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    husband and i are both preppers, in a very large community of people who dont understand the importance. married 6 years with a 5 year old daughter.
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    southern arkansas
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    hunting, shooting, gardening, exploring random trails through the woods, food preservation
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    concrete plant assistant manager and housewife
  1. zombiekiller

    zombie victim oic

    is the goernment and CDC trying to cover up real "zombie like" inhibitors?
  2. zombiekiller

    First reported Zombie Attack......

    my husband swears its zombies and its a government coverup
  3. zombiekiller

    Fishing novice

    now this is going to sound strange, im all outdoorsy and such, but i have NEVER baited my own hook with live bait or taken a fish off, it looks like so much fun! i got bitten by a rather large gar when i was young didnt break the skin but terrified me. KUDOS! for having the gonads to touch a fish and flip out! my favorite pole is still a cane pole and ill sit with a line in the water for hours just talkin until my husband makes me shut up
  4. zombiekiller

    Give me one good reason?

    thank you all for sharing your experiences and opinions with me. I notice that a big gripe was parents not spending time with their children. I've taught her the abcs, 123s, to sight read small words, simple addition and subtraction, colors, shapes, opposites, patterns, basically everything a kindergartener should know to enter. Along with that, I've taught her to plant seeds, firearm safety, simple knots, how to pack for a camping trip, how to bait a hook, things that will help her in everyday country life. Just because she would be in a public school does not mean my lessons on everything from algebra to what native plants are edible would stop. I looked at the public school in question. It looked very dirty and out of date, every wall was painted a random primary color and looney toons were badly drawn everywhere. There was a thick layer of greenish dirt and grit on all of the outside surfaces. It was explained to me that she would spend her day locked in one classroom or another and always accompanied by a teacher or two, or at recess. When I asked about emergency procedure, the lady looked at me as if i had two heads. Maybe i am an over protective mommy. Deep in the middle of me i am still scared that if i let her go to a public school i wont be doing whats best for her. I would hate for my daughter to stay as bored as i did in school simply because she knows the material but the teacher cannot move on to something new. There are many programs availible to "socialize" her, martial arts, dance, brownies, homeschool groups, and lots of local state parks.
  5. here i sit, up late again struggling with the ongoing debate. should i send my daughter to public school or home school her? we have one public school option in our area and private schools are just too expensive. i am terrified that if something were to happen i could not get to her in time at a public school, also the government as well as many other people are libel to tell her things to make her question the way we have raised her, to be self-reliant and self-aware. it wasnt so long ago i was in public school i remember being really bored waiting on other children to catch on to the lesson id already learned, getting into trouble due to boredom, as far as socializing with other kids im sure theres brownie scouts or something to keep her engaged right? shes excited and ready to go. especially around the school are a lot of government housing projects where a fair share of the communitys problems arise, i dont see why the children of these hoodlums would be any different. monkey see monkey do and such. then the thought occurs that i may just be a very over protective mama. so tell me. what are the pros and cons of homeschool? of public school? any advice on either side is very much appriciated and helpful. i want to do what is best and safest for her. but i cannot help but think that the majority of typical americans are blind and trust the government too much, blind to what is really going on in the world. so, give me one good reason to put my 5 year old daughter out into the public school system alone?
  6. zombiekiller

    Dehydrator - A Dry Subject?

    kevin could you go into more detail about alton browns process? i recall seeing the show but cannot for the life of me get the video to pull up. what have you had success with?
  7. zombiekiller

    Homemade Survival Bars

    any idea how sugar free jello would do in this recipe? by its self sugar free jello is kinda bland but it might add a little kick to this, love to find a good use for the stuff
  8. zombiekiller

    How much to plant?

    this is my second garden, last year it was pretty simple threw it in the ground a little fertilizer and water, everything came up and produced great, we also live very close to the ouachita river and it does flood from time to time. my only question about gardening is.....which is better containers or in the ground? we have the space for either/or that and how many strawberry plants will it take to produce minimum 5 gallons yield?
  9. zombiekiller

    Definative answer about long-term fuel storage?!!!

    I have been lookn for the old military multi burner.
  10. zombiekiller

    Survival Psychology: What Would You Miss?

    hot showers, funyuns, and frozen reeses peanut butter cup minis
  11. zombiekiller

    October Surprise this year....

    i lived in the bush for months with little. i stand a good chance with out power.
  12. zombiekiller

    How Quick Clot Works

    i played with it befor. stuck a machete in my leg
  13. zombiekiller

    Preparing to... Clean?

    bleach is a given. havent gotten everything together but stocking up on vinegar, baking soda, toothpaste, bar soap, q-tips, NEVER a bad idea, even if bugged in, comes in major handy. also lemon juice and honey, triple duty as cleaning, disinfectant, and edible. id love to keep more things in stock but due to my eer changing sensitive skin what i store now, may break me out in huge blisters later. never thought of using an old mop bucket w/ squeegie for washing clothes thats an great idea!! definately beats banging clothes on rocks and cleanliness goes hand in hand with survival.