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  1. Luna

    Homemade Survival Bars

    This looks good, I think adding fruits is a good touch!
  2. Luna

    Good .22 Pistol

    I got Beretta 21A Bocat! I am so excited to pick it up on Saturday and go shooting. This is my first gun so I am hoping I made the right choice by picking this gun. When I held it in my hands at the store it felt just right. The only thing I am concerned about is the recoil! I will see this weekend.
  3. Luna

    Hello there...from Florida!

    Haha! Good one....economic collapse is a good reason too, perhaps an EMP too?
  4. Luna

    Animals and Plants of Florida

    LOL I saw the name of the thread and I knew it was you before looking at who posted it! So did you find anything about edible plants? I know red is bad, most red berries and plants are poisonous!
  5. Luna

    Get home/EDC bag

    I like your EDC bag! How many Lumens is your flashlight? Is the pelican case waterproof? You look prepared!
  6. Luna

    Hello there...from Florida!

    Hello Rick! I am from Miami. How about you?
  7. Luna

    Hello there...from Florida!

    bibleguns haha yes zoombies are inspiration! Thanks!
  8. Luna

    using magnesium fire starter

    Shadowplyr, Im not sure if you have heard of Kodiac Magnesium Firestarter. When I saw the demonstration at a gun show, I was convinced. The way he explained it was that the magnesium is softer than most kinds making easier to burn. The Kodiac is waterproof, durable,and they replace the magnesium free. It can also be used as a small flare.
  9. Luna

    keeping a fire going in snow

    Kuzmajr, I would say tip number one is not to get discouraged. It took me a while to start my first fire, I used cotton balls as tinder dabbed in a little bit of alcohol. Even then it was hard but after what seemed 6000 hours I got a fire! Hope it worked out for you
  10. Learning about bugging out is something Ive always wanted to learn more about. What made start to think about really bugging out was watching zoombie movies...haha silly I suppose, but its a start..Recently my bf and I have been creating our own bug out bags..I hope to get a lot of information and tips from ya'll! Take care
  11. Luna

    Bug out Practice - Lessons learned

    Exit, I would also advise you to bring extra clothing. Although some people think thats a given, you would be surprised how many people forget extra socks,pants,shirts etc. Extra clothes prove to be extremely helpful if you get wet, happen to throw up..etc.Lesson learned!