibly shooting with the bag on. I really like the size much better on the rambler, very close to a standard school backpack in size, with way more organization than one of those. While I havent really used it roughly, Im happy with it so far.
  2. Schoeny

    What to do????

    Navyvet said pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I would also second the idea to get the kids into camping, and to have a GHB in the daughters car. And if the relationship is still cordial with the kids mother, you might want to consider the idea of having her come with the kids also. This is dependant on several factors of course... is she reliable, honest, trustworthy, etc. And could you live with her without either you or your husband killing her? (figureatively speaking of course)
  3. Schoeny

    BOB opinion: 'Nam era ALICE pack?

    I saw large ALICE packs w/ frame on ebay for around 30$. And I found large ALICE packs at the store Fleet Farm for 18. ALICE packs are rugged and a large can hold a ton of gear, and are quite affordable. I personally have a large one for my BoB. However I plan on upgrading to the new MOLLE ruck when I can afford it (which is gonna be a while lol). The newer packs have more pockets and its easier to organize your gear. I suppose it just depends on how much money you have to spend, and which features are important to you.
  4. Schoeny

    Long distance survival

    First you have to decide what your going to do (not attempt). Sounds like your for sure going to go check in with your parents in the Atlanta area. Second you are going to leave for Germany to get to your wife. If you would consider modifying that somewhat... Invest in some ham radios for you, your parents and your wife. You might be able to skip the trip to your parents if you are in contact with them already via shortwave. Then you drive to ports and see what you can do to find a berth on a ship heading to europe. Either buy passage with something tangible (gold/silver), work as a crewman, or perhaps hire on as security if you are armed. I would also invest in a -good- bycicle and rack for your car. Because hopefully you will be able to drive until you find a ship, but if for whatever reason you cant, a bike would be 10x better than having to walk.
  5. Schoeny

    New guy form Wisconsin

    Nice to see another upper midwest guy here, there are way to many texans on this board
  6. Ok, for food ideas you have already had some excellent ideas. A couple more would be the dehydrated backpacking meals if you want to go as light as possible. Someone mentioned peanuts, another good option, but I would go with trail mix instead personally. I make my own, a mix of peanuts, cashews, almonds, MM's, raisins, and dried cranberries. I guess I dont know this for sure, but I think that a mix like that would provide a little better variety of nutrition. You also said that handguns arent legal in France. Are rifles, shotguns, or submachine guns legal? (just wondering what you could legally own) Anyway, something to consider, if your finances permit would be gold/silver coins. If your hoping to buy a handgun after some SHTF event, I would go with gold coins. And I would have at least 4x what a gun normally costs. Because lets face it, people are greedy. If its getting nasty in the world, people will be selling guns for much more than they are worth right now. And if your trying to buy a 'black market' type of firearm, you may need to go 10x or more what they are worth.
  7. Schoeny

    Good morning from CO!

    Welcome, your not in a unique situation lol. Ask questions, people here enjoy throwing out ideas to help others. Hope you enjoy the forum
  8. Schoeny

    ATF approved AR-15 stock, turns AR-15 full auto!

    Just my personal opinion, but full auto is completely worthless except for wasting money. It is wildly inacurate, and unless your a millionaire, its a toy to play with I guess if you have never shot full auto before. But for prepping purposes I would not recommend getting one. Now if you just want it for fun, go for it
  9. Im sure some things have changed about basic training since 1993 when I went through it in Ft Benning GA, but I will tell you what I can. First off everyone that has said fitness is 100% correct. You sound like your in pretty good shape, if you really want to excel, try and double what you are doing now. And practice carrying a 40 lb ruck for 5 miles at a 4 mph pace. Hydration is #1, and the DIs will make sure that hits home. If you are a smoker or chewer, QUIT NOW. There is absolutely nothing worse than going through nicotine withdrawls while in physical pain from all the exercise, while the DIs do thier best to break you mentally. Do not take anything expensive with you, like an ipod, laptop or ipad, expensive headphones. All of your civilian stuff will be taken and stored somewhere separate from you, and things tend to disappear from storage. Be a robot, do not improvise! Basic training is teaching you to follow orders, no matter how retarded. Just work with a will, dont complain, and do what your told. Find others in your platoon/squad that are like you and try to set a good example. Never volunteer for anything, and never snitch. Sounds like you should have a relatively easy time of it though if you have already been doing all that you say you have. Just keep your head down, do your time, and once you get into AIT and your permanent unit, then you can shine.
  10. Schoeny

    Hi From la Belle France

    Welcome Dangerwolfe, always nice to have someone who lives outside the US who can give us some outside perspective. Hope you like the forum, its been highly instructive to me.
  11. Schoeny

    Do You Believe In Aliens and UFO's

    Personally I think the universe is too large for there not to be another form of intelligent life. I dont really buy into flying saucers though. I just hope we can recognize it as intelligence , if they are *vastly* different from us. Of course hot blue alien chicks would be a huge plus
  12. Schoeny

    Firearms for a group

    Hmmmm, unless I am way wrong, a .357 in semi auto is a necked down .40 cal case. Not interchangeable with a .357 revolver. I *think* the semi auto caliber is called .357 sig, for differentiating between the two.
  13. Schoeny

    Firearms for a group

    I suppose that I should make a few things clear, so that everyone knows what I am thinking. I grew up on a large family farm. I mean very large, thousands of acres, thats how it supports so many of my family. Its located in SE Minnesota, so no real large predator or even game animals. There is the occasional small black bear, but I only hear of a sighting in our area maybe once a year. No moose or elk or anything like that around here. The terrain is rolling hills. Visibility for rifle shots probably averages ~500 yards. From the top of the silos and grain elevators, maybe a mile. If things ever did get bad, there is no way we could defend the entire place even with a full battalion, its spread over 30 miles. But there are at least 2 locations with grain elevators that I would like to try and occupy/defend. I say that because one location is only 2 miles outside a city of 100,000, and the other site only 15 miles. Both visible from a pretty major highway. And since it is a farm, and easily seen, I can see the need for a strong deterrent. I dont envision lots of combat... but if someone is starving, and you dont make it clear that not only are you willing, but very able to defend what is yours... well you get the idea. --edit to add-- This same highway is one of two major routes south for a MUCH larger major metro area, which is only ~90 miles away. Im not a huge pistol fan, but in the context of working a farm during a SHTF event, I think they would be 100% necessary for ease of carry while working. Its hard to carry a scoped hunting rifle while chasing cattle on foot lol. But a pistol holstered on your hip would be doable. Hopefully that makes the situation Im in a little more clear.
  14. Schoeny

    Firearms for a group

    My hypothetical is for a set BoL. I dont have the money to do any of this, but Im wondering if I should make a plan to work towards. Maybe steer some of my familys firearm purchases towards whatever plan I come up with. Im curious as to whether people would prefer a small range of calibers; like 50% 9mm, 50% .45, etc. If you did that, you would be more likely to be able to use any scrounged or ammo gotten in trade. And there will always be some oddball cal weapons that people already own and will bring along. For instance my dad owns my old 357 sig, and a brother in law has a 7mm mag hunting rifle. Or do you go all one make and caliber, for ease of maintaining them and your ammo stock?
  15. Schoeny

    Firearms for a group

    Thanks Warrior7r, that post got me thinking. Im thinking of the .308 in light of my personal experiences with a belt fed weapon, and carrying ammo in belts of 100, rather than mags of 20. Not to mention no spare barrel or tripod, plus the weapon itself is plain heavier than an AR-10, or one of the new M14 conversions. Can I ask what you carried? I know there is the socom III, and a troy conversion, and probably several others I am not familiar with. Another thing I dont know much about, but have considered some is sub machine guns in pistol calibers, that use interchangeable mags with whatever pistols you use. Anyone have an opinion on those?