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    8 yr army vet. 3 combat tours as a line medic. Now in nursing school.
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  1. DocWalt81

    Followed and picture taken incessantly on walk

    Your mom isnt a moive star is she? if not than this is very worrysome.
  2. DocWalt81

    X 1.1 flare incomming
  3. DocWalt81

    secret island.

    How can it be a secret it doesnt even have a cloaking device
  4. DocWalt81

    US Army SSG coming Home

    All gave some, some gave all. Rest now ssg your time in hell is done
  5. DocWalt81

    2012 Psychics Prediction from 32 years ago.

    almost makes me wish I spoke french so I knew if thats really what he was saying
  6. DocWalt81

    Military Thread

    Was a combat medic 10th mtn div from 02 to 10. 3 combat tours as a line medic.
  7. Hmmm, wish I had the cash on hand right now. If its still there in a month I'd take em both
  8. DocWalt81

    Sooo, rumor has it that

    An underground bunkers weakest point is the oxygen supply. If its too deep for bunker busters, get to the intakes and a roll of duct tape can take out everyone inside without damaging anything. They either open the door, or suffocate.
  9. In a real life or death fight, your do whatever you have to. Bite off nose, rip off ears, grab and twist balls, whatever it takes. As long as you dont loose, you win.
  10. DocWalt81

    Bugging out and the human race.

    Yeah, right now its just my cat and I in my group lols. Hopefully when SHTF I'll happen upon a decent group.
  11. THey were talking it on CNN as well. But they said it would be no big deal
  12. DocWalt81

    Making Gun Power with Household Items.

    I'm just curious, what would happen if you loaded black powder into the case in a modern firearm, say an AR?
  13. I refused until Army made them mandatory. I asked the nurse that was about to give the shot how many strains of anthrax it protects against. Her response " both of them" there are something like 23 different strains of anthrax. also the vacine has only been show to be effective against cutaneous anthrax ( in the skin) and hasnt been tested against inhalation anthrax ( weaponized form). the shots hurt like a mother too.
  14. DocWalt81

    is he serious???

    Technically we are all traveling through time