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    Mom and Dad were both Marines- I grew-up in the sand dunes and forests around Lake Michigan- I've had guns and a bug-out bag since I was 7 years old- I lived in Chicago for 10 years working as a bouncer on the weekends- I'm ready to build my "dream retreat" and enjoy another 40 years of sunsets.
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    Great Lakes Region
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    Pizza, Guns, Photography and girls with short claws.
  1. NightOwl

    the travon martin shooting.

    I doubt if ANYBODY will ever REALLY know what happened that night- but, what I take away from all this, the black panthers bounty, the calls to lynch zimmerman: is how fast "society" can go sideways from media-fueled hysteria with just the right amount of racial politics thrown in. Imagine if it were 80 degrees in the middle of summer when this happened (I know it's 80 degrees in FL, I mean the whole country) when things tend to get a little more crazy anyway. P.S. I heard a few days ago the black panthers are threatening to burn down Detroit. S...L...O...W___M...O...T...I...O...N___A...P...O...C...A...L...Y...P...S...E !
  2. I guess since you mentioned your were at the shooting range the cop was justified- but , I still think cops nowadays are much more heavy handed than when I grew-up in the '60s and '70s - "Officer Friendly" is long gone!
  3. NightOwl

    survival tips and tricks

    Yes, BUT, no one of the "old boys" invented all the things you mentioned and they to were the lucky beneficiaries of their forefathers - so we have the benefit of eons of wisdom and accumulated knowledge and also being farther down the evolutionary road. So, yes I do consider myself "smarter" than the average caveman (actually many humans I know too!) and much better equipped to survive in my time period. As for your wifes opinion about your place in the evolutionary chain I refrain from any involvement in that discussion.
  4. NightOwl

    survival tips and tricks

    I always remember human beings have been living off the Earth for millions of years and I am smarter than any caveman, also I remember that Man is the most dangerous animal on the planet.
  5. Best way to do this is follow links to my Flickr site:
  6. Agreed, I've come to about the same conclusion. I'm also gonna brush up on my equestrian skills.
  7. Helpful, but I'm still working on it.
  8. NightOwl

    "NO Insurance NO Gas in "Great" Britain"

    I don't see this JUST as a driving issue- I am sick of cameras being pointed at me everywhere I go while some anonymous cop, bureaucrat, or tin-horn security guard decides if they want to charge me with some crime that was likely enacted simply for the purpose of generating more revenue to feed "the machine". I received a robot camera speeding ticket 4 weeks ago from Washington D.C. Metro Police Dept.- I nor my car have ever been to Washington D.C.!!! Neither the car nor the license plate in the photo were mine! But, I still had to answer to the charge or they will suspend my drivers license- from a municipality I HAVE NEVER STEPPED FOOT INTO!!! They want $300.00!!! I had to write a letter to some judge trying to explain how this could not have been me- I HAVE TO TRY AND PROVE A NEGATIVE!!! Which, if you have ever studied logic, IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!:mad:
  9. I bought 3 of these at a dollar store, I thought they would be good for 2 person private/covert listening of AM/FM radio, weather radio, scanner, etc.- I tested one and they work in stereo- they seem to be pretty well made for Chinese knock-offs.
  10. I was hoping for a little more practical nuts-and-bolts answer, but if we're going to be esoteric about it ENTROPY is the REAL problem - we're all headed for "lower states of energy".
  11. NightOwl

    How do I find people like me

    I would like to see an indepth article aboutHam radio and radio waves in particular: "old knowledge" that might work very well under todays high-tech radar, - all for the educational purposes only.
  12. Yahoo news is reporting that "Great" Britain is implimenting a CCTV system that will check a drivers license plate to make sure they have Govt. mandated car insurance or the gas pump won't function!!! Every year more and more Liberty, Freedom and self-determination is being strangled away from regular citizens who the rich and powerful think are too stupid to govern their own lives! And we keep voting them into office - maybe they're right.
  13. NightOwl

    pvc pipes prepping

    I watched the PVC survival stick video, pretty good idea! I have a few changes in mind- when I get one built I will post it on youtube for all to see. Here is the link I found:
  14. NightOwl

    What's in/on your nightstand?

    Here it is!