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    Best EDC knife?

    I carry a Buck 110 and SOG multitool
  2. BlackBeard

    How to make a successful storage plan

    Looks like a pretty good site...thanks
  3. BlackBeard

    Thinking about old school bus for bug out

    One of my concerns for a school bus would be maneuverability, perhaps one of the "short" versions could be a better option, But I have never driven either.... just a thought.
  4. BlackBeard

    The Walking Dead ~ Zombie Talk in General

    I dont think Dale turned into a zombie because he was shot in the head and killed while still human.
  5. BlackBeard

    The Walking Dead ~ Zombie Talk in General

    Maybe thats what the CDC Doc whispered in Ricks ear... "you're all infected"
  6. BlackBeard

    Doomsday Bunkers

    I saw a place today in L.A. of the 5 called Atlas survival shelters, they had what looked like a shipping container with a big yellow sign that said doomsday shelters
  7. BlackBeard

    Cotton balls + vaseline

    on youtube I have seen both methods used, havent actually made any myself.
  8. The more I read it seems bugging in, in a town or city doesnt seem like a good idea and waiting it out until its no longer safe seems like you will put yourself at more risk trying to get out. Im thinking it may be best to get out of town as soon as possible, before the shortage of gas, traffic jams and looters road blocks.
  9. BlackBeard

    dooms day prepers tonight

    yeah it didnt seem like it would take much to end up going for a swim in that cart
  10. BlackBeard

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    I have bic lighter matches in waterproof container magnesium bar with striker ferro rod just got some empty pill bottles today so I am gonna make the Vaseline cotton balls
  11. BlackBeard

    Battle Ax anyone?

    No battle ax but I do have a fireman's ax that I got for free that had a broken handle. Handle has since been replaced. But it feels to awkward for use as a weapon. Now the tomahawk feels pretty good in the hand.
  12. BlackBeard

    My BOV

    My dad bought a Ramcharger in 85... he still drives it today.
  13. I picked up some water purification tablets. I also go a Stanley cooking pot with lid. Its 5 1/2" tall and 4" dia. It came with 2 insulated cups. So now I can boil and treat water.
  14. Anyone been to the gun show in Glendale? Was curious if it was any good. Im gonna go and check it out tomorrow. here is the info in case anyone is interested. Glendale Gun Show Glendale Civic Auditorium, CA 1401 North Verdugo Rd. Glendale CA 91208 March 3-4, 2012 Aug 11-12, 2012 Nov 17-18, 2012 *HOURLY DRAWINGS* SHOW HOURS SATURDAY 9-5 SUNDAY 9-4 ADMISSION $9.00 ($8.00 WITH COUPON) Children under 14 are always free!
  15. BlackBeard


    I remember making one when I was younger but having no luck with it.
  16. BlackBeard

    Popcan Stove

    I saw those on youtube... they're pretty amazing. I think I will have to try my hand at making one.
  17. BlackBeard

    Hello from SoCal

    Hey Hows it going? Well About 2 weeks ago I watched the NATGEO show Doomsday Preepers. Since then I have been to website after website, Sporting good stores, Army Surplus Stores, Hardwares stores, a gun show and several other chain stores like walmart. trying to put a BOB together. After watching the show with my son I found out he had already had been working on his for sometime (he is 14). So it has become something my son and I can do together and we are having fun doing it. The wife really isnt on board with it,but she is tolerating us as we drag her along with us. I picked up an O.D. Condor 3 Day assault pack at the gun show for about 60 bucks, so that is what I am working on for the BOB. It seemed pretty similar to the BFM camelback bag I already have. That pack works great I got it in 2006 and have used it a lot for travel with in the US used in to go to several countries in Asia, and use a lot as my photography bag. I was going to pick up a new one but the price went up on them. I think I paid $165 for mine, now the are over $250. I got a seperate pack because I wanted a dedicated bag, not having to switch out my gear for when I need the bag for other activities. I picked up a case of MREs for the BOB then I discovered the survival bars with 3600 calories reading a post here. So now I gotta get some of those to... one thing leads to another...further reading I discover something new... find a new website with more interesting facts... and so on and so on.... Prepping appears to be full time job but having fun doing it. well back to my intention of this post... Hi, new guy here in the Santa Clarita Valley in Southern CA, just trying to have my family prepared for what ever my come our way. I look forward to learing what I can from here.
  18. BlackBeard

    Hello from SoCal

    I think he was trying to convert me, and he did a pretty good job of it. Now with me on board gear is a little easier for him to get. We have been going out and hiking out in the Placerita canyon park trails. Hitting the shooting range. Working on out BOB and Home prep.
  19. BlackBeard

    Paintball guns??

    I've never used a paintball gun but wonder if you could use the pepper balls with a sling shot or would it smash in your hand while you are trying to pull it back.
  20. BlackBeard

    What emergency scenario are you prepping for?!?

    As far a natural disasters I feel that most likely events in my area are earthquake and wildfires.
  21. BlackBeard

    Dehydrator - A Dry Subject?

    Yeah the bananas and strawberries I did took a long time. The chart that came with the dehydrator recommended 1/4" thick slices for 12-16 hours.
  22. BlackBeard

    Dehydrator - A Dry Subject?

    I picked up an Oster Brand about a week ago. I have only used it once on bananas and strawberries. The were close at hand when I decided to try it out. I thought they came out pretty good. My son thought they were terrible.
  23. No bug out location... So looks like I will be bugging in. But still putting together a BOB, and will have to comeup with plans B and C...
  24. BlackBeard

    Survival on a Budget 2.0

    I stopped smoking last month, it was about a 12 dollar a day habit. So that should free up some extra cash.
  25. BlackBeard

    what kind of family members are you prepping for

    At this point I am only planning on 3, wife, son and myself. Plus the cats and dogs.