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  1. So I'm interested to know what most people walk around with on there key chain. I'm not asking what is you EDC; I highly doubt people have a Glock 19 attached to there keys. I mean what are the little inconspicuous trinkets attached to your key chain that inspires confidence?
  2. Josh


    thanks buddy, appreciate it.
  3. Josh


    G'day guys, Just wanted first off to say thanks for the great site. So maybe i missed it but i was wondering if you had thought of putting a DIY section on your site. You could have a few DIY article located in one area and people from the community could write in with their own DIY survival ideas. Just a thought. Cheers
  4. Josh

    Eucalyptus bow drill

    anyone had any luck with Ficus?
  5. Josh

    Eucalyptus bow drill

    Hi, I'm starting to get into bush-craft and survivalism as a bit of a hobby. I've set myself the challenge of the bowdrill. In Australia we predominantly have Eucalyptus (gum) trees, which i believe is a pretty hard wood and hard woods makes a hard bowdrillin'. Has anyone had any success the Eucalyptus? and are there any other Australians here btw? Cheers for your help
  6. Josh

    newbie knife junkie

    Has anyone had experience with Muela? In particular the 55-16 model? It seems pretty cheap. Any one know if its good bang for the buck?