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    re-purposing, or how I find new uses for old junk

    I'll jump in here. I recently recieved a box of military surplus items from a buddy of mine. One of the items was a Raine walkie-talkie belt pouch. Since I don't have a radio of this size I wondered what it could be used for. 2 30 rd AR mags fit in the main pouch and a 20 rounder fits in the smaller front pouch. Another item was what appears to be a belt worn camera pouch (non military). I added a shoulder strap I had laying around and use it as a last ditch kit of sorts.
  2. Icemancometh

    What's on your key chain?

    LM Micra, Kershaw ACE, small flashlight and of course keys
  3. Icemancometh

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    You may want to check out the LM Blast. Its a smaller size but has scissors and a saw, which is what I like.
  4. Icemancometh

    Any Muzzleloaders out there?

    Been using a Knight Bighorn Magnum for years. 100 grains of pyrodex pellets with a 250 grain Thompson Center Shockwave sabot. Topped with a Simmons scope. Very accurate, I have never missed with it . Only complaint is the cleaning, the entire gun has to be disassembled to clean it completely.
  5. Icemancometh

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    We use a Coleman brand french press that came off the camping clearance rack at target. Works great and keeps about 95% of the grounds out of your cup.
  6. Icemancometh

    Hello from KY

    Welcome from Louisville.
  7. Icemancometh

    trying to convince family members to Prep.

    My parents know that my wife and I prep. While my parents don't officially prep they have bought a generator and dad grows a small garden. He is an avid hunter and fisherman and could provide for himself if need be. My BIL was an easy convert. He was in my basement one day and asked what was in all the 5 gallon buckets and what was all the food on the shelf for. He was hooked after that. He has since began purchasing guns, ammo and food. I have attempted to work on my wifes parent to no avail. I had suggested to store some food, water and means of cooking and heat. They do store food (due to an hoarding issue) but nothing else. During a 10 day winter power outage they had no way to heat or cook. I thought about loaning my Coleman stove but I was experiencing the same outage. I guess the bottom line is that some people are more receptive. I hear alot of people say "its silly" or "nothing is going to happen". All I can say is that during that 10 day power outage my family was fairly warm, bellies were full and TV and lights were thanks to the genny. Maybe you could suggest they start with power outages and the such in mind and work up from there.
  8. Icemancometh


    I have been deer hunting with a .243 for about 10 years. It has been a great round for me. Never had one get away. Most have gone 30 yards or less. While I wouldn't use it for longer ranges, it is great for what it is.
  9. Icemancometh

    Man VS. Wild: Bear Is Gone

    I was not a fan of Bears tactics but we did watch his show every week. I prefered to use it as a training aid for what not to do. I was always proud of my boys when they would say "why is he doing that?" or "that is dangerous, why not do this instead." If I had to be dropped off the end of the earth I would take Les, Cody or Dave in a heartbeat over the Bear. With the first 3 I would at least have a chance to walk out alive, I am not so sure about it with BG.
  10. Icemancometh

    Any Muzzleloaders out there?

    I have been using a Knight Bighorn Magnum for about 15 years now. Deadly accurate out to about 150 yards. I think I have killed more deer with my ML than any other gun I own. My 15 y/o took a nice 9 pointer last year with his Thompson Center Black Diamond. We use 100 grains of Pyrodex pellets with a 250 grain Thompson Center Shockwave.
  11. Icemancometh

    My BOV

    The only SUV I like better than a Ramcharger is a full size Bronco.
  12. Icemancometh

    Buying New Vest

    I am currently running a 5.11 Tac vest in Flat Dark Earth (FDE). Paid $75 + free shipping directly from 5.11. You will have to add your own pouches, but that gives you the chance to customize it.
  13. Icemancometh

    New guy from Kentucky

    Actually niether. Not much of a college sports fan.
  14. Icemancometh

    New guy from Kentucky

    After lurking for awhile I finally got around to signing up. I have been interested in survival since I was 11 or 12. As I have aged my focus has changed to prepping and urban or suburban survival. I am an avid hunter, fisherman and enjoy camping and hiking. I still have lots to learn but hope I have some to share also.