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  1. NewFuture

    What's your Go-To machete?

    The Kabar Kukri is my next purchase! It looks solid and is highly rated, at least on Amazon. I currently own a Cold Steel kukri, and am not really too happy about it. But, it does chop small limbs and brush around the home.
  2. NewFuture

    newbie knife junkie

    If you can, save up to buy a Becker BK-2, about $64. It's a great all around knife, and if you look at the reviews, it is highly rated! The steel is good, it can chop wood, it keeps an edge, and your hand doesn't get tired. I love mine. (
  3. NewFuture

    Hello from Idaho

    Hello! I love this site. There is so much to learn, I feel overwhelmed. Anyway, I like prepping. My wife and I are trying the best we can on limited incomes. Can this be done effectively? At any rate, thanks for letting me into the forum!