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  1. I have for sale a 1/2 acre mountain lot in Timberon,NM for sale.It is one hour North of El Paso, the Sacramento Mountains.Very secluded and remote.There are some one hundred or so residents that live there.It has stand by water which means the water is at the property plus electricity is one lot behind.I bought this property some years ago to build a cabin on it but never got around to it.You can also camp on it for i think six months per year.Taxes are $55.00 per year and the water stand by is i think $45.00. Email if you if your interested.

  2. Capt i believe i have everything since i last posted.I got the bag situation down to three choices.1. medium molle transport bag.2. blackhawk 3 day assult bag.# level 3 molle assult bag.I have spent too much time reading what other people have.Oh well thats why i joined.To get educated from people that have been prepping for years.I was wondering how do i find people in my area that are preppers i can maybe split purchases on stuff or maybe just talk.

  3. Rick i had a kodak M863 that was great had the little square battery and memory car took great pictures and i could use my solar charger to charge the battery.After st pattys day it broke im looking for another but could only find one on ebay from canada.Im still looking for a very cheap digital camera.

    ok guys i need a camera.

    im in need of a camera something like a nikon cool pix in size.

    whats important to me is being able to do good HD video/recording and good upclose pic's.

    i know there has bound to be a camera nut on here. so who can help me?

    oh, i dont want to spend an arm and a leg either.

  4. Lam,

    I second the filter. I'd also look at a minimum of one box of 50 rounds (in the box is OK) to reload the LCR. I'd also add a couple of fire starters. A box of waterproof matches/fire stick/Zippo & spare fuel/flint and steel. Something to start a fire with and a backup for when the first method doesn't work or is lost.


    Find a backpack that works for you. The BSA has some good stuff as does Mil surplus. I hesitate to recommend a backpack because they are very individual. The army surplus has enough justifiability to fit most folks but even so, you need to make sure it works for you. Also look to see if you can put things in places you need them. You don't want to have to unpack everything to get to the binoculars or water purifier. Some folks use a vest instead of a pack and others use the web belt systems that the army uses. I have some web gear for holster, canteen, binoculars, and spare magazines. My pack has spare shoes, dry clothes, more water, first aid kit space blanket. My signal flare launcher is in the pack for security as is a week of my meds; they can be moved outside if needed. Some things can be in your EDC of course (my fire starters are EDC as are my knifes and weapons. Yours may be in the BOB, on you EDC or both. (I have a fixed blade survival knife that will go on the belt if TSHTF for example).


    I hope this helps.


    Yes as usual.Im better packing a three day bag.Once a year i travel with friends to the Mid Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Festival.I camp there and have all my equipment.But this time i want to see if i can survive w/o leaving everynight for dinner.I will bring enough food and water to keep me going.This will be a good test for me and my preparedness.Plus the entire trip is about a week with travel time.I could practice this being my Bug Out Trip.Having enough supplies for a week less gas of course.Its in August so i have enough time to plan.Plus i travel to NC to get friends they have many army surplus stores there more so than in Fla.

  5. Lam,

    We have a solar charger and it does work well. A note of caution. Ours will charge up a phone overnight using its internal battery. The catch is it then takes quite a whild to recharge that internal battery, especially if bright sunshine isn't available.

    After trying to charge the phone/kindle (we've used ours for both) time how long it takes to fully recharge itself. That will be a good to know piece of intel for the future.


    Capt ok i have collected most items i need for what im prepping for but my backpack is not working out.I need to find a cheap backpack with a lot of pockets and hiding places for my stuff.I still want to use a backpack as get home bag. I have been looking but cant make up my mind.Here are the things I now carry in my GHB.


    1.Ruger lcp with one clip.

    2.Two 1 Liters of water.

    3.Switchblade knife.

    3.First aid kit I put togather .

    5.Small pair of binoculars I got for free at the daytona 500.

    6.Energizer wind up light.

    7.Enerigzer head lamp.

    8.Pen with a cool led light at the other end.

    9.Florida Air Academy cadet handbook. dated 1970

    10.Four power bars and two protein bars.


    any recommendations on stuff and new backpack?

