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  1. ndrwmoore4

    SHTF Power Generation

    So I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on power generation in a SHTF scenario. Having recently experienced a power outage, I began to question the way I have been prepping. Having no power wasn't at all that scary, in fact I enjoyed it for the short time it was out. However, I did notice the drawback of using candles as a light source. Not the least of which was the weakness of using just one candle (for conservation), and the short life span of emergency candles (8 hours?) I personally have sought power generators but ultimately decided against traditional ones as they are noisy and require gasoline to run. I found this generator and like the advantages it gives as opposed to gas operated: - very quiet - no gasoline needed - efficient - stealthy I have purchased it and like what this source of power brings to the table, as I don't plan on giving up reading when the SHTF Just mainly wanted to know what others are doing for power generation... and if you have found other stealthy ways to produce power
  2. ndrwmoore4

    Just Another Lone Wolf in SoCal

    Hello all - My name is Steve and while i'm not new to the site, I am new to posting in the forums for various reason. I have been perusing the site since back in 2008, just never added to the conversation as I was beginning my preparations and needed advice more than give it. But during my preps, I have come across a few gems that I would like to share with the community... because sharing is caring. As I am sure many of you are preppers in a semi-urban/suburban parts of your respective towns, it should be known that I am as well. Therefore my sharing of information comes with this location mindset. Look forward to hearing from you guys, Cheers!