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  1. Okay, so this may sound a little weird but I think just about everyone should have condoms in their bob. It may seem a little weird but from a psychological standpoint, when people are looking death in the face in a shtf time, some will want one last roll in the hay. Not to mention if it is a long term situation, having a pregnant woman in your group would complicate matters, and then there are the issues of std's. Just something to think about it, take it or leave it....... or make smart ass comments
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    Followed and picture taken incessantly on walk

    Your mom isnt a moive star is she? if not than this is very worrysome.
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    X 1.1 flare incomming
  4. DocWalt81

    secret island.

    How can it be a secret it doesnt even have a cloaking device
  5. who says it cant happen
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    US Army SSG coming Home

    All gave some, some gave all. Rest now ssg your time in hell is done
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    Oh great This seems like a great idea
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    2012 Psychics Prediction from 32 years ago.

    almost makes me wish I spoke french so I knew if thats really what he was saying
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    Military Thread

    Was a combat medic 10th mtn div from 02 to 10. 3 combat tours as a line medic.
  10. Hmmm, wish I had the cash on hand right now. If its still there in a month I'd take em both
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    Sooo, rumor has it that

    An underground bunkers weakest point is the oxygen supply. If its too deep for bunker busters, get to the intakes and a roll of duct tape can take out everyone inside without damaging anything. They either open the door, or suffocate.
  12. If you could choose one survival book what would it be? For me its the Ranger Handbook
  13. In a real life or death fight, your do whatever you have to. Bite off nose, rip off ears, grab and twist balls, whatever it takes. As long as you dont loose, you win.
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    Bugging out and the human race.

    Yeah, right now its just my cat and I in my group lols. Hopefully when SHTF I'll happen upon a decent group.
  15. THey were talking it on CNN as well. But they said it would be no big deal
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    Making Gun Power with Household Items.

    I'm just curious, what would happen if you loaded black powder into the case in a modern firearm, say an AR?
  17. I refused until Army made them mandatory. I asked the nurse that was about to give the shot how many strains of anthrax it protects against. Her response " both of them" there are something like 23 different strains of anthrax. also the vacine has only been show to be effective against cutaneous anthrax ( in the skin) and hasnt been tested against inhalation anthrax ( weaponized form). the shots hurt like a mother too.
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    is he serious???

    Technically we are all traveling through time
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    Where are we going with this?.

    I put a new flag up on my wall today, you may know it. Yellow background with a snake. I'm thinking about putting it on a pole and walking around 4th of july celebrations. That flag fills me with more pride than our official one now.
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    Guns 'n Psycology

    If someone has put my life in danger to a degree that I must defend myself with leathal force, too bad for him. I was a medic in the army and know life is precious, but some lowlifes waste theirs for your wallet. Now if you want to give your assailent a hug and have him talk about his childhood you go right ahead and try. Bet if you survive that the next time you will see things our way
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    Star Trek Phaser Replica " WOW "

    I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    possible problem.

    Big problem, you definately dont want to be withing shooting distance of this guy, alone or in a group. Call the cops, he needs help before he hurts someone. The most evil and deadly acts have been committed by people who believe god told them to do it. If god tells you to it must not be wrong. I am also guessing that your girlfriend doesnt want to completely let go of her husband by keeping in touch with his friend. I can understand talking to his parents but she needs to realize he is dead and she should get on with living.
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    I believe Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) is Jennings and Rawl. Blackwater is the real Ravenwood.
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    Military Gang member interview

    I would just like to point out that being an active gang member is against army policy and he should be reported and kicked out.