  6. Doc can you recommend a mri and maybe some power bars i seem to have trouble with the food part.I live in S Fla.So its always hot and humid.Im thinking some chia seeds also.Just for my GHB we are talking about. I

    IF your only planning on 24 hours you could get away with one mre in your bag Lam, by eating different parts of it you can make them last for quite a while. I keep three in mine and could make them last a day each most likely. I also keep 2 gallons of water in my truck. My GHB has a change of clothes, 3 mres, roap, kbar knife, 50 rounds of 40 cal ammo, extra mag for my EDC pistol, city map and state map, compass, signal mirror and water bottle. its not alot but im usually within 5 miles of home so I feel it is more than sufficient. I also keep a fairly well equiped med kit in my truck. Dont buy the premade ones they suck and usually are very lacking.

  7. What iam doing is working on my GHB.This is my gear i need because im on the road everyday doing jobs. I already have my EDC stuff but my GHB will have enough food an water for 24 hours.I might be caught on the interstate in bumber to bumber traffic.This type of emergency is what im planning for now.Need advice on food/energy bars and any other type of sustinence and how many.

  8. Which army survival manual are you refering to id like to buy one.thanks

    My EDC includes flashlight, GPS, Army survival manual, first aid manual, watch, and phone.(Actually all of these are downloaded onto my cellphone) other items include Leatherman Wave multitool, 3 energy bars, zippo lighter, tinder, small sewing kit, and 3 bandaids.

  9. Damn was this in the Tampa area?You are right about training.Im big and strong and run everyday.Once when my wife and i went to a Miami Heat game.After the game we were walking back to the car.Someone was sassing me about my wade jersey or something.As we walked he kept it up I stopped and said TURN AROUND AND WALK AWAYw/o turuning around.If i turned around i was prepared for combat.Luckly he called my bluff.

  10. Im going to use my backpack for the time being as a edc.In case im stuck on the road and cant get home.I go to jobs everyday with my work van and it will be inside.Update:Just bought a 5 watt 1 amp solar charger for my cell phone.Im looking at it now.I will post how it works when i use it a few times.I remember when hurricane wilma came we were w/o power for two weeks.Plus the some of the cell towers were down.They all have generators now as does publix stores.Im prepping myself to get home if there is a event.If im stuck in traffic when TSHTF i want to be prepared.

  11. Very interesting im working on my bag.Something i will have in my car all the time or my work van.If you call this a edc thats fine.I have been researching different bags.This bag i will get i can carry with me if i have to walk home or something.I think for the moment i waill carry one of my kids black backpacks.I plan on visiting the local army navy surplus stor this weekend for ideals.The things i will have will be all necessary and needed but not too heavy.Just enough stuff in case i have to spend the night on the highway. a e

    My Kel Tec P11 is no fun to shoot. It recoils more than I like, is hard to aim and has a stiff trigger. That said it is almost never not in my pocket! Rule number 1 of the rules for a gun fight is to have a gun! I shoot it for practice; I shoot my SAA because it is fun to shoot and I enjoy myself.


    OK, I'm going to disagree with socal just a bit; I prefer a shotgun as the long gun of choice for over penetration issues (I don't want to endanger someone at the end of the block because I went through the perp, the wall and kept on going) but in this case a 5.56 or a .30 carbine is a nice compromise. Plenty of punch up close and a limited over penetration problem.


    A hand gun is NEVER the best gun for a fight. There is ALWAYS a better weapon except that you don't have it with you. Was it Cooper who said "your handgun is to fight your way back to where you left your rifle"? I basically agree. If I knew I was going to be in a gun fight, I'd be someplace, almost ANY place, else. That as a given, there's a reason the military issues carbines and rifles instead of handguns. If you are issued a handgun it is only because your MOS keeps you from having a rifle.


    If I could have ONLY one gun, it would likely be a shotgun. If two, a shotgun and a .22LR. A third adds a carbine or rifle in .30 caliber something. The fourth would be a handgun. The handgun's strength is conceal-ability and carry-ability. It is the weapon I'll have when TSHTF away from home. Just make sure the caliber is large enough to deal with the threat (Grizzly bears are not impressed with 9mm). It is your up close and personal, I never should have put my rifle down, NOW what am I going to do plan Y. Plan Z is my knife but you NEVER get out of a knife fight without bleeding yourself, even if you live. If you've pulled that handgun, you are in real trouble and it is your last line of effective defense.

  12. Yeah that makes sense.Now i have a range to master.Back to the range.How much ammo should i have?It is a small gun.Where is the cheapest place to buy ammo?can you buy ammo online through the mail?

    You know, having a CC doesn't mean you must carry, it just gives you the option. So having the CCWP just gives you more flexibility in what you can legally do to protect yourself/your family depending on the current risks present in your area.


    As for what to do with it, go shoot it until you can comfortably put bullets into a torso sized target at about ten meter (I would think with that particular pistol being able to put all of your rounds on the inside of the 4 ring on e-type silhouette would be acceptable). Then take it out and shoot it every six months or so, will keep you from forgetting how to use it.

  13. Hey Lam,

    I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I'd like to throw a quick comment in on your pistol trigger. If it's a fighting pistol having a heavier trigger will work to your advantage (and let's be honest, that little Ruger isn't made for hunting or competitive target shooting). Once your adrenaline kicks in that 25lb trigger with the mile long pull becomes a half pound trigger with a 16th of an inch pull. It will help you control your shots when your amped, although they are annoying when your target shooting admittedly.


    I really dont know what to do with it.But it is a weapon.I dont have a concelled weapon permit to carry it.Im wondering if i should get one and keep it in my car or house.

  14. Lam,

    gun shops can do trigger jobs but some guns do not lend themselves to the work. I know someone who has a Taurus that the gunsmith said trying to work on the trigger was extremely difficult due to design. He didn't want to try for fear of ruining the trigger and the part was no longer available.


    Your EDC exists - it is what is in your pockets at all times. The only question is, how complete is the kit? I would make sure it includes a blade (I usually carry 3 or 4), a fire starter (I have multiple), I would really encourage a multitool (I have Leatherman, others like Gerber, and I have 2), I like a rescue whistle (mine cost a couple of bucks-has a magnifying glass, compass and small mirror). That is a solid EDC. One of my knifes is a Swiss Army (the can opener is the most used - I also have two other openers (P38 and P51) on me).


    Remember, 2 is 1, 1 is none. Also, your EDC is what you ALWAYS have with you. That is what you will have if TSHTF is so fast, all you can do is run, not even time to pick up the BOB. Add enough stuff to let you get by for 24 hours. Remember the EDC is designed to keep you alive until you can get to your BOB or to let you build the things you need if you can't get to the BOB.


    Every other kit assumes you have your EDC on you. I'd get it up to speed as a first priority but I also wouldn't delay starting on my BOB; that is your 72 hour kit. It usually adds water, food, shelter etc. to the EDC.


    Just my not so humble opinion.


    UPDATE:Over the weekend i was out of town did buy a few more items.

    1.Energizer crank up flashlight. 11.00 WM. No Batteries

    2.More water.

    3.Coleman aluminum LED light 75 lumins very bright. 18.00 WM.

    4.Energizer headlight under 5.00 at WM.

    Wanted to share my watch with everyone its a Casio Pathfinder.Has atomic timekeeping, its solar powered,has sensor for barometer.altimeter and digital compass which i carry everyday.


    Also been thinking about my cooking fuel.I have many of those coleman gas canisters for my cookstove and lateren. I might find some more things to use this fuel with.They are cheap and available.

    But for now i will continue to find items for my edc stuff i need for say 24 hous like you said.Is that what you carry in your car all the time?Than its really not on you then.



    Im nevery more than a hour from my house.So i will be thinking about things that i might need to get back to my house.In case i get caught up in something big. I keep coming back to water. Thanks for all the great advice.

  15. Lam,

    IIRC Wilma hit Florida as a Cat 3 or Cat 2 storm. While getting through Wilma OK was a good think, do not make the mistake of thinking if you survived Wilma you could survive a Cat 5 storm. Depending on where you are, bugging in may simply NOT be possible. I've grown up on the Texas coast and I've seen several Cat 4 and a Cat 5; Cat 3 storms are beasts but a Cat 5 is a freaking monster that puts Godzilla to shame. Never plan on gambling with a Cat 4 or 5 storm. You're playing 'you bet your life' with Mother Nature and she is not always a lady.


    I'd recommend not getting a trigger job on the Ruger. One is for legal reasons, have the trigger worked on and a 'crusading' DA will make it out like you were reckless or intended to kill someone. When you're on adrenalin you won't notice that trigger. The other thing is that it sometimes takes 100 to 200 rounds for a trigger to smooth out. If you haven't shot it that much, be patient. If you wish (I recommend this) get some snap caps to practice loading, drawing, presenting, firing, and clearing drills. There are explanations on this in the gun sites.


    I'm a fan of Rugers but if you're not happy, look at something else that might fit you better. Find a gun store that will rent firearms to you and find one to fit your hand. I have one of the solar recharging units from Amazon and it works very well for phones and kindles. The cell towers will have generators (some of them, depends on where) assuming they aren't damaged by a storm. Land lines might actually work before cells so try both.


    I don't duplicate my EDC in my BOB or GHB (Get Home Bag). My EDC is the stuff that I think as a bare minimum will let me survive a TSHTF event. Fire, blade, navigation, some first aid, communications are close to it. Firearm if it is legal where I am. My BOB builds on that. Add water, food, spare clothes, signalling devices, rope, shelter, space blanket etc. My EDC keeps me alive for 24 to 36 hours in order to get to my BOB. My BOB extends that to 3 to 5 days. Since I ALWAYS have my EDC, my BOB can build on that rather than duplicate it.


    Thank you Capt Bart i may need to read your reply many times to fully comprehand your points.

    My local gun shop says the trigger cannot be modified to shoot faster.Iam dissapointed i thought gunsmiths do this kind of work.Oh well

    Should i start to build my edc first or my bob first?

    Can you provide some TSHTF events I might encounter in my area?

    Also the thing im worried about most and want to plan for is hyperinflation and storm events.

  16. Tinderwolf well said i have been planing my bob but decided to work on a edb i cant keep in the car.Seeing im not going anywhere but home.I have read some posts about what to carry.Im studing that now.As far as weapons are concerned my son gave ne a ruger lcp but i dont like it the trigger pull is too much i mean you have to pull the trigger all the way back to fire it.I heard you cannot modify it to make it shoot with a quicker pull.My question is would you keep the same things in your bob as in a everyday carry.I dont know what type of problems you would have not being able to get home.I ant to keep a edb in my vehical that makes more sense to me at the moment.Also looking a a solsr pack to charge my cell phone. Even after wilma we lost our power for two weeks now i heard the cell towers have generators.tAm i thinking right?

  17. You know The Myans had a calender that went up to 12.21.2012 They made it a couple of thousand years ago, I've always wondered it they just got tired of writing. Or maybe the ONE guy that was writing it all down got sick and died and none of the rest of them cared about what date a certain day was going to be on in 2000 years. Maybe they thought we would be smart enough to finish it for our selfs. Man was he wrong;)

    The myan calender could just be resetting every 36k years

  18. Hello I live s florida close to the ocean.Was working on my bob but iam not alone.Just bought impack windows and sliding doors.Today made my first prep purchase ten cases of water and a solar radio on ebay.Here is my deal married have four children two away at school.Moved my home office in one of the bedrooms its 12 x 12 with a closet.This is going to be my command center.Need advise on staying put and basics like food and water.Did survive hurricane wilma w/o power for two weeks that was the hard part.I also have a ruger lcp my son gave me for home defence.How much water should i have and basic food stuff should i keep im going to start for one week.It will all be kept in my home office.I also want to buy a crossbow set.

  19. Im new to prepping live in a small town along the east coast.I have been planning my BOB but thought instead to stay put and hold my ground.I started today with ten cases of water.I have a spare bedroom i moved my home office to.This is going to be my command center and storage area.Its a ten by twelve room with closet.I would like to know what items i can store in this room.I can only store only essentials want water and food to start.I also have a two car garage with hurricane door very sturdy.Also have impact window and sliding doors all around.I have my wife and four childen two are away at school.I would like enough supplies for one week to start.Can anyone make some recommdations.I also have a ruger lcp my son gave me for home defense.Thanks in advance.