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  1. I have been trying to talk to my daughter about what could happen. I don't want to scare her and she is more than a little hypersensitive. The NatGeo program was a great resource to us because it opened a line of communication and she recognized some of the things we already do at home. We have started her a BOB and she thinks it is cool that we can use a poncho for our bodies or our shelter. We go on scavenger hunts at the local Goodwill store for used camping gear and she is starting to use her imagination when we go shopping. That being said, she really has no idea what we could be prepping for. We live in a coastal hurricane zone so we always evacuate if it gets bad. After Ike we came home to no power or water for about a week. We were prepared and she seemed to treat it as a camping trip. The difference in that situation and what could happen is we knew the power and water were being fixed and we were safe in our home. How do I prepare her if the trucks don't come?
  2. Cheryl

    How to get the wife on board with prepping?

    The answer is YES! I spent a year in Iraq (2004-2005, contractor) and I saw it go to hell. I worked in south Louisiana after Katrina and witnessed first hand how desperate ppl become when the gov does not come to help. I started prepping using coupons as a "cover" to beef up our food supply and because we live in a Level A Coastal (mandatory evac during Ike)area he is okay with our hurricane prep. I have just rented some property in the country to put a half acre garden on but he thinks I am crazy. I drive an hour each way to work and he doesn't think I will have the energy to tend it. The part he doesn't get is this is for our future, not a hobby